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  1. Thanks Jim! Jimmy Flintstone makes some nice, (and a little strange), stuff. And his casting quality is great. Don't forget to post some WIP pics when you start the '53 Ford.
  2. Moving along, slowly but surely! Almost ready for paint.
  3. Sounds like a plan, Charles! I thought the motor came out quite well. Here is the engine/chassis test fitted to the body.
  4. I was just looking over a video on youtube of the AMT '41 Plymouth. I think that's a good way to go! Lot of parts to use and modify.
  5. Texas 3D Customs did some really nice detailing. It took very little 'clean-up' work before priming and painting. The carbs are very detailed also. I intend to add some wiring to the alternator. Still thinking about name/brand/company for the sides. Probably go with something 'vintage' from my hometown. Have a lot of fond memories of growing up on Long Island in the 60's. Thanks Jim !
  6. Closer to completion! Engine in chassis, seat and some interior pieces in. Body work, hardware, and paint are next.
  7. I'll take the '61 two door wagon please!
  8. A 'heads up' about the headers, Rich. If you look closely, I didn't use the headers that came with the engine. The 'exhaust end' would not work for me as mine had to go down and out of the engine compartment. The ones with the 'kit' look like a hot rod/dragster arrangement. I used 1.60mm, 1/16 diameter wire solder, drilled out the head, and super glued in the wire solder. Let everything dry and tight and gently bent 3 of the 'tubes' so they would fit through the chassis. Did the same for the next 3. Cut a small ring of 3/16 Evergreen Styrene tubing and glued the end of the 3 wires in the 3/16 ring. Then used some 'JB Weld', (Great Stuff!), and filled all the seams between the wires and the ring to simulate the welding. Oh yea, I also sanded down the 'finned' air cleaner covers and put a dab of 'JB Weld' on the top it to look like simple domed covers. (Did I mention that 'JB Weld' stuff was great?) Good luck with yours!
  9. Oh yes, I would very much like to have a model of an early, '58-'60, 1st generation AMC American. Before they started to 'square' them off. They had some nice curves to them. A real one to rebuild would be cool. Just about stock but with a small block V8 and front disc brakes to keep up with today's traffic. This one will be a delivery car. A lighter 'stock' color. I need to find someone to make me some custom decals. No graphics, just lettering. As far as the '41 Plymouth engine,....Too Late! The motor's in the chassis! I'll be posting a couple of photos soon in the WIP page. Thanks for the comments.
  10. I've seen a couple of guys do that on the Forum, But I like going the Stock/Concept Car route. Even though the motor is a bit of a stretch. Thanks for the comments!
  11. Yes Dave, there is barely enough room. Checked all the measurements before I started. Too much scratch building up until now only to find out it won't fit. Actually, the original motor was a 172.6c.i. flathead straight six, putting out a scorching 82hp. Yea,...it was easier to find the 225 Dodge motor in 1/25 scale.
  12. No,.... not exactly,.....but, they 'tried' it. Anyway, check out my post in '1966 VW Beetle Van Completed'. There is a little explanation.
  13. Yes! That will look VERY NICE! The white pearl with white walls and the chrome wire wheels! Want to see this finished.
  14. As far as the engine, I decided to go in a different direction. Instead of trying to find a stock 'flathead' six, I purchased a 'slant six' Dodge 225 engine with an Offenhauser ribbed rocker cover, dual carb conversion and headers from 'Texas 3D Customs'. And a little 'Chassis' work.
  15. Happy Holidays to One and All, Bought this resin body from Jimmy Flintstone about a year ago. It came with cast, (pewter?), headlight bowls/rings, and front grill. Also, resin bumpers, hood, and something resembling a chassis. The chassis looked to be a 'bonus' piece because nothing was mentioned in the description, so hey,......better than nothing! Try finding 50's Nash model car parts! I also found a damaged, (dropped), Franklin Mint Nash Metropolitan diecast on Ebay that I grabbed for parts. (Something about spare Nash parts). I'm going to try keeping with a factory 'stock' theme here but, there so few of these beasts, who's going to know?
  16. Good looking project Mike. I like the magnet idea for the hood. Cutting open the doors? Yikes!....I glue mine closed because of all the alignment issues. Have you decided on a body color yet?
  17. Thank you fellows for all the good words!
  18. Mario, This is about as close to a 'Kit' as you will probably get for this one. Chris from 'C1 Models' in the UK supplied the body and other bits, (see the website), and you'll need a Tamiya 1966 VW Beetle kit. His castings are very clean and accurate. See my WIP photos.
  19. Hey Mike, forgot to add this to my reply to you!
  20. Thanks for all the complements, guys!
  21. Hi Mike, During WW2, Dr. Porsche designed one, but it wasn't very practicable because of the tall engine. By 1949 plans for the Type 2, Bus/Transporter, were well underway. Thanks for the comment.
  22. Greetings All and a Very Merry Christmas! Just completed the '66 VW last night. Please check out build pics in the WIP section. Can't wait to get this thing in a display case. Keeping the dust off this thing is a PIA! Hope you enjoy the photos!
  23. Good looking project Bruce. Great paint work!
  24. Thank you guys for the comments! Getting closer to the end. Painted the body, Tamiya 'German Grey' with a clear coat, and added BMF and outside pieces. Interior door panels and seat, Rustoleum Satin 'Colonial Red'.
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