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  1. Just a little something I did for fun without a lot of stress involved and kept it very simple . Pretty out of the norm kind of build for me. It started as a warped and over all useless promo And yeah its a bit on the amateur side and that's ok it was just fun to do
  2. The basic body was a 1958 Bonneville convertible and bought a Jimmy Flintstone 1958 Chevy Sedan Delivery for the roof and tailgate section. There was little different in the tailgate area I had to work on and took a bit of time to get it looking halfway right. The rear bumper I removed all the guards and exhaust ports on it. And yes next one goes to a caster who will be casting them
  3. yes once I sit down and finish it up, have a contract job Im doing and had to sit this aside for awhile
  4. Have a couple casters wanting to cast it , I have two more in the plans. The Bonneville body I used on this one wasn't the greatest and was why I used it for this build before cutting up I nice one. Next one will go out for casting and the 3rd one will be my keeper. I'm sure there won't be a lot of demand for them but will fill one more gap in our little world of modeling.
  5. They aren't hard to find Rusty , they was stock tail lights in all AMT vintage 58 Bonneville promos and kits
  6. Yes David I did look at that , yours is equally as interesting. I'm a lover of old Pontiac and have several in my collection
  7. As a foot not it is only sitting as a mock up and this is not final assembly
  8. Rarely seen in any form 1:1 or plastic. 1958 was the end of the line for Pontiac Sedan Deliveries , the 58 was Canadian marketplace only car. I also combine several upgrades bashing a 1962 Catalina using the Chassis from that kit vs the X frame from a 58 Impala. Took a break from it still work to do on it but close to completing it , this is the 1st of two more Im going to do and honestly kind of a test run build. I call it the Tin Indian and can be displayed with or without the roof rack and surf boards
  9. This is pretty much a restored car and I threw some extras from ModelHaus on to make it a bit different than most other 58 Fords you see. Really didn't do any kind of mods or changes to the car over all. Just one of those builds that was missing from my collection. It the 1st of 5 similar builds I'll be adding to my line up of 50ies era cars.
  10. Jaw dropping gorgeous , no doubt a labor of love
  11. Used the tires from the Revell 59 Impala , they was a bit larger and filled those huge wheel wells Chris
  12. LOL sure is known as Twilight Pink for 1960 Lincoln ,interior is not factory color but something in my ees works well with the exterior color.
  13. She was in need of help when it was found but after some TLC and breaking away from tradition this is what I ended up with , Im pretty happy with the out come.
  14. Wow very nicely done !!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Good save on a real classic
  16. Another beautiful build out of your stable Randy
  17. Great save , you won one this one buddy
  18. Beautifully done , don't get any better than this Randy
  19. Looks good Bill , colors work good together
  20. Decals can be got from Keith Marks but not sure he has them in white , got mine from this NASCAR kit and the wheels think are also in this kit but they are same as the originals Ben
  21. Finally was able to get some outside shot , and thanks again for all you kind words
  22. He is smiling down on you , his work looks top notch
  23. Yes, had to remove a small area from the center of the chassis vs just moving the rear springs forward , did a good bit of modifying to make it all come together. Used the aprons chassis and power train among many smaller parts. It added a little more to the car over all and made it a bit better than the original ......... Thanks to everyone for all you kind words
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