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  1. Would look good with even bigger wheels.... I'll bring some over tomorrow
  2. Hey I thought we were gonna slam it down to the ground with hydraulics and rubber band tires on 36" wheels? Paid the cost to be the boss!
  3. Yes that's from a Matchbox diecast they made in the early 2000's
  4. I agree with this post. A lot of their kits lately share parts with other kits. Those same suspension pieces could be used to make an all new 39-41 Chevy car kit or even a 'Tin Woody' Chevy or Olds wagon!!!
  5. I wonder how that visor fits the AMT 51 Chevy cars and the revell/monogram 53/54 cars.....
  6. Glad to see this kit coming out.... i made a decent convertable using their snap bel air but i'd gladly welcome a new complete kit.... i also hope they do a new 57 nomad... that is desperately needed.... 56 Bel Air Hardtop would be awesome too
  7. Jada Toys made a diecast vert.... fits good with a little adjustment.... continental kit too.....
  8. very cool to hear.... i build an old promo one with a roof grafted on from a 77 monte carlo a few years ago... i hope they put in some trunk lines and proper taillights
  9. http://banditresins.com/1955_chevy.html this could be a start.....
  10. wow... i'd love to get one of those Grand Prix... bet it'll be much nicer than an R&R
  11. don't think i posted this one either...
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