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  1. I wish they had used the ploy that they used for their Ferrari California kit-"European Sports Car". Visualize "American 2 Door Race Car".
  2. OK, I'll say it. The C8 is likely a fine machine, and given enough money (and a low enough price) I'd love one but....however the design is derivative and I've seen it before on other cars going back 20 years. Also that color-OMG THAT COLOR! I didn't think anything could repulse me that way but there it is. I guess the owner wants to be seen. If that's the case then "Mission Accomplished"
  3. So you're saying this may be a case of a UK driver pushing the bounds of legality? Hmmm, same here. 😄 Also fenders/mudflaps would be required on this rig in California. OTOH, you can go for YEARS without being cited. The cops appreciate the classic nature of the setup.
  4. I've seen a few of those metal restoration/fabrication videos on YouTube. Like when you take a rusty pipe wrench and turn it into a samurai sword. This one isn't a knife but it is a model.
  5. 15 year old me agrees with current me. You might notice a theme appearing here.
  6. I love that car but the name keeps throwing me back to my old Spanish teacher and his attempts to teach us idioms. "Entre la espada y la pared" translated "Between the sword and the wall" or the English equivalent "Between a rock and a hard place"
  7. How to make a 'Cuda look like a Valiant. OTOH, at least the grill doesn't look like the new XXXL BMW grill treatment. I really, really hate the new design. https://tinyurl.com/2er2zt3e
  8. Not an official explanation but when I was stationed in Japan in the mid 70's I asked the Japanese interpreter about that. He explained that it had to do with visibility. By use of the defroster the fender mounted mirrors were visible through the windshield whereas they weren't nearly so visible on door mounts. With modern defrost systems that isn't as much a problem. Made sense to 20's something me.
  9. Well, if you are in the minority you're not alone. Not even graced with a Running Pony.
  10. Arcane bit of info: the iconic Ford GT40 of the 1960s sourced their taillights from the Chevy Corvair. Ford (or Shelby or FAV) didn't care back then.
  11. A friend of mine was the subject of an episode (old/antique surfboards). Much communication was done, arrangements made and agreed to between my friend and the production company prior to them ever showing up at his place. Reality TV isn't.
  12. The good: looks like a proper representation of the competition 427 with the "wide hips" and blown out front fenders. "It looks like a racing 427" which the Revell kit doesn't. The bad: but Holy Cow, that casting is rough. I pale at the amount of work to bring it up to standard.
  13. Tube of Squadron Grey Putty, tub of Tamiya white putty, bottle of Tamiya orange top plastic cement. Uninspired, I know.
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