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  1. hey Juergen Mate, I'd have to be some kind of crazy person to count that many additions. I'd say your in the right ball park with your estimation, although I'll be honest - I'm never going to count them. I look at it more toward how much material I'm going through. It's a LOT. This is why I cast pieces I use a lot of, Such a money saver. People keep asking me if I have shares in Evergreen I would shudder to guess how much money this has cost me. The wife is hounding me to sell it when it's done. I've never sold a built model before and I'm not sure I would want to part with it. I may see if the local hobby shop would want to display it for a while
  2. Well, this kit is aimed at the Japanese market and you only have to look at some of the other odd ball kit subjects they have over there to see why this isn't considered an absurdity. What cracks me up me about this kit is that Bandai included stickers for the prawns - not decals which in my mind would be easier to conform over the surface You could make it a horror version: paint the noodles in modulated pink and add clear goop between spaces to make it look like a slimey pot of worms. Thrown in some bloodied dolls eyes and voila, you have created the grossest pot noodles ever
  3. Thanks very much guys! Sorry for the very late reply I am happy to say that I have added all the detail I'm going to, to the bottom hull plate. I do have some stuff to add to the upper lips where the sidewalls meet the hull but that won't take long. All that's left to add detail too are the sidewalls themselves. I won't be going to mental there as the space is pretty short but enough to make it more interesting, and then it'll be the joyous task of adding the fibers. Anyway, that's it for now. I'm still casting pieces for the base and that is taking up a fair whack of time but the ship detailing is nearly finished! Sorry for the not-so-great pictures, I couldn't be bothered getting the photo tent out etc thanks as looking! Si
  4. Hi Juergen The severe lock down measures were placed primarily in Victoria. We did have a mini-lock down in April/May but then we had another outbreak. What really killed it was the 5KM travel radius. Its the ability to travel which really spreads it around and so when the State Government imposed travel restrictions, it slowed the spread right down to zero. All borders were closed (ie, interstate and International). Yes it was annoying and what not, but it worked. Naturally, there were the few that resisted because they felt their rights were being imposed on and what not, but in my personal opinion, it's a pretty selfish attitude to be having with something like this. However, I'm a hermit at the best of times, so for me, it wasn't really an issue. Some good came out of the whole lock down thing though! Because of COVID-19, I can now work from home - so no more 2.5 hour daily travel times on a smelly, over-crowed train for me! My dog is now fitter than me - which isn't saying that much really, but he's been walked a heap! I am also now a much more avid cook & I don't have to get up at the crack of dawn to do the above I hope things improve for you over there in Germany Juergen . The only advice I can offer is the sanitize your hands when you get home from where ever you've been, wear a good mask (and you can get some pretty cool ones - I have one with a scary teeth pattern on it. Was great fun at Halloween walking around the supermarket with a mask that had teeth like Venom's). Keep a social distance of 1.5 meters where possible and you'll be doing your part in helping to stop the spread. And yes to those Victorians here - I am all to aware of how cheesy that government saying is, but its apt here. Work from home if possible too (if applicable. We had quite a lot of job losses here with the closures of small business) As depressing/annoying/frustrating as it is, if everyone sticks to the rules and does the right thing, then it you should have the same results we did. The only thing that will really bring it back is international travel - the one thing that really made everything worse to start off with. Interesting times ahead. Stay safe!
  5. Thought I would show you where I'm heading with this. Got some good basic structure work done and am now working on the larger details before moving in to do the finer stuff. There are some casting holes here and there and will need covering etc which will be done with details. Most of this will unlikely to be seen but it's better to be safe than sorry and have visibly empty spots of nothing Anyways, that's it for now, but thanks for looking Si
  6. Hi Juergen The trench is for the base - it's meant to be a replica of sorts of the Death Star surface which the SD will be flying above. My biggest challenge in all of this is finding a way to side mount the SD to the base. I' still not there yet but think I may need to engage a plumber to bend some tube for me Yes, its true - we had almost 3 months of full on lock down but it did the job. We haven't had any new cases now for 16 days which is awesome. Still have to wear masks etc but I'm fine with that.
