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  1. Beautiful build. I love those era Pontiacs. I've built this kit as well as the SE. They build up fairly easy.
  2. Thanks guys. The body on this one was nice and straight, but the chassis plate had a bow in the middle.
  3. Finally finished one this year. I haven't touched a kit since September of last year. I bought this kit shortly after it was reissued and had almost everything done except body paint and final assembly. Color is Phoenician Yellow, which I found out isn't really yellow lol, still like it though. Mild weathering and built straight from the box.
  4. Nice! I remember seeing a pic of this build in one of those old SAE annuals or what have you, back in the 90s.
  5. Also, the tv car is automatic. I used the block/trans from the amt 70 Monte Carlo in my build.
  6. Thanks! I think I'll buy them when they're out. Looks like a fun change of pace.
  7. I'm interested in their 1/32 Camaro and Nova. Does anyone know anything about them?
  8. Mine is fairly mundane looking. I have another one that'll be more colorful whenever I get around to starting on it.
  9. Just about anything that has "Revell" printed on the box and produced before the late 80s. Especially the tri-fives. Dodge L700 gets an honorable mention. I had to glue shut the doors on mine as well.
  10. I have that kit as well. It's all completed except for body paint, and I can't find wheels I like for it. I havent touched it in a couple of years, but it seemed like a really good kit.
  11. Built a few years back when Hobby Lobby cleared out the Sock It To Me kits. I bought several.
  12. I have a bunch of stalled projects. I'll have to dig one (or several) out tomorrow.
  13. No updates. Havent touched a kit since I posted this. It's at the top of my list when i get the time again.
  14. I'm digging it so far. Like the engine choice. I picked up a handful of those Corvettes cheap for the same purpose.
  15. Rbray47

    My 2020

    2020 started off pretty good, got a lot done. But since August or September, I havent even touched a kit. Guess I got burned out during the lockdown.
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