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  1. Why are you so offended that you can't see who reacted in what way to your posts anyways ?
  2. I give you the confused face cause all these discussions are dumb. If you don't like the like button don't touch it. Lol you are no English expert and anyways guess what noone cares this is dumb! Hit the like button if you agree -->
  3. From my experience I've had rustoleum and krylon spray cans come out completely horrible. Or even better they'll spray beautiful when full , when they start to get low they'll spray bad. Idk just saying been through the same BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH that's why I absolutely hate spraying the bodies. Can ruin a whole project. Keep it up though my boy !
  4. Here's what I would do. Just simply black wash in between the spring. . Looks good
  5. I am looking for a testors/fujimi garage for a project I am building. Have kits to trade. Let me know if anyone has one please ! Thanks
  6. Got the rims on ebay. The tires are from the kit.
  7. Wheels are 3d shape ways and expensive lol. But thank you
  8. Yes it's gonna be just white. Thanks for looking
  9. Um they're definitely unique for sure lol
  10. My music taste is all over . Godsmack is my favorite band . But I'll also listen to rap country and rock from the 50's forward. Just something about that old music
  11. Some progress on the bird .. engine installed and rear suspension done. The rear end appeard to be about 1/8" too far forward well see . Here's a quick mock up with the wheels. Thinking silver outside with big red chicken on the hood and red inside OR blue chicken on the hood and blue inside . What do you guys all think ? Let me know and thanks for looking Ken
  12. Run 1 3volt battery and wire all the led's in parallel so they'll all have 3 Volts. Even though they're rated 2 max I don't think 3 will blow em up. Go for it .
  13. My kid has started building models with me. On his third . And guess what we took his cellphone from him and his attitude is much better and he will sit with me and build. I let him go through my atash and pick out whatever he wanted ( as long as it wasn't the beretta) lol. It's tough but from experience I have to say it's more about the parenting than the children themselves
  14. Ordered some supplies from megahobby. I never have flat black or gloss black paint. So I treated myself to this stuff. And with the paypal pay in 4 only had to pay for a quarter of it this week!
  15. Very nice ! How much do you think the opi to spray ?
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