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  1. I think the Camaro decals are extras for this car because the Camaro decal comes on the rear bumper decal for this model's decal sheet. I also noticed that the thin white line decal at the jack placement point is not on any of the sheets that come for this model. I ended up masking it and painting the little white lines at that location.
  2. I messed up some decals, but luckily, I have the spare decal sheets that came with the Chase Elliot kit I'm using to build the model. One that I messed up was the ethanol decal that goes over the fuel inlet. The Elliot kit's ethanol decal is just a green border decal with nothing in the middle. The one that came on the decal sheet for the car I'm building has the cap in it and that was how I messed up the decal trying to get it to form into the cap using micro sol. I will just have to paint the cap aluminum. I'm ending up with 2 Camaro decals that I don't know where they go, so, I guess I will have to just leave them off. The quality of these decals is very good just like the last set of powerslide decals I used a couple of years ago.
  3. I have all the panel decals installed after much consternation and some don't fit like the reference pictures I found, say they should, so I had to do some trimming. Won't be too much longer now.
  4. Enjoy. it's a great kit to build once you get into it. Just make sure you don't install any parts upside down because some will install that way but will keep you from continuing if you don't go back and correct them. I'm mainly talking about the rear suspension. I'm working with the decals right now and some don't fit like the reference pictures of the real car show they should. If there are any panel decals that border any grille or headlight panel openings, make sure you install those first. I had to do some trimming to get some of the decals to fit, that I wouldn't of had to do, if I had done them in the correct order. Good luck.
  5. I can already tell it's going to be a winner, Pierre. That metallic blue looks awesome already and not the hint of a brush stroke.
  6. Man, that's the exact kit I need. I could just build it OOB and be a happy guy. Only trouble is its 1/24 scale, and my Grand Sport is 1/25th.
  7. Thanks for the heads up, Randy, Luckily, I had already installed the right door window before I started to decal. I had to trim the left roof rail decal because it is made to go with only half the left roof top strip being there. I fixed my roof strip because I couldn't leave it like that. Just didn't look right.
  8. No more photos in the wip because it will give away the car I'm doing, if you haven't already figured it out. I'd say I've got a little less than 50 % of the decals on the model. You have to be careful because, some decals go on top of other decals. I have most of the hood done and all of the roof and part of the doors if it had doors. The hard ones will be the nose going on to the ft fenders stretching all the way to half of the top of the doors. Also, the lower rear panel decal that goes on to both quarter panels. These decals are so thick that the micro sol takes a while to work on them to get them to lay down properly. It's very labor-intensive work.
  9. I can see what you're saying, Jason. There's no way you could stay mad at that wonderful puppy dog for more than just a few seconds. What an awesome dog you've got there.
  10. Now I don't even know if I want to attempt it. Sounds way above my pay grade.
  11. Good news on finding another hood. Now maybe your dog can get out of the doghouse.
  12. Wow, Pierre. That chassis and engine look awesome. I wonder why they used such a small air cleaner. Makes the 427 look that much bigger. You can see why the brakes had a hard time wowing down these babies. I still have this car on my bucket list to pair with the Penske Grand Sport I made a while back. Way in the future though.
  13. Finally ready to decal. Hopefully I can get the decal that wraps around the top of the seat on with the seat installed. Don't think I can break that baby loose from the floor.
  14. They had 1/24 scale drivers in the old nascar kits from the early 2000's, I think, but they looked like Mannequins from a department store. And they look way too big if you try to use them in a 1/25 scale car. I tried toc cut one down and use it for a 63 Chevy I built, but he still looked way too big.
  15. Wow, Pierre, this is going to be another great build. Looking forward to more updates.
  16. Thanks, I will have to check the 427 Cobra out. You should really try your hand at one of these. I'm sure you could knock one of these right out of the park. It's funny that with all of the excitement about these kits coming out there are very few finished builds to look at.
  17. Thanks Randy. Looks like I will be gluing my body to the chassis. Again, your builds are awesome. Sorry it took me so long to find them.
  18. Excellent job on all three of your builds. So, you opted out on gluing the chassis to the body. I was hoping I would not have to either. Did the 4 inch rear spoiler come in your kits or did you have to scratch build them. They all look perfect. Again, Excellent job on all three of your builds.
  19. Thanks. Pierre. Paint is not that great, but I'm hoping the future will bail me out along with all the decals that cover most of the body. Where are you posting the wip on the light blue car? I would like to check it out.
  20. After I posted the photo above, I realized the left top corner of the windshield had popped up. I went back and fixed it. Did any of you guys use shoe goo? I figured there was no way I could use that and not make a tremendous mess, but it probably would hold the glass down. I used that canopy watch crystal glue.
  21. Installed the glass. Not fun at all. Hope it stays in.
  22. Thanks, Steve. But it still needs some work. Yes, I'm committed to brush painting. It's been cold and rainy here for the last week. If it wasn't for brush painting, I would not have got any painting done.
  23. This is the first coat of Model masters gloss clear acryl brushed on the body. Need to polish it with 6000, 8000, and 12000 polishing pads. And probably put on another coat.
  24. Here is the final coat of black. Next up will be the gloss clear acryl and polishing with 6000,8000, and 12000 grit polishing cloths and hope I don't go through to primer.
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