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  1. Yep, I have everything ready for install when they’re fully cured.
  2. Worked great for me! Shouldn’t even have to polish it now. Needs to be applied in a semi heavy wet coat for the best outcome. I’m gonna let them set for about a week before touching them. On the rear wheel (top) the whole center hub cover, lug nuts and the ring under them is chrome plated. The wheel itself was painted with the Molotow.
  3. Can the Molotow chrome ink be polished after airbrushing it or will it remove it?
  4. I’ve seen a resin crew cab for it but never a standard cab. I built this one when the kit originally came out in 1990 I think it was. Had to shorten the cab, the interior, the bed, the chassis, the exhaust and the fuel tank. Sorry for the really bad pics, they were taken with a potato. If we ever get a sunny day here, I’ll take better pictures of it.
  5. I’ve bought prewired distributors and Chevy long bed, beds. Great service and great parts!
  6. Thanks for the help guys, a friend recommended the acrylic clear from Automotive Touchup.com. The paint will be Tamiya acrylic white over Tamiya white primer.
  7. Hey Steve, the white will be acrylic as well as the clear coat a friend recommended. He’s been using it for years with no problems.
  8. You’ve used the Tamiya Clear Red and Clear Amber with no problems? I ask because they’re both acrylic.
  9. Has anyone ever painted over the Molotow chrome? I’m wanting to paint Tamiya clear amber over it.
  10. I’m needing to clear coat a white body but I’m very worried about the clear coat yellowing! Has anyone shot some a few years ago with no yellowing? If so, what brand was it?
  11. Hello everyone. Has anyone found the best ratio to mix Tamiya gloss acrylic with Tamiya acrylic thinner for airbrushing?
  12. Joseph at Fireball Models has really nice Mopar rally wheels with different types of center caps.
  13. Sent a truck cab out to be painted. Waited two years. It was painted then the guy sprayed gray primer over it because he wasn’t happy with it! I’m currently have a truck built by a friend. I provided everything needed and he’s doing the building. I think we’re going on six years now. I’m in no hurry though. I just told him to work on it whenever he feels like it. He already has a lot done and it’s lookin killer!
  14. This is the original Revell Ice Patrol Kit. They just added the snowmobile from this kit, to the Jeep Honcho.
  15. These are some of my favorite kits! The Malibu Grand Prix Kit is my most favorite! I finally just found one, mint, still sealed for $40.00 on EBay! I then found just the Virage race car by itself. It’s assembled but will be rebuilt and detailed. I built three of those sets back in the early eighties when they first came out. I bought them at a Malibu Grand Prix track we had here in San Antonio. My second favorite is the Mean Mudder van set. I’m building one of those fully detailed with actual four wheel drive suspension. (The Kit is only two wheel drive) its also getting actual tool boxes and accessories inside to replace the molded in ones.
  16. Jamie Rahmoeller has these wheels. I had them 3D printed and he copied them into resin. I machined the pointed hubs and had RB Motion make the pointed lug nuts. I think Jamie has some of those in resin as well.
  17. Just got my two sets of the two hole wheels and tires today. These are very, very nice!! I’ll even admit, they’re better than mine! I’ll be buying some more sets for sure!
  18. Do you still have the body panels and grill? Are there any other parts that go with the grill?
  19. Hi Ricky, no they look different. Thank you though!
  20. Hi Jacob, I appreciate you checking!
  21. In need of these lower body panels from either of the AMT S10 Xtreme pickup kits.
  22. He’s had it a long time. There’s a ton of stuff that he makes that’s not on his website. I don’t know why he doesn’t add more stuff to it?
  23. Yeah, I’ve already gone through the nightmare of dealing with him!
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