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  1. Thanks for letting me know.
  2. I like the TP tube/paint mixer idea. I too am too cheap to leave a drop or two of paint on the mixer. Besides, it makes it easier to clean.
  3. I don't know how applicable this would be to building vehicle models, but for dioramas and especially structures, it's handier than a pocket on a shirt. You can buy various clamping systems from places like Micromark, but they're way spendy and besides, where's the fun in buying something you can make? Grab a bunch of 10mm round neodymium magnets from Amazon and a few pieces of bed angle cut to various lengths. Drill some 5/16ths holes in the angle, deburr them and press the magnets into the holes. Swipe a cookie sheet from the Cook's stash (you might want to buy her some nice new ones by way of obtaining forgiveness...) et voila', magnetic clamping system for a couple of bucks!
  4. Question - Is the rest of the garage (walls and floor) going to be weathered to match the equipment?
  5. Thanks. Be careful what you wish for... The original plan was a 2x2 foot diorama. That quickly got upgraded to a 2x4 and now it's 4x4. With late Spring here and Summer on the way, I likely won't be doing much until cold weather comes back. I'm hoping to stay at 4x4 and just add more detail and maybe some animation (I saw an arc welding animation that was REALLY cool!) but I ain't making any promises. The thing that attracts me to dioramas is the variety and the "blank canvas" aspect - I can create whatever I can imagine, and there are no plans.
  6. Thanks to the lovely weather (near white-out snow squalls earlier today) I'm spending a little more time on the diorama. I built a shed to store my scratch-built 1/64th combine in and have slowly been detailing around it. The idea well was running pretty dry so I posted on a farming/tractor site about needing ideas for "stuff" to put around the shed. Got a lot of goods ones, many of which I'll act on but the best was to add some weathered signs to the building. Original shed Shed with signs. I snagged the images off the internet, tweaked them to suit and printed them on decal paper. Wasn't sure decals would adhere to wood, but they seem to be fine. Makes a huge difference IMHO.
  7. I'd already ordered the kit, figuring there'd be plenty of generally useful stuff anyway. You were right about the 4wd parts, they aren't much but I can work with them. Transfer case isn't bad, front diff is crude but some fiddling will make it acceptable. The springs are a flat-out joke but I can use the ones from the 50 Chevy kit as it has the straight front axle.
  8. I ordered tires and wheels from Scenes Unlimited. I can probably scratch build or kitbash the diffs.
  9. Well, I'm a couple of wheels short compared to most of you guys, but it satisfies my Need for Speed. 2016 Yamaha FJ09 with a few updates. Suspension upgrade and ECU flash plus various cosmetic farkles. I love the look I get when I roll up to gas up or whatever and peel off my helmet and this gray-bearded bald-headed old fart climbs off that bike...
  10. Yup, that's what I'm modeling. I guess I'll grab the kit and see if it's easier to swap chassis or suspension. I want to stay with the stovebolt 6 and relatively narrow tires that would be reasonably correct for the early 50's.
  11. Has anybody built this truck: Deserter ? I'm thinking of grabbing one to pirate the 4 wheel drive parts from - differentials, transfer case, drive shafts and suspension bits. Hoping to use them on the 50 Chevy project. Don't mind modifying things to fit as long as they are reasonably close.
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