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  1. another update on my ranger. i got it back yesterday from the 2nd attempt at fixing the windshield recall. there was glue on the side of the window. they fixed the glue, but this time left a scratch on the dashboard. i spoke to the manager and he said the service manager would call me in the morning, instead i get an email from someone saying bring in the truck, i want to see it. i work from this hour to this hour i called corp ford and explained to them the issue and how i dont trust they wont screw it up worse. they told me to bring it to a different dealership and explain to them the issue and corp ford gave me a case number. once i get an estimate for fixing it, i need to call corp ford with the estimate and they will either approve or deny the cost (or maybe even a portion of the cost) i have been generally very unhappy with the service i have received all around at ford, and looked up how much my truck was worth if i traded it in. its too big of a hit for me to trade it in, plus every chevy and gmc dealers have been doing significant dealer market adjustments (i have seen up to 7000 on a base truck) so i will just have to find a dealership i like and go there. the closest next one is 45 to 60 minutes away. they are the ones i am going to see if they will fix the dashboard. i trust them more, they used to do the work on my old ford and i never had an issue with them. i just wish i didnt have to drive an hour to get my car serviced/repaired
  2. I have 2 other issues. They are minor but I'm hoping the truck doesn't turn out to have little issues. First the inside door handle used to pull the door closed is split on molding seam. I have 1300 miles so it's not like it's getting a workout The second has been there since I bought the car. The interior cover on the A pillar is not sitting flush like it does on the passenger side. Minor issues but it's bothering me. I also hate how if you remove the back seats, they are silly difficult to get back in. They have to be lined up perfect for it to fit. If I had a place to store the I would just take them out completely. Nobody sits in the back. I have extended cab so only a toddler could fit anyway I love the truck but the issues with the dealers are bumming me out
  3. Unfortunately the dealership I was dealing with has been historically garbage. The only reason I bought from them was because there was no other trucks available and the one they had was better than I wanted for the same price. I'm just never going back. I learned my lesson once and for all
  4. honestly, im not going to bother. even if i did complain what would it accomplish. the dealership will continue to have terrible service. i had an issue with a chevy dealership in the past and complained to corp, and all they said is the dealers do there thing and they cant control it.
  5. i asked, they said no. they wouldnt even give me a ride home. i had to pay 15 dollars for an uber. whats funny is i really wanted the chevy colorado but couldnt find the one i wanted without the dealership marking up the truck 4000 or 5000 dollars. ford on the otherhand gave it to me for sticker. its much nicer than i wanted originally and it was in the same price range as the colorado. so more options, but same price before the markup. i also fit better in the ford. i am very heavyset and tall, so its important to me to have room i love the truck, but having to drive 1 hour stinks
  6. the issue with the selling dealer was that i called for the recall, and they told me to make the appointment online. since it was a new recall, i wanted to make sure they were able to do it. i have to get an uber ride back anyway, i made the appointment for 3 weeks out, and i tried to call 3 or 4 times over the 3 weeks leaving messages each time to verify they can do the recall job. nobody called me back. when i brought it in, i had to take an uber home. i get a call, they cant do the recall and tell me to come get the truck. i explained that i tried to call numerous times, nobody called me back. he had excuse after excuse, but never a sorry. anyway, i used a different dealership for the recall, and they messed it up and left grease or something all over the car i have owned many fords, they are my goto brand. however, this dealership i first used that couldnt do the recall, i have had issues with their service in the past. the problem, they are 5 minutes from my house and the next closest is 30 minutes. i am going to go to the one 1 hour away going forward because they are good. i used them for service for my last ford and my wife's ford. its just an all day event when i need a service or repair since its a lot of driving and waiting
  7. the selling dealer was significantly worse. i wont go back to them. once this issue is resolved with the windshield, i am going to a dealership that i dealt with in the past, but they are 1 hour away. the dealer that i got the truck from has the worst service department of.
  8. brought my brand new 2022 ford ranger in for the windshield recall. they did the recall and i picked it up after hours. however, i found there was some kind of clear grease all over the place. on the door panel, on the windshield, on the mirror, dashboard, center console, steering wheel, etc. additionally, there was some dirty grease on the handle used to pull yourself into the truck. not only that, there is a spot they obviously used too much glue because you can see it from the inside of the truck. i cleaned all the grease out of the truck and its fine now, but i called the dealership to ask about the too much glue and told them i wanted them to use someone else because they made a mess of my new truck and they didnt seem to care even a little. i called a different dealership, and they said i need to use the same dealership. so when i spoke to the original dealership and told them that i wanted to make sure they used someone else, they told me ok, he is on vacation this week. bring it in this week. i am not going to use this dealership again after they fix the glue issue.
  9. it doesnt come out. i been keeping the door to the room closed
  10. Thanks guys for the nice support and comments. This character has been my favorite since I first learned about it around 2006. I have a couple of small action figures of him but none are accurate. This is the first time the creators of the character made something and it is as accurate as it should be. It's size is overwhelming. I'm going to try to find a better location because I'm afraid my cat will jump on the dresser that its on and will hurt himself. I want to put it so the sword is facing a wall so he can't get hurt. I'm truly happy with this and really glad it arrived. I was just so concerned because the customer service was saying stuff and what they were saying was not true and many times I would call it would not get through at all. Anyway thanks again
  11. It's an arthas lich king Statue from world of warcraft. It's about 2 and a half foot tall and 2 wide including the sword. It weighs about 50 pounds. It's my favorite character of all time in any story. If you were interested in the story Google arthas. It's a great read. I have several small statues but this is my absolute favorite and towers above all my other stuff Basic fast version of the story is he is a prince that his townspeople were being poisoned and turned to zombies. He found a corrupted sword and it steals the souls of victims and it takes his soul too. He attacks all the people in town instead of saving them and attack his own father. He becomes lich king which controls the zombies,
  12. Hey guys, just one last update. the item arrived today in great shape. it is amazing, and better than expected. im still disappointed it took almost one month to arrive (3 weeks and 3 days) on an item that was labeled as shipping in 2 days, but it was well worth it. i called the credit card company and cancelled the chargeback boy, my wife is not going to be pleased
  13. Very interesting. I have a FedEx account so I get emails for when packages are incoming to me. I got the email for this and it's got a different company name on it. It looks like the company is having a 3rd party company doing it's shipping, which is probably why I was getting no answers from them when I was calling. So much is coming to light for me. Anyway I will be happy to be able to call the credit card company and cancel the charge back once it arrives in good shape
  14. I just tracked it and it has been picked up by FedEx and is scheduled for delivery Wednesday. Now I'm getting really excited. This is something I have wanted for a year but thought it was too expensive. I finally convinced myself to buy it.
  15. I got a shipping notice today but when I track it the package just says label created. However this brings me hope that it's actually arriving... I'm not calling the cc company to tell them until it's in my hands and I see it's undamaged
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