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  1. great cars, Terry. im a big T fan, and I really like yours.
  2. I think I would call that a Rad rod...its not a rat...very cool...
  3. Great job on a very cool subject. Roth looks good!
  4. looks pretty interesting, fishdatty...tell us more...
  5. Fishdatty, it was good meeting you and seeing your models. Enjoyed the show. MCMA did a great job organizing everything.
  6. Richard, I really like this little truck. The mods you made give it a cool look for sure. The setback on the cab really looks good. And good detail too.
  7. I really like the look of this one, Good chop, but I vote for chopping the grill shell too. Just my opinion...Want to see how this one ends up.
  8. Thanks for looking and for the comments. The 63 split window has been my favorite vette since I first saw it in the Chevy dealer showroom. It was a red car with red interior, and i used to stop there after school and just stand and look at it and imagine I could drive it.
  9. Just finished this one. I actually painted it in 1975...sooo, its one of those looong builds. By AMT, and it ended up a curbside cause the stock hood wouldnt close with the triple carb option. Oh well...
  10. Cause he had the trim and wanted it on there, but doesnt have the paint yet. The other chrome, like the hood spears, will go on later.
  11. Thanks,guys. Actually, Mike, it's the Rockin' Roller issue of that 57. Not a great kit, but not so bad, either. And I figure this guy just got the fiberglass front clip, wanted to get it on there, but just hasnt been able to paint it yet. Thanks for looking...
  12. beautifully done. really like the interior.
  13. incredible car, Luke. Gorgeous super slick finish...
  14. beautiful model! i had a 4-door hardtop in high school. awesome car...
  15. Love that motor, Ron, and just the look of the whole thing. Great style, and super nice detailing.
  16. Wow! Great lookin little car. Really like the colors and the interior is so cool. You did a fine job on this one.
  17. Here is another version. According to Daves Showrods, its from 1972.
  18. Worked in a synthetic rubber plant for 28 years. Went back to school and became a medical lab tech 8 years ago.
  19. Beautiful paint, great looking interior...
  20. Love those big old Buicks! Very nice, very nice...
  21. The 36 was one of my first AMT kits. Ive built 3 or 4 of them. But I would for sure buy 2 or 3 more in a tin edition with extras...
  22. John, thats one tuff lookin little rod. I like that one a bunch!
  23. Nice 65 Chris. I loved the big 60s cars. I had a 65 Buick for a while and i really liked that car. This Pontiac is a beauty.
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