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  1. A beautiful curbside kit. As with most of Tamiya kits, the build is straight forward without any issue. I went with a light color to try to match the one on the side of the box. The color appears different because I took pictures inside using incandescent light and outside on a cloudy day . They even include a decently molded driver. Now that's an idea that I wish more manufacturers would follow. I heard that the body style was copied from the Chrysler airflow.
  2. Now this paint scheme is perfect for that type of car. Outstanding. Keep it up
  3. Beautiful little ford. the paint and finish are perfect. Great work.
  4. Flawless paint job. Not easy on smaller scale. Beautiful
  5. That's a beautiful build Ron. The paint is beautiful. Tamiya Sprays are perfect for car bodies. They lay down very smooth and they are very forgiving. Their color choices keep growing. Your build does this kit justice.
  6. A nice mean looking little gremlin. Well done
  7. A really nice build, and the color is right in my favorite range. That engine is a real power house. great work.
  8. I always want to build a dragster but when I see something like this, I just don't know if I have it in me. Beautiful by the way. The paint , the engine, the decals. Very impressive.
  9. Wow, just wow. There is a lot of work in that old belvedere. I like the white front bumper. The engine details are awesome.
  10. newly tooled and true to scale (if there is such a thing in sci fi ), this little gem is a breeze to build . The details are finely molded, and the high quality decals make this little critter a nice piece to put on a shelve . Round 2 announced recently they are developing the 1/48 version. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas. Although not a big fan of the show, I always admired Brian Johnson's designs, they have that logical, functional approach of what an engineer at NASA could come up with.
  11. Thanks everybody for your kind words. keep on building
  12. Thanks Tom Water based acrylics are not affected by lacquer, at least lacquers designed for models. I also use Mr hobby clear lacquer with same results. I used clear lacquer over tamiya, vallejo and even cheap craft store acrylics and never had an issue. To be safe though I let the paint cure for at least a week before I clear coat it , I get a better finish that way , and another week before polishing. What I would never do is shoot lacquer over enamel unless you let dry for a very long time. I stopped using enamels a long time ago.
  13. Thank you Bob, don't be put off , it's not as difficult as it seems. you can start with smaller objects. Wheels are perfect, they are small and easy to go back to paint. The main thing to remember is to use two different type of paint, either acrylic or lacquer. For rust, I use red brown lacquer as a base, then your choice, salt or hair spray to cover the areas to be rusty. Let dry, then apply you top coat (acrylic ) ; thin layers for a smooth finish or heavy coat for cracking paint. Then with a brush and water rub gently the areas you want to un paint. The chevy 3100 was done using the salt technique and the Trabant was done with the hair spray technique. Give a go, you'll be glad you did. try it on a steelie or a spare hood. Once you get the knack for it , it becomes really addictive.
  14. Nicely done. The thing with bikes, no curbside, no place to hide under the hood. Everything is there like the real thing. Bikes are not my thing but I like to look at all kinds of models. I like to look at the work and this one is one beautiful bike and like you said, we do like the color. keep it up
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