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  1. Here is my T done, I was going to post progress photos but I got carried away and finished it in two days. cheers, Jackson Bull
  2. how much do you reckon post would be to west aus?
  3. I better get to building then, my T isnt going to build itself👍
  4. hey guys, I'm after the decal sheet from the Monogram big T (1/8th scale), preferably located in australia but can trade overseas. Cheers, Jackson Bull *not my pictures
  5. does any one know of anyone that makes a set of Boyd Coddington junkyard dog wheels in 1/25th scale? am after a set for my '39 roadster project, the 1:1 car has 20 x 10s on the back and 18 x 6 on the front. any leads will be appreciated. Cheers, Jackson Bull
  6. I found this video on YouTube on how to make wire wheels for a motorcycle. if it was scaled down a bit and you replaced those tires with car tires these would look wicked on an old school hot rod or a classic Ferrari. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYxm2d0zIFE cheers, Jackson Bull
  7. I found these picture on another site, its a genuine '61 cop car that was recently restored, I couldn't find any of the floor but with a bit more research I'm sure I could find out. cheers, Jackson Bull
  8. As Greg said there is a few reissues of the monogram kit, the most recent being the yellow revell released in 2011.
  9. looking good mate, I use this clear plastic primer underneath the primer to get it to stick. I think you can get it off eBay.
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