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  1. National Love Your Pet Day

    Our fur baby is Carly. She's a stray that turned up a few years ago. Always happy, loves going for walks & owns the house. A real sweetheart I couldn't imagine not having.
  2. I might be interested in one of the Toronadoes & a couple other kits. What are you looking for in trades? I'm also interested in checking out the models not listed.

  3. How cold is it where you live?

    A frosty 16 at 7AM
  4. Gunze Sangyo Messerschmitt

    [II built this kit a while back. My Brother got it for me at Goodwill for $1.00.
  5. Lindberg Grand Am

    I never had any idea anyone brought out a '73. I owned one of these back in the '80's & have wanted to build a copy for years. Would prefer a detailed 1/25 but I'll be happy with a 1/32 just to have a model of one.
  6. diamond hard spray paint

    It's a farm & ranch store. They sell a lot of different things but it's mainly for the farm.
  7. I stopped by a Big R store today & saw this paint. It says it sticks to anything, including plastic. I'd like to try it but would like to know if has anyone used it so I can see if it's worth buying.
  8. Marty Balin

    RIP Marty. I've always been a fan of Jefferson Airplane. So many 60's rockers are passing. When you're young you don't think that they'll get old & die one of these days. Then as time goes by & you find they do age & die like everyone else.
  9. Great Traders List

    Gifted with some parts I needed from classicgas, Lee Rilea. He saved a model that I could never had finished without his help.
  10. What are YOUR regrets ?

    Back in Nov. 2007 my hours at my job were cut from 40+ hours a week down to less than 20 hrs for several months. Everything got behind including a few missed mortgage payments so our house went into foreclosure. I was so depressed thinking my Wife & I were going to be homeless I threw 100+ built models out with the trash figuring I wouldn't have a home to put them in. A couple weeks after all this happened new owners took over the company I work for & I went back to fulltime. We were able to save the house from foreclosure & everything worked out great other than the regret I still have for being so hasty & stupid & throwing all my models away.
  11. What Irked You Today?

    It's supposed to rain all weekend here also. That irks me for sure since I wanted to do some yard work.
  12. Lincoln Futura headlight pan

    I'm still looking in case somebody has one.
  13. Lincoln Futura headlight pan

    Thanks, Classicgas. I really appreciate it.
  14. Lincoln Futura headlight pan

    I'm missing the #6 headlight pan to the Revell multiple piece body Lincoln Futura. I'm hoping someone has this for trade.