  7. Hi Juergen Mate, I don't think you have many issues with English - you write very well for someone who doesn't speak it and better than some who do! That's very kind of you to say, I have no issues with questions and am happy to answer them for you. The trench details and the surface details are casts of a 3d printed tile I bought from Shapeways. It was very expensive for what it is, so I took a mold and recast it numerous times ( and still going). The rest of it is all my own stuff. I am also adding bits here and there to add my own flavour to them but not many. The piping is just brass wire bent into shape and glued in - nothing too special there Must go do some actual work now, but happy to answer any other questions Thanks for taking the time to post Juergen Si
  8. Hi everyone Thought I would update this quickly while I had some spare time. As I have said previously, I have made a good start on the base. Most of my time has been spent making casts but I have actually cemented stuff together. The main service trench has been made and I am now making the lower level details. I've tried to make it look under construction but I think I may have made it also look like it's destroyed. Not sure which yet.naturally, there will be some lighting in amongst all this to give it more life. I've quite enjoying making the base so far and if it goes like what's in my head, then this will be awesome. Maybe even better than the ship? Too early to say but here's where I am at currently: Well, that's it for now but once I'll update again once I have something worthwhile showing As always, thanks for stopping by and having a look Si
  9. looks great - despite the paint issues. Speaking of which, if your looking for a good airbrush, I'll suggest having a look at the Iwata HPC+ (its the one I have). IMO, its a very good airbrush and is very easy to clean
  10. thanks very much everyone for the kind posts. I won't lie, I actually really like it. It more or less looks like the idea I had right from the start. I am also in love with that hue of blue (Mr Color - GX-204)
  11. I was lucky to get some free time this afternoon, so I took some pictures of where I am currently up to I have been working on this as well as the Batmobile and have actually got quite a bit done. I have cemented my base plans and I'll show you a picture later on of what I have in mind. So, I have been casting multiple copies of my very expensive 3D printed DS tile ready to layout on the sheet and that has consumed a fair amount of time so far, but TBH, it's not hard to mix up a batch of resin and make a copy while waiting for the spuds to cook or what have you. The surface detailing is coming along nicely. The main concentrations have been finished and now its just time to fill it out and then crack on with the side walls (what I have also started but not got very far with) And this is rough layout of how the base is going to go: Well, that's it for this update, but the next one will likely be the completion of the lower hull and more work on the base As always, thanks for continually coming in here and having a look Si
  12. thanks guys It was just a fun little side project to distract myself from the ever ongoing SD build which I have now returned to yet again. Mind you, the rear wing installation is not fun and very confusing. The instructions are not clear at all regarding how they go in.
  13. Hey everyone Here's my latest side project - the BM V SM Batmobile - without the guns and in a more fun paint scheme. I bought this a few years ago with this idea in mind to turn it into something less sinister and more interesting. I was going to do it in red and black, but I felt the metallic blue was better. I've always liked the basic shape of the Batmobile but prefer it without all the fenders and guns - and the roof. Anyways, it was just a fun build - except for the rear wing: that was a nightmare to get on. Oh, and ET cement ran right down the inside of the windscreen as I was putting it in, so I had to sandpaper it all out and then get is clear again - which I think I did a pretty good job of doing Excuse the dust that managed to get on the surface right before I photographed it. Anyway, that's it but as always, thanks for looking Si
  14. While I wait for my new 3D printed tile to arrive, I have been quietly working away on the ship and have finally finished one side. Now I just need to start the other side.... Trying to get a shuffle on this one as I want it done for Expo next year (providing its on of course) Well, that's it for now, but as always, thanks for looking! Cheers Si
  15. awesome - thanks for the info. I think I'll wait for the Mono to be released and for the price to drop I have some projects in mind that will require a larger printing volume than the Photon S
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