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  1. Nate added a post in a topic Revell Visit to November GTR meeting test shots   

    No.  I means that every other post will be "Why didn't the make it stock?"
  2. Nate added a post in a topic 41 chevy pickup - little different   

    Definitely has a Factory Five feel to it. Looks great so far!
  3. Nate added a post in a topic 1989 Batmobile Build with my 5 yr old Son   

    Thanks for all the kind words everyone. He's already started to think about the next build. His 7 yr old older brother is also.

    His next one will be more independent. Hopefully we can do a snap together or something so he can handle it all on his own. That is, if I can resist "helping", LOL.
  4. Nate added a post in a topic 1989 Batmobile Build with my 5 yr old Son   

    Some final shots:

    I posted in Under Glass here.
  5. Nate added a topic in Under Glass   

    1989 Batmobile Build with my 5 yr old Son
    Link to the On the Workbench thread.

    Here are the photos of our completed build. It won the "Black and Orange" mini-contest out our MCMA meeting on Sunday. Thanks to evilbenny for giving us the kit.

    Here's the Caped Crusader at the meeting:

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  6. Nate added a topic in On The Workbench   

    1989 Batmobile Build with my 5 yr old Son
    I started building a 1989 Batmobile with my 5 year old son. The kit was given to us by evilbenny, a fellow member of the Metroplex Car Modeler's Association (MCMA). The kit was missing the wheels and tires, which were generously supplied by some members of this forum. Thanks again to midknightprowler and afx for you help.

    Here's the kit:

    Here's what we've done so far - glued in the interior and painted the wheels:

    The boys like the gold-ish wheels shown on the side panel of the box, so we painted the wheels Model Master bronze and will black-wash it next.

    They don't want to paint anything, so it'll be faster. At one point I was scraping off some flash and my son said "Daddy, I don't want it to be too pretty" meaning I was taking too long, LOL.

    When we get ready to build he'll go get everything and carry it to the kitchen table, which is big enough for us to all have access to the kit while building. He's pretty motivated.
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  7. Nate added a post in a topic Getting Organized.   

    You could also use a tackle box, there are a ton of different configurations...
  8. Nate added a post in a topic 32 Ford   

    There is actually a Jag type IRS in the Revell 26 Sedan Delivery Kit, if you would rather kitbash it...
  9. Nate added a post in a topic How do I do THIS?   

    Evergreen makes plastic in various shapes and sizes. It's pretty available in the US. You could also use Plastruct. You could also use pieces of sprue.
  10. Nate added a post in a topic 48 Chevy Aerosedan   

    Looks great! I'd go with the Supremes, personally. Actually, I need to get a set of those for my Aerosedan.
  11. Nate added a post in a topic AMT Phantom Vickie Transmission?   

    Thanks for the info. I was going through my kits looking at which engines I wasn't planning to use, thinking about what might be good to back up the C5 and C6 LS's that I plan to swap into various projects. Would the transmissions from the 06 based Mustangs be good? They look pretty nice, detail wise and I don't plan to use those engines now that the Coyote 5.0 is out.
  12. Nate added a post in a topic AMT Phantom Vickie Transmission?   

    So, it's not a good Trans to mate to an LS7?
  13. Nate added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    AMT Phantom Vickie Transmission?
    Can someone tell me what is the transmission that comes in the AMT Phantom Vickie kit? Thanks.
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  14. Nate added a post in a topic New Moebius Ford Pick-ups 1971 Ranger XLT AND 1969 Custom SWB   

    The next question is: where can I get a decent Crown Vic front suspension for the popular conversion?
  15. Nate added a post in a topic 53 panel truck gasser   

    It's not the first time a manufacturer has mislabeled something.

    A 53 Chevy panel truck looks something like this (This is a 54):

    Again, I love the progress so far...