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  1. I did, thanks. Another project on the "eventually list" is a 30's Ford pickup kitbash. A flathead 4 would be appropriate for that.
  2. VERY nice! What are you using for the cast iron soil pipe? Whatever it is, it looks great! Very realistic.
  3. There are, in my experience, a certain percentage of "My way is the only way" people in ANY hobby. It's certainly true in motorcycling and firearms. The trick is to find a forum that discourages/moderates that sort of behavior. This one, for instance...
  4. Wow! If you follow all the links, it turns into a real rabbit hole and suck up hours! That's a Good Thing!
  5. Whoops, wrong forum. Mods, please move. Thanks.
  6. I was gifted several Willys Kits a while back. The '33 is being kit-bashed into a 40's dirt track car, I'll do up a WIP thread later. One of the 41's was built pretty much as an out-of-the-box Gasser. Another was traded for some stuff including a flathead six engine which will wind up in this build: This is the pickup version of the other 2-in-1 gasser kit which I'm building as a more-or-less stock Willys pickup. Obviously, the blown gasser engine wouldn't be appropriate, hence the 6 banger. I'm aware that Willys of this era were 4 cylinders, my story is that the 4 banger was worn out and replaced with the six. The flip-front hood/fender assembly would also be inappropriate, so I cut the hood free (multiple scores with the back of a #11 blade), filled the blower hole and glued the fender section to the cab with splices on the inside of the fender. I used a little glazing putty to ease the transitions and bring everything up to level . I put a bit of trim on the edges of the hood after cutting it free so that it sits properly on the fenders and doesn't just fall into the engine bay. Thinking over options for hood hinges. I have some nice steel wheels and narrow tires that will work well for this build. The next step is to figure out the suspension. Pretty sure the original bits from the kit will result in much too tall a stance, we'll see what can be done about that.
  7. Looks pretty authentic to me, Good Job!
  8. When I was into model railroading, ballasting track was one of my least-favorite jobs. Yours looks good.
  9. Thanks for that information, NOBLNG. That's a great looking 4 cylinder you've built! I have a line on a suitable flathead 6. My story will be that the 4-holer blew up and the 6 was transplanted in...
  10. As I understand Mobeus kits, we're getting into pretty expensive territory there. I'll keep it in mind tho, thanks.
  11. Ah! It's from the '40/'41 2-in-1 kits, (I have one of each...) so the 4 banger would be correct. That might be a little easier to find. Excellent, thanks.
  12. Brand not terribly important, it's going into a kit-bash Willys pickup. Prefer a complete engine. Assembled or on the parts tree is fine. Gluebomb is good too, as long as it's reasonably complete and can be stripped and repainted. 1/25th scale. I have three boxes full of various Willys parts and the complete dump body from the AMT DC-9964B Autocar dump truck to offer in trade. Thanks for looking!
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