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  1. I think you're going to find that is a later model Ural-orignally made with "liberated" machinery after the end of WWII. Made in Russia and been sold in the US (among other countries) since at least the early 2000's The newer iterations have a HORRIBLE reputation for build quality, reliability, etc.
  2. "Herkimer on Rt. 5S" Home of the Herkimer Battle Jitney? Get photos if you can.
  3. Where was the photo taken? Looks like Northern Italy. Also 400,000 km and its not a diesel. Impressive.
  4. Any chance of a full bumper grill without any medallions or logos? The Chaparral trans am cars had none and that's about the only Camaro I'd be thinking of.
  5. Its a niche subject but I found a large number of color photos of the 1954 Bonneville speed meeting on the Life magazine/Google photos archive. Good for ideas, see if you can find what can only be described as a "pod racer". http://images.google.com/hosted/life/dc88f094dd666778.html Let me add a gallery of b & w photos from the 1953 meet http://images.google.com/hosted/life/ef1c5df295f55494.html
  6. If so, definitely on the downhill stretch south from the summit. I'd hate to contemplate the speed going uphill from Los Gatos.😲
  7. "Where were you in '62?" These are actually my neighbor's vehicles. He's the kind of guy who you'd WANT to buy a car from. He's restored at least 10-15 cars that I know of, including the scoot and the Ranchero. The scoot is for sale if you'rr interested. Note: 98% of his business is insurance and he's VERY picky regarding bail bonds.
  8. He can be forgiven for using more than one parking spot.
  9. Reminds me of the time I saw a biker club going down Market St in San Francisco, in February, every man jack of them wearing kilts. Brrrr
  10. I'd also think that OEM decals from Tamiya might be a non-starter. Tobacco company sponsor and all that. Second on the aftermarket route.
  11. I'm usually skeptical of videos with computer driven voice overs but this appears to be legit. Doable with an old Camaro kit. https://drivetribe.com/p/ghost-car-a-1979-camaro-that-was-SgUwhuvHTjeXf4J0RNCy9Q?iid=PiWHopWhRvmcHnPkNJWyWA https://www.hagerty.com/media/automotive-history/armored-camaro-kept-civilians-alive-in-war-torn-bosnia/
  12. And did it have a license plate frame "I'd rather be riding my mule in Molokai"?
  13. I believe I've read that "Dukes of Hazzard" nuked so many Chargers that by the end they were using AMC Matadors. Couldn't prove it by me, never seen an episode.
  14. When I see this stuff I remember something Viggo said: "John is a man of focus, commitment, sheer will...."
  15. Yeah, yeah sure. But could you leave it unattended in a Walmart parking lot? Unless you're one of THOSE guys and park across 4 parking stalls. Might be up for a good "keying" though.
  16. https://jalopnik.com/rolls-royce-will-sell-you-a-1-8-scale-cullinan-toy-for-1843687688 Yes, I stole the last part of the title.
  17. Also commonly known a "rail", "digger", and "slingshot". I remember the last most commonly when growing up. ABC's "Wide World of Sports" was the major conduit of info.
  18. It most closely resembles the early 1965 season cars (Daytona, Sebring) if that matters to you. By the Lemans practice week and especially the Lemans race way too many things had changed. Recall that racing cars were/are constantly changing. Find a car that you like at a time period that you like and go to town. Or paint it Candy Apple red with Manga girls all over it. Its all good.
  19. Can confirm. I drove them "professionally" in the 80's and 90's (a certain state-wide law enforcement organization) and almost every one broke its seatback. Not good when you're the best part of an hour away from the station. Wrap up the spare tire in a yellow "body blanket", muscle it behind the driver seat to prop it into position and limp on in.
  20. I've rarely seen spot lamps on commercial tractor (the truck part)/trailer combinations. I'm talking of cab mounted spot lamps controlled and aimed by the driver. Now, on the other hand, commercial trucks have to make deliveries in all kinds of weather (it has to go through!) and many have foglamps or auxiliary driving lights mainly mounted to the front end/bumper. Another consideration is that, while a first world country, many trucks have to traverse narrow secondary roads and some have lights mounted so that the driver can see where the edge of the roadway is located. Legally, at least in California, only two sets (a total of 4) of forward facing lights are allowed to be on at the same time. High beam lights are considered to meet that 4 lamp limit. So the truck can have one set of low beams lamps and one set of auxiliary lamps in use. Plus there are often lamps mounted to the rear of the cab to keep track of what's happening to the trailer but they have to be carefully aimed so that they don't blind drivers overtaking from the rear. I'd never heard the term SAR before so I had to look it up. "The term SAR was derived from the American Kenworth item listing: Short [Bonnet], Australian, Right hand drive." We don't come upon Kenworth SAR's in the wilds of California. https://www.pressreader.com/australia/big-rigs/20160812/281728383905672
  21. Mom and Dad divorced, Mom got the van but never had a driver license. I just got my license about 6 months prior to the split so this is what I got. No spot lights or running lights but everything else is the same including the color. 170ci straight six, manual choke, auto, a/c was "how fast can you go with the wind wing windows reversed". (You kids can Google "manual choke" and "wing windows") 15-17mpg but gas was 30 cents a gallon in 1970 and used a quart of oil every other gas fillup. I never noticed the "goggle-eyed" look of the front end but it was wheels so who cares? Second car was a VW Bug that I bought in Portsmouth NH just after I got stationed at Pease AFB. White, manual choke, manual transmission (like shifting in oatmeal), wing windows (theme developing?) $2222 out the door.
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