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  1. My approach to organization sort of evolves as my stash grows. At the moment, this set of cubby holes handles my plastic and brass shapes and the stand on top handles most of my paint. . I find that some PVC pipe glued to a square of plastic works well for storing brushes, pens, pipettes and such. I also made a couple to hold my glue bottles upside down so they're ready when I am.
  2. Thank you, Roy. As/If/When I add more details and scenes, I'll update this post.
  3. Nice! Major flashback for me, I had a 1:1 '69 Nova SS, 350/350. Green with a black interior. The green was a couple of shades darker than that, but it's close. Only "performance" car I've ever owned, wish I had it back!
  4. Thanks, David. I know what you mean but for me it's not 'work' , it's therapy! I
  5. Misunderstanding on both ends, I should have been clearer in my comments. All good.
  6. Apologies for interjecting. By way of clarification - The Creality was a kit only in the sense that the beams for the z axis needed to be attached and aligned, the cog belts installed and some cables plugged in. I'll go away and mind my own business now.
  7. "Assembling" or "building from scratch"? Assembling my Creality took less than an hour with really, REALLY cryptic instructions. Building is a whole other story.
  8. Thanks, Gregory! I've been having way too much fun working on it. I add details here and there as they occur to me. I
  9. Thank you, Bill. The resin printer explains a lot of it, I just have a PLA/ABS filament printer.
  10. Gorgeous! Can you tell us about the printer, material, software and post-print processes you used to get those magnificent prints?
  11. Thanks so much for all the kind comments! Gives me the courage to try something requiring a little more modification. '66 Nova this time, I'll post in WIP when there's something worth posting.
  12. If you have access to a 3d printer, there are some on Thingiverse that look pretty good, tho I haven't actually printed one. Also, the open-mesh sandpaper used for sanding drywall joints might make a convincing radiator, depending on the scale.
  13. 1/16 would be the biggest I could use. Among other things, I want to file fishmouths into round stock for building frames and roll cages.
  14. Yup, I have several but that's too big for my intended use.
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