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  1. Saw my first Porsche Taycan Turbo, in white. The only thing I recognized was the badge on the front hood. Very sleek looking but I saw it was rated at something like 200 miles on a charge. That's almost exactly the round trip distance to my nearest Porsche dealer.
  2. Mine dumped models totally. I doubt the coupon would work for an online order.
  3. This guy is just slightly ahead of you (no connection). Seems he did the kit bashing described above. https://mikesscalemodels.shutterfly.com/pictures/8
  4. The red one looks like its returning to the earth from which it came.
  5. Herbie’s rocking a fake plate, though. Bad, bad Herbie
  6. Almost related: in the movie "The Day Of The Jackal" (1973) the assassin is seen engaged in painting figures. Historex most likely.
  7. Just some Plastruct sheet plastic. You think you have some and then you find out "No, you really don't".
  8. Did Gunze own their own molds or did they lease and release kits by other makers? An awful lot of Gunze kits came out in other brands. Porsche 935 Moby Dick, Mustang II race car, Alfa Romeo GTV (THAT'S a kit I'd like to see again), Triumph TR-3, Bug-eye Sprite
  9. C-8 Corvette, white with a "Brazzers" license plate frame. Couldn't tell if the driver was a principal or a consumer of said product. 😁 Also a Ferrari 458, likewise in white. I've seen them in Rosso Scuderia and Grigio Silverstone Metallic, never in Bianco Avus. Very distinctive after all the "Resale Red" Ferraris bouncing about. Corvette on US101 in Mendocino County CA and the Ferrari on US101 in Marin County, CA
  10. I've always been of the opinion that the SUV of today is the station wagon of the past; just with a less spacious rear area and also without the flabby suspension. Its just that "station wagon" has no panache and anything with "sport" as a description is automatically desirable. Trying to drag this back on topic, along with my desire for a limited reissue of the Fujimi Enthusiast line, I'd wish for Italeri to bring back their classic '60s Ferrari kits. 275GTB, 250SWB, 365GTB Daytona (most especially the competition model). I don't know why they haven't. There's not any real competition on the hobby shop shelves for them.
  11. I recall them touting the Citation as viable competition or superior to the BMW 320i. I was even interested but after 6 months the horror stories began to trickle in... I wish Fujimi would shake loose some of their Enthusiast kits, especially the earlier 911s. "The tooling is paid for."
  12. Wandered into a Michaels (not my mini local one-they’ve gotten rid of all models) and was looking for the new Revell Jaguar XKE. They had one a couple weeks ago but it was opened. But they had an unmolested Revell 1969 Boss 302. Priced at $23 about $6 lower than normal. With a quick 20% coupon on my phone I got it for pennies over $20 after tax. You can’t have enough Boss 302’s, amirite?
  13. Audi R8 (GTR?) in red with black carbon fiber. If not this model it greatly resembled it. On US 101 about 100 miles north of San Francisco. Followed closely by a Lamborghini Huracan in Verde Mantis and both followed by a Porsche 928S in a pedestrian graphite grey.
  14. There is one legal exemption, written into the Calif Vehicle Code. The deTomaso Mangusta. Now THERE'S an underserved car. Even a resin kit is lacking. My latent 15 year old self just got reactivated.
  15. Common sense: In California the maximum height for a headlamp is 54 inches. Just the illustrations show those headlamps to be over 60 inches. And there is no allowable adjustment mechanism for headlamps being that high especially mounted at an angle because who the hell would do such a thing? They would be over height and impossible to bring the light cone to a usable level. That is IF you could see anything in front of your truck, what with the obstructed view due to the hood angle. Besides, it looks really stupid.
  16. As promised: I stopped by my neighbor's house and snapped this photo. 1952 Studebaker pickup with a flat head straight 6 cylinder engine. Not a dent on it, even the bed is straight and pristine. There's a tiny bit of rust bubble at the base of the left hand A pillar. Spent its early life in the SF Bay Area but the past 40 years inside of a barn. And his go-to quote: "I didn't need another project but this was a rescue." It was on the jack because he needed to free up a seized brake.
  17. Was the Boss Mustang funny car modified from Revell's 1969 Mustang Coupe mold? I've never seen the coupe kit in real life and the funny car has some coupe lines to it. The lack of a 67-68 and 69-70 coupe is a HUGE hole in any Mustang collection.
  18. I posted the neighbor's cars at a local car show a couple of weeks back ('58 Olds and a punkin orange Henry J). He just brought in his latest project on a flat bed trailer. Early '50s Studebaker pickup truck, in a very dark bluish-green. It looked complete and in good shape but pics will have to wait. I had errands to run.
  19. I like it. Sanitary with the important bits, Rat-rod(ish) with the remainder.
  20. OK, check list: Beret Striped t-shirt "High water" length chinos White socks Loafers Optional: take up smoking Gauloises and having a glass of wine at lunch-in the front yard
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