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  1. Bummer! I've got four cans that say extreme lacquer I haven't used yet. I ordered them last fall so to late to send them back. I'll make sure I try them on some spare parts first.
  2. This is the first time I've used these adhesive whitewalls & I'm having a hard time getting the tape off after putting them on the tire without destroying the whitewall. I've tried taking the tape off first before putting it on the tire & ruin it & I've tried rubbing the whitewall down as tight as possible on the tire & still have no luck getting the tape off without pulling the whitewall off with it. I appreciate any help with this.
  3. The Rolling Stones in Nov. 1964 for my 12th birthday. The Shangri-las ( Leader of the pack ) opened for them.
  4. I bought that front bumper/grill yesterday. I'll get some pictures in the next few days.
  5. Thanks for all the help. It looks like It will be awhile before ordering. I'll still keep this in the wanted section in case someone comes across a part or knows somewhere else to check
  6. The link takes me to the facebook site & I can't find another way to contact them.
  7. I don't belong to facebook. Is there any other way to contact them?
  8. I need several parts for this kit. It's missing the hood, glass, air cleaner, rear bumper, tailights & windshield washer jar. Is there an aftermarket site I can go to if all else fails?
  9. Same here. My Brother has a friend who builds & races slot cars. He only uses the body & hood, then gives the rest to my Brother to give to me.
  10. I ended up getting a 150 watt, 2200 lumen, 5000k LED bulb & what a difference compared to the cfl. It's like going from night to a sunny day. My old eyes can actually see so much better. It makes it a lot easier working on my models. I couldn't find a CRI anywhere on the box but I'm still happy with lighting it throws out. Thanks everybody for your help.
  11. I appreciate the help. I'll pick up some Led's today?
  12. I have a pole lamp & have been using a cfl bulb in it. I need to replace it & I'm not sure whether to get another cfl or go for an led or corn lights. What's the best one for modeling?
  13. I'd like to see a 1961 Chrysler New Yorker. I had one back in 1970 when I first started driving.
  14. It's the correct interior for the '55 & it looks like it's plastic. I can't say for sure without taking the model apart but from what I can see I'm betting it's plastic. The windows are clear, not tinted. I also had bought the '56 Olds & it came with the interior.
  15. I built the '55 Pontiac a few years ago & it came with the interior.
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