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  1. Same car? 1939 Citroen Speedster-I checked the grill. There can't be that many running around Old Blighty. 🙂
  2. Agreed though I think it would look good in black-thinking a semi-retro Batmobile.
  3. Scalemates has it as a rebox of the Fujimi kit. Not necessarily a bad thing depending on price. Everyplace seems to project it as upwards of $65 for a kit I've got multiples of at $25-30. Hard pass. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/revell-07696-ford-gt40--1324086 FYI-Megahobby has the exact same kit with the same markings for just over $40. https://www.megahobby.com/products/ford-gt40-9-1968-lemans-winner-race-car-1-24-fujimi.html Now to look at the Meng 1/24-similar pricing but full detail.
  4. Is there something wrong with the roof paint or is it reflecting something that's not in frame?
  5. Oh my gosh! Beer decals?!?!? It will lead to the corruption of youth! Is no one thinking of the children?
  6. I saw this car as I was getting on the freeway in Santa Rosa, CA. Unbelievable that it also is featured on bringatrailer.com. I wasn't quick enough to snap a photo. Having said that I like the color scheme but IMHO the chop takes all the balance away. It would need 2-3" removed from the beltline and maybe a bit of a lowering. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1964-buick-skylark-5/
  7. That would make sense. Those were the two that played the major parts in Ghost Rider.
  8. I wonder what was being done with his bikes. Check out his book "Ghost Rider". I basically commit some crime to have any of those cars in the driveway.
  9. A bit off topic: has anyone else had trouble with Imgur hotlinking to this forum? It used to without question and suddenly it identifies this site as a blog or website rather than a forum and so won't allow a link to be embedded. I linked the photos above via Flikr with no problem.
  10. In a desperate attempt to cool off (103-112 degrees the past couple of days at home) we took off to the Pacific Coast in Fort Bragg, CA yesterday (61-66 degrees). Came across an unexpected Father's Day weekend car show. Along with the usual assortments of Corvettes, Mustangs, and Camaros there were a few more that I found interesting. You never know what you'll come across in the hinterlands. 1969 440 Coronet convertible (sign said there were just over 400 made that year) Something right out of a cartoon (or rather Kar-Toons) 2008 Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione
  11. Internet Hobbies shows it pre-order at $80. 😲 OTOH, its full detail and not a semi-curbside. Revell is supposed to release the Fujimi 68/69 GT40 in the mid $50 price range. Ebay prices are wildly varied-one seller pushing a run-of-the-mill version for $500! I'm glad I've got a number in the stash already
  12. Hey, do as you wish. I don't know the son and only knew the dad from occasional neighborhood talk and preparing his taxes several years ago at a AARP Tax Program site.
  13. This is a neighborhood car that used to have a car cover and air in the tires. I think the owner has passed and his son isn't interested. This one (and the passenger) was in front of a Petsmart in Santa Rosa, CA (Yes, the hub of wine country.)
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