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  1. When you renew the registration every year you get a new sticker. Every few years I peel the stack off. A few years ago I saw a 68 Cougar at a show that had a 1/2" thick stack of year stickers on it.
  2. Three dusty, weathered-looking Model Ts on a trainer, one with Police markings. Probably movie props.
  3. All of Michael's kits are well done. He is committed to accuracy. I have seen how he develops the masters for his bodies and parts. Lots of work in the Pontiac dash alone. Look at the radio speaker.
  4. Keep in mind that the Mirai is a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, so it has electric propulsion, not a fuel-burning engine.
  5. Text from the Facebook post: "Norman Veber, sole proprietor of Replicas & Miniatures Co. of Maryland, will undergo multiple bypass surgery on Friday or Saturday, as soon as a bed is available at Un. of Maryland. Speaking with Norm, he anticipates it will be several months before he can resume production. He is, and always was, a one man operation. He casts, packages, prints kit instructions, boxes products for shipping and makes post office runs 2 or 3 times a week. His large operation is in his basement. He will be unable to use steps for quite some time, in addition to all the other aspects of self employment. Please keep Norm in your thoughts and prayers and be patient. This is NOT !!! the end of Reps & Mins. It is just a medium-sized gap in the timeline of this iconic aftermarket company."
  6. It looked like a pretty good conversion from what I could see while passing it on the freeway.
  7. A DeLorean dressed up in time machine drag, including a Mr. Fusion unit.
  8. LOL I can find a few of those Impalas around here. There was a built one at our Spirit of Speed show a few weeks ago.
  9. This was parked behind my "LHS", which is about 50 miles from home.
  10. LOL Hope we can account for every issue mailed out.
  11. Wasn't the Mako Shark kit modified a bit to make some sort of custom Corvette?
  12. at Spirit of Speed 6: MPC 60 Corvette. (one of my favorite box arts and a cool kit) AMT 72 Corvette LT-1 AMT 63 Watson Roadster Profil 24 Porsche 917LH
  13. 64 Cutlass convertible at the local Wal Mart. (I went in looking for Brake cleaner. Found none. Autozone and O'reilly's were also out.)
  14. Any other parts in the Road Runner box? I'm looking for the custom front bumper and headlights for that kit.
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