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  1. Thank you, The 1/16 scale seems a little dissapointing because, yes they have the potential for detail but sorely lacks it. I would like to see your build though, whenever that happens. Wish I had a 3d printer for these sorts of things too. Thank you! I am planning on doing it silver with the blue firebird like the anniversary edition. I got pretty excited about the 1/16 scale but was instantly disinterested as soon as I started, so I understand wanting to sell them. (If you are still trying to sell the charger.... pm me? 😉)
  2. Planned obsolescence is building in flaws or the ability to break at a certain point (for cars). But yes I do agree with the cars being the same for every year. I wish cars had more interchangeable parts. Another thing I really appreciate about classics/ older cars.
  3. I do pride myself it trying to be different than my peers. You may be right about that point, I don't really deserve to be trying to make a point about it, as I am a brand new baby boy. However I totally and completely agree with them being "appliances". I do not really see the 2011 Ford Flex sitting on my driveway as a car. More of just a computer on wheels that carries a TON of stuff. A 1968 Dodge Dart is a car.
  4. Ah well let me answer that. We have no ability to do anything in terms of automotive. Cars these days are all computer, no mechanics. That is the reason I love old cars, is because I can use my hands on them. But it is so hard to find a car that is from the early 80s and before for a good price that a young person can afford. My first car was one of those rare instances that I could afford it AND work on it myself. Young people nowadays just expect someone else to do that work for them, and they should because no one without 3 years of mechanic education can figure out what the heck is wrong with a modern car.
  5. I like video games to a degree. Eventually they just get boring, so I go build models. Outside... well I was a cadet so outside was a big part of my life. I think also a lot of younger people have such a disconnect from their parents that any suggestion of doing what their parents used to do would seem insulting. I haven't really paid attention to Gundam or things ilke that. However it is interesting to know about the modern car models. The costs of models is quite the deterrent. I hate how much I spend on them, just to get one done is... a decent part of my minimum wage paycheck. As for fast paced, the world is getting faster and faster everyday. I used to hate hanging out with friends because they would just want to keep going places, couldn't sit still or even watch a movie. My family (while the majority of us were born in this century) is a traditional family. I like to say that I grew up in the 80s because that is basically the style of household we have. I learned patience and appreciation for a lot of things that my counterparts of my age just sorely lack. Smart phones ruin a lot. I still use a flip phone, and I love it XD. Not a distraction at all. The modern cars are so... underwhelming. You could make models of them, but they would all look the same. I loved learning the history of the planes I would make, especially WW2 and WW1 aircraft. So much rich education can be found just when looking for info to make a cool model. The lack of emotional attachment to modern cars is probably due to the planned obsolescence that modern car makers use. People don't get attached to their car because it will just break, cost a lot then be replaced. I wrote a whole article about this for a school project, wish I could find it. I love muscle cars of the 60s-80s. My life goal is to at least touch a 1971 Plymouth GTX or Roadrunner. Driving one... well I would just be complete now wouldn't I?
  6. Thank you, I will try. I got this one off ebay, they seem pretty easy to find. As for space.. hahahha well... who has room
  7. Thank you! Sure I can, my post isn't on there yet but the forum is filled with TONS of sci fi modelling. https://allscaletrek.com/
  8. Now I am not sure if this has been asked, or if I am even in the right spot to ask this, but I would like to know why it is so difficult for young people to be interested? Now the way I got into modelling is tied into being a young person. I am 18 right now, I started modelling when I was 12 (I think). I got diagnosed with a chronic condition at the age of 12, which really badly affects my joints and bones. At that young of an age, that was not good. I couldn't run, do sports or any of the things all the other kids did. I would be holed up at home, not doing much of anything. So I dug out some old models that were bought for some reason for my older brothers and I started watching videos. I still actually have all 3 of the first cars I ever made (I repainted them so many times though, they have no detail left XD). I did the 3 cars, thought "hey that was fun" and started on planes. I was hellbent on becoming a pilot for the Australian Military at the time, so I did a LOT of planes. I learned so much about aircraft and cars just by doing models. Here I am only 6 years later and I do mostly sci fi and cars now. However, I have not met a single person my age that also does models. A lot of my friends used to tell me that they were really interesting to them, but they didn't have the patience for them. Is this the reason for no young people doing models? Is the world of instant gratification to blame? Or is there something else. Tell me your thoughts, and stories for getting into models, I would love to hear them. Below are my 3 first kits ever. (I am really happy with the shine I got on the Dodge, it isn't up to anyones standards but it was great at the time I did it.
  9. Will be following. I have been considering this kit for a while, perhaps your build will sway me into getting one... Excited to see your progress
  10. I don't think it was just you, the skaker is in an odd place when I tested it on mine too. I think the hole might actually be too far forwards?
  11. I will do, and I will make sure to check out more of your builds.
  12. Oh wow, those turned out pretty nicely! I checked out one of your builds, inspired me a little to be honest. I was feeling pretty bored with it but have some ideas now. Thanks!
  13. Really? Do you have your build on here, I would love to check it out. It has been nothing but a pain for me though, glad you liked yours.
  14. Hello, I am working on a 1/2500 Enterprise C from the episode Yesterdays Enterprise of the Next Generation. This is part of a group build over on the AST forums, but I thought I would show it here. This came from the B,C,E set from 1999. The E and B are off to the side for now, but I have plans for them. The nacelles are not glued on, they are just put on for show. This is the base coat, which is a winter grey. I have patching to do... should have done that earlier but oops. It will not be lit, but I want to do some battle damage as seen from the episode. I have some leftover battle damage decals from my 1/1000 Reliant. I am getting panel decals from an aftermarket seller, I will update when those are confirmed though. Thanks for looking
  15. Hi again, I did some work to the body of the firebird. The bloody fender flares barely fit, so lots of puttying there. I did some painting of the engine, I have it put together mostly, have more to do on it though. Got the body under some grey primer.
  16. Halifax here 👍 (anyone else...)
  17. I did a rusted out version of Christine. I like it.
  18. I love the necro posting here. It is good to see people interested in peoples projects to such a degree! AST would never have this...
  19. Nice job on the decal and paint work. I am about to start this kit myself, are the decals a pain to do? Do you use solvent/softener?
  20. Apologies for the necro post... What parts did you use to detail the engine and where did you get those stunning wheels??
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