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  1. I likes it My only suggestion would be to come up with a way to define the rear doors Since the fronts open they are very defined and it looks off...like someone welded the rear doors in place before painting it
  2. i like it my favorite part is the snake skin sowing through the side vents
  3. thats not the name of the company who owns the busses, thats the first thing kids say when they see the bus coming and realize its time for school pa-dum-pum
  4. ill keep that in mind i guess ill see how everything looks once i mock it up with both sets of tires ive been working a little on the tubs and it might be too much effort to make the tubs fit the big tires since the rear seat would be in the way flaring the well would be relatively painless though, since im back to bare styrene again anyway
  5. i love that kit Riley personally i would have kept the steelies that came with it but my real concern is are you keeping the fire power? (just making sure i dont cut off the wrong person once the race starts)
  6. it would look really cool if you could weather the truck and leave the camper brand new to emphasize the age difference between the both of them and in this manner pretend you knew what you were doing and this was in fact your plan all along
  7. fair enough, but i just want to record to show that i do NOT have the knowledge nor the skills to teach a child everything he or she needs to know i applaud your parents for teaching you to read (and i do have every intend to help out my boy as he grows) but there is too much that a child needs to know that parents alone cant teach remember, it takes a village on a side note, i heard an interesting story the other day, i think it was about Benjamin Carson, the neuro surgeon when he was in school his mom made him turn in book reports to her, just to ensure he and his brother did thier school work it wasnt untill years later he found out his mom couldnt read but she sure understood how one grows out of poverty
  8. "we are men of actions, lies do not become us" name that movie but what i really mean with it, is show us some pictures
  9. they oughta just do away with school busses all together its the governments job to educate our kids, fair enough but i fail to see how its to goverments job to get our kids to said place of education think of all the money we could save by not having to run school busses think of all the time we could save by not getting stuck behind school busses think of all the bandwith we would save not having to argue to color of a school bus roof (3 pages and counting) sure, i understand not everyone can drop thier kids off at school but im sure most people could make it work...people in every other country do here's a thought, give them bicycles that aught to take care of our obesity problem and before you claim the infra structure isnt set up for that many bicycles, we have tons of money that we can spend on fixing that infra structure (we saved it on not hving to run schoolbusses) and all those out of work ex school bus drivers can pave these newly build sections of infrastructure...compared to a schoolbus full of nagging children a steamroller will be a breeze to drive
  10. thanks, ill keep you in mind for now im trying to get the body right i painted it last night and it looks like poo-pooh here are some shots before i tossed her in the purple pond (which in all reality is a big pickle jar filled with brake fluid) one a side note, here is the frame section i build still need to clean it up but the idea is there i still need to decide on tires on the left are the mickey thompson sportsmans that i had origenally planned but on the right are the firestones that came with my care-package i got from Roadhawg the fire stones didnt fit in the body the way it sits right now but considering the body is now in the pond i might have a chance to flare them a bit afterall
  11. i remember working on one of those for a belgian guy ages ago if i remember correctly it ran a V6 out of a 155 great little car we replaced just about every body panel with custom fibre glass units and then we added the after market wide body which had to be rivited on what a pain that was
  12. those all sound like great ideas ive looked at the blower set up and am not sure if i am willing to convert to carbs or just get a stand alone computer with different tunes for street or strip (for those of you who know VWs, there is a tuner out there who will install different programs on the ECU which you can acces through the cruise controll controll) in the mean time i finally started the rear end this was my first time doing this and i free handed every thing (and it shows) no pics but i got the frame build aswell once the glue dries i will take a file too it and try to smoothen it out some as usual i got carries away and went with a tub that will not allow the back seat to be installed i havent done the sheet metal yet so i might just patch it and go with a smaller tub decisions decisions
  13. ill have to see if i can replace the injection and run the cars WHILE keeping the blower ill have to see what i can come up with on this i may run a electric water pump but that does NOT releave me of the need of an alternator on a more exciting note, the rear end came in today, thanks to Roadhawg now i can start building the tubs
  14. got a little bit of work done on the Fastlane i found an oilpan that will work with it in the partsbox so no need to scractch build one this is about where the engine will sit in the frame i have not yet fully decided if i want to keep that blower hat or go with a smoother, smaller one, but for now it will stay apart from some small detail items the engine is done
  15. they did huh ? will this be the third year then ?] i clearlt remember disliking it because of thier lack of mopars but it may very well be i skipped a year somewhere
  16. then this must be the year the add mopars to the list
  17. love the mopar pro streets i would paint the hood, excuse me, bonnet, in body colour looks classy i think
  18. i love it my only suggestion would be to flare the rear wheel wells a little bit (probably to late for that) still, love the looks of it
  19. looks good, i like the change of rims
  20. is the mini series the one with Jack Nicholson? i like that one
  21. that is one of my all time favorite movies (love the play in it in Bobs burgers) cool they made a book out of it kidding guys, i know it was a book first before it was a movie
  22. no pics on my back half but i have started cutting AND i know it will fit with the back seat and package shelf just fine no pics until the rear end comes un but i have allready stared cutting the stock frame allready Wayne, those scoops look sweet but i have a few different leads on these so ill pursuit those first
  23. looks great i love the paint job on it one word of advise though (and i say this a LOT) you are running directional tires on there and the ones on the driver side are backwards
  24. Did you open it up yet ? I seem to remember those being seperate panels
  25. you know Wayne, i could use a pro stock hood for this build and your name came up whats the story, you casting them?
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