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  1. How about some Ardun heads for Ford flathead V8s and V8-60s. I have tried to design the myself, but my skills aren't nearly as good as yours.
  2. will you be selling the files? I would love a set of these for my big deuce project, but last time I ordered off shapeways I never recieved my order, that's one of the reasons why I bought a printer of my own.
  3. I pulled my body out the other day to get a start on it and it fell apart in my hands, so after two nights of gluing and sanding I finally got a start on the actual build. the first thing I wanted to do was put in the independent front end out of the AMT 34 coupe kit. with a bit of cutting the front end went in without a problem. I was going to use the vette IRS from the same kit but after searching through my wheel box and finding a set of autodrag wheels and fat radial tires, I decided to tub it and go down the pro street path with a twin carb sbc and a 9inch rear.
  4. Im building a chopped 1927 essex that we converted from a four door to a two door. still a long way to go but she'll get done eventually.
  5. I just got the drawing done for my '29. I should be joining you guys soon with yesterdays swapmeet find pickup.
  6. Here is my T done, I was going to post progress photos but I got carried away and finished it in two days. cheers, Jackson Bull
  7. how much do you reckon post would be to west aus?
  8. hey guys, I'm after the decal sheet from the Monogram big T (1/8th scale), preferably located in australia but can trade overseas. Cheers, Jackson Bull *not my pictures
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