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  1. Now , that's cool. I remember watching the movie. This is a big car. I don't know the scale but it looks gorgeous. Well done. Thanks for sharing
  2. Built from the old MPC kit. While we are waiting for the new Revell kit. Not meant to be an exact replica, I did not have a flat hood. The only thing changed was the wheels and tires. I machined the wheels from aluminum. Not the best kit but it will do while we wait for Revell to issue theirs. I remember reading somewhere that the paint was , according to Halecki in an interview, school bus yellow because that's what they had on hand. So I painted camel yellow over grey primer to tone it down a bit to give it that screen shot look. When you watch the movie on a tv screen , the car appear to be a mix of yellow and butterscotch, at least that's what it looks like on my 16 years old LCD TV. thanks for having a look.
  3. Great color combo, it fits really good. Well put together and the engine looks great. Well done sir.
  4. Very nice looking impala, always liked the lines of that car.
  5. Welcome from another fellow Canadian. Your work is surely impressive. You've come to the right place for cars, there is a lot of talent here and friends to share with.
  6. Great looking dragster. Beautiful paint job.
  7. That's a great and beautiful build. Old Heller kits can be a pain but they have such interesting subjects. I built a few of older Heller kits and they sure are challenging. The newer kits are a different story, they are finely engineered and detailed and they are much easier to build. The Renault 4 gl and Citroen fourgonette are good examples.
  8. That's a cool looking rod. Very nice details. The positioned front wheels are a nice touch. Good work.
  9. I like the idea of a clear hood to show the well detailed engine. Great mods. Makes a beautiful, unique T-bird.
  10. Very nicely done . Great color and attention to details. Perfect photography and setting. I dig it.
  11. That's a sweet looking Impala. I really like that color.
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