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  1. Johnny Hutch...who???

    I'm a BIG Beatles fan & know who he is. Good for him that he could look back with no regrets. I'm betting It would be mighty hard for most people to live with knowing they said no to the biggest group in rock history. It took Pete Best years to able to live with being thrown out right before they hit it big. RIP Johnny.
  2. National Love Your Pet Day

    Our fur baby is Carly. She's a stray that turned up a few years ago. Always happy, loves going for walks & owns the house. A real sweetheart I couldn't imagine not having.
  3. I might be interested in one of the Toronadoes & a couple other kits. What are you looking for in trades? I'm also interested in checking out the models not listed.

  4. How cold is it where you live?

    A frosty 16 at 7AM
  5. Gunze Sangyo Messerschmitt

    [II built this kit a while back. My Brother got it for me at Goodwill for $1.00.
  6. Lindberg Grand Am

    I never had any idea anyone brought out a '73. I owned one of these back in the '80's & have wanted to build a copy for years. Would prefer a detailed 1/25 but I'll be happy with a 1/32 just to have a model of one.
  7. diamond hard spray paint

    It's a farm & ranch store. They sell a lot of different things but it's mainly for the farm.
  8. I stopped by a Big R store today & saw this paint. It says it sticks to anything, including plastic. I'd like to try it but would like to know if has anyone used it so I can see if it's worth buying.
  9. Marty Balin

    RIP Marty. I've always been a fan of Jefferson Airplane. So many 60's rockers are passing. When you're young you don't think that they'll get old & die one of these days. Then as time goes by & you find they do age & die like everyone else.
  10. Great Traders List

    Gifted with some parts I needed from classicgas, Lee Rilea. He saved a model that I could never had finished without his help.
  11. What are YOUR regrets ?

    Back in Nov. 2007 my hours at my job were cut from 40+ hours a week down to less than 20 hrs for several months. Everything got behind including a few missed mortgage payments so our house went into foreclosure. I was so depressed thinking my Wife & I were going to be homeless I threw 100+ built models out with the trash figuring I wouldn't have a home to put them in. A couple weeks after all this happened new owners took over the company I work for & I went back to fulltime. We were able to save the house from foreclosure & everything worked out great other than the regret I still have for being so hasty & stupid & throwing all my models away.
  12. What Irked You Today?

    It's supposed to rain all weekend here also. That irks me for sure since I wanted to do some yard work.
  13. Lincoln Futura headlight pan

    I'm still looking in case somebody has one.
  14. Lincoln Futura headlight pan

    Thanks, Classicgas. I really appreciate it.