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  1. It's the correct interior for the '55 & it looks like it's plastic. I can't say for sure without taking the model apart but from what I can see I'm betting it's plastic. The windows are clear, not tinted. I also had bought the '56 Olds & it came with the interior.
  2. I built the '55 Pontiac a few years ago & it came with the interior.
  3. That's a Gorgeous car. My Mom had a '55 red & white 98 starfire convertible with a continental kit back in the early 60's. If I would have about 10 years older She would have never traded it in.
  4. I got a new computer & I'm changing my email address. I've tried to do this on the old computer & the new one but I don't receive an email at my new address on the new computer to activate it. If I change my email back to the old address I then receive an email on my old computer to activate the old address.
  5. I'm looking for the circled part #49.
  6. My Mom had one of these back in the 60's. 1955 Olds 98 Starfire convertiblei I had one of these back in 1970-71. 1956 Mercury Monterey
  7. Completed a great trade with Bigtruck. Would gladly trade with him again.
  8. I got a 1954 Pontiac promo from Ken Krewier ( Bigtruck)
  9. I'm a BIG Beatles fan & know who he is. Good for him that he could look back with no regrets. I'm betting It would be mighty hard for most people to live with knowing they said no to the biggest group in rock history. It took Pete Best years to able to live with being thrown out right before they hit it big. RIP Johnny.
  10. Our fur baby is Carly. She's a stray that turned up a few years ago. Always happy, loves going for walks & owns the house. A real sweetheart I couldn't imagine not having.
  11. I might be interested in one of the Toronadoes & a couple other kits. What are you looking for in trades? I'm also interested in checking out the models not listed.

  12. [II built this kit a while back. My Brother got it for me at Goodwill for $1.00.
  13. I never had any idea anyone brought out a '73. I owned one of these back in the '80's & have wanted to build a copy for years. Would prefer a detailed 1/25 but I'll be happy with a 1/32 just to have a model of one.
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