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  1. Ah, but you neglect to mention that you can write off the $923K on your Federal income tax. California VLF is considered the same as a property tax. Could be a deal maker.....
  2. Two kits with the Michaels 20% coupon. Revell XK-E coupe which will go nicely with the E-Type roadster kit I've had (Aoshima?). Also a Revell Corvette C7.R kit. Hadn't bought any cars in a while, being focused on Eduard Mustang F-6Ds. THERE'S a nice kit if you at all like that sort of thing.
  3. Well, heck. Maybe the aftermarket will see the need.
  4. Fat Brian, Iborg, and Dave Van, check your PM.
  5. Any idea if the RX7/Savanna includes LHD parts? Had an '82 RX7, loved it but it wasn't compatible with 2 adults and a car seat (later 2 car seats).
  6. Got it scanned, check your PM in a bit. Dave Van, did I understand you'd like a copy also?
  7. Regarding the GTX Mustang/Turbo Capri kit bash: I can scan the article and PM it to you. Looking it over, its not a step-by-step as much as "here's things to adjust and look out for".
  8. And to add to the "useless junk pile" the Motorsport Mustang underpinnings are a near drop fit on the Tamiya Turbo Capri kit. Naturally as the original car was a simple re-body of the Group 5 Capri. Just such a build was the subject of an article in the late and much lamented Motor Racing Replica News.
  9. Try here. I don't think you get the exact makers you're looking for but you might get an idea. Example I just tried a near clone of American Racing mags on my Mustang. Giving me a "Hmmmm" moment. https://www.americastire.com/learn/wheel-configurator?storeCode=1342
  10. Got mine yesterday on the Left Coast. I NEVER get mine that close to publication start.
  11. Maserati Levante SUV in dark blue, shopping center parking lot in Windsor, CA just like this one: It does NOT stand out in a crowd.
  12. Similar experience with our (my wife's, actually) 1982 RX7. 19 mpg highway, 19 mpg city. One of those cars I wish we still had but 2 seats and 3 in the family didn't translate well.
  13. 1958 Ford Ranchero white over yellow and sitting in a rancher's field outside of Philo, CA. Haven't seen one of those in well over a month of Sundays.
  14. Then there was early '80's chic. https://blog.consumerguide.com/high-end-haunches-luxury-bustlebacks-1982/ I recall at the time someone noted the resemblance of the bustle back to the classic Rolls Royce design to one of the designers. His response was to the effect that if you're going to steal, steal from the best.
  15. I once GAVE a ticket to a gal in a late '70s Chevy Monte Carlo for doing 77 mph in a 25 mph zone. Very narrow country road with high shoulders and hedges, limited visibility and many blind driveways-think of your classic English country lane transported to California. She said her boyfriend had just finished working on her car and she wanted to test it. He did good work.
  16. What did this BRZ do in a previous life to deserve what has happened to it now? Looks like the owner hoisted a wing and slid a BRZ under it. Seen yesterday in our local Costco parking lot. The driver looked to be 19 yrs old. Don't know if you can tell but those fender flares are attached with self tapping sheet metal screws with neoprene washers. 😮
  17. Saw the cutest little fire truck: no photos by me but here's a sales listing-I'm certain it is the same one. Even the mis-matched paint on the doors was the same. US101 just south of Ukiah CA https://www.vansfromjapan.com/inventory/nissan/atlas/100165/
  18. The SF Bay Area also had a electronics/bike giveaway store. Matthew's TV and Stereo "Top of the Hill, Daly City". At one time it was the largest distributor of bicycles in the entire Bay Area. Maybe they should have switched product-they've been LONG out of business.
  19. Lamborghini roadster (Aventador?) in Giallo Fides. Yellow to the rest of us peons. Naturally, on the freeway-opposite direction-just a momentary glance.
  20. I need to run a constant video feed because I SEE interesting cars but I don't have time to get the cell phone up and photo them before they've passed. Sunday in the Russian River area, Sonoma County CA there was a BRG TR-6 with a camel colored interior and followed very shortly by a pumpkin orange 71 Ply 'Cuda with black hockey stick graphics and black interior. Both of them were very well maintained.
  21. It didn't help that those AMT NA$CAR kits came out at the same time/in response to Monogram's initial efforts. A direct comparison found AMT's effort to be....unworthy.
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