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  1. noname added a post in a topic 1963 SD 421Tempest   

    These Tempest Bodies (coupe and wagon) are among my all time favorite 60s drag cars. They all look good regardless of paint.
  2. noname added a post in a topic Amt 36 Ford?   

    Thanks Tim, this was the review I had found.  I knew it was yours but thought I should let you put it out there yourself.  These kit reviews are very helpful.  It allows us to better decide how to spend our hard earned cash. I am going to check out the rest of your reviews.  Thanks again.
  3. noname added a post in a topic Amt 36 Ford?   

    Thanks guys.  I Googled "Amt 36 Ford review" and found a nice inbox review at Scale auto.
    I have never been a fan of the 36 Ford but the box art really grabs me.
  4. noname added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    Amt 36 Ford?
    Has anybody got this kit? Any pictures?

    I was wondering what the detail was like ( I know it's an older molding) and if it comes with a decal sheet similar to the new 37 Chevy kit.
    Thanks in advance.
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  5. noname added a post in a topic Best 60s dragster?   

    Thanks guys for the info.  This thread could have the unnecessary posts deleted and be used as a scale dragster reference I think.  Very helpful.
    Tim thanks for your addition and I will definitely have a look at your Fotki.  Nice builds. The Ramchargers would be at the top of my list.  Unfortunately it would be hard to get one on Ebay for less than $50 between the prices and shipping.
    Thanks again Bernard. Good to know about the Don Garlits as it is likely much easier to pick up or order from a local hobby shop. I recently purchased the Young Americans kit and will keep an eye out for the Garlits,...or any of the previously mentioned candidate kits.
  6. noname added a post in a topic Best 60s dragster?   

    Thanks for your suggestions guys. I was hoping maybe some of you guys new of a few close up and detailed restorations.  I know Cacklefest has some good stuff but the pictures are a little small to see the detail good.
    Dragsters are new to me. I have a couple of great books on Super Stock and Gassers by Larry Davis that have been invaluable to me. When I was stumped I would ask 6bble Bird (he still around?) as he was also a rich source of information. He was always more than happy to answer questions. I'll keep looking for dragster info/reference pics.Thanks
  7. noname added a post in a topic Best 60s dragster?   

    Well I went to my local hobby shop yesterday and there was the Young Americans dragster kit there for $19.99 so I grabbed that. I really like Apexespeed's Old Master thread. I love that dragster. I have a couple of questions. First is the Goodyear slicks in this Young American kit good for mid 60's? I wonder when they started making this style this size?
    My second question is, can someone please point me to some good mid 60s restoration reference links. I saw some good ones on Cacklefest but the pictures are rather small.
    Third, I built this engine a while ago and was wondering what years it would fit into.

    I'm afraid the valve covers are later 60s style 426 Hemi after Market pieces but am not sure. And I'm guessing usually this blower scoop may not have been used on these style engines?  I think this engine came from a Bantam Altered kit. I was hoping to use this engine for a mid 60s dragster. Or I would even go for a later 60s dragster if I had to so I could use this engine. Then I would need some later 60s reference photos I guess.
    Thanks a lot for any help guys.
  8. noname added a post in a topic Best 60s dragster?   

    Oops you were posting while I was typing.
    No problem hijacking the thread.  I'm sure I am not the only one that will benefit from your take on these kits. Maybe the Ivo kit and aftermarket shorty body is a good solution. I'm not worried about the later Hemi motors as I would prefer something more out of the ordinary. It also looks like the Ivo tires are too wide for the mid-late 60s time period.  So the shorty body will fit most frames?
    Having said that, those Ramchargers/Jawbreaker low slung frames are pretty mean looking.  Mean is good.
    No, I wouldn't mess with the Tony Nancy Double Dragster kit.  I like them nice and short. I love the late 50s-early 60s rails. I was just looking for something a little longer and a tad later to add to my collection such as the Ramcharges etc.
  9. noname added a post in a topic Best 60s dragster?   

    Thanks again Bernard.  I forgot about the Ramchargers kit.  that would be a good one. Or the Jawbreaker and get an AF small simple body.
    I dig the above green (both are nice) dragster. It has the right look and a real nice fuel injection set up.
    If you have anything more to add please do. And thanks for the time you took to point these kits out.
  10. noname added a post in a topic Best 60s dragster?   

    I agree dodgefever.
    Bernard, thanks for your addition to the available dragster kits. Nice builds by the way. You obviously speak from experience. I especially like the striped middle photo.
    So I could always get a newer kit as you mentioned above and shorten it.  Or maybe the Hippie Hemi or HemiSphere would bean option if I can't get my hands on the older shoter '64) Wynn's Jammer.
  11. noname added a post in a topic Best 60s dragster?   

    Wow, did something like that really exist?  I would think the tires were too wide for mid 60s.  And I wonder if they were that long at that time?  I'm thinking shorter?
  12. noname added a post in a topic Best 60s dragster?   

    Thanks for pointing that out Ace.  I did not see that when I last looked. Unfortunately this person only ships to the US. I will keep my eye out. I take it these have been out of production for a while?
    So as Bernard pointed out, the Hemi Sphere and Hippie Hemi would be good alternatives for building mid 60s dragsters?
  13. noname added a post in a topic Best 60s dragster?   

    Thanks guys for your responses.
    Old Coyote, nice builds.  The Tommy Ivo kit looks a tad long and a little later than what I was looking for. The Revell attempt kit looks sweet.
    Bernard, thanks for your time. I like the last junior dragster. A quick look on Ebay makes the Wynns Jammer seem a hard to find.
    High Octane, I like your low buck dragster. The unsung hero of drag racing.
  14. noname added a post in a topic Lindberg '61 Impala   

    Yes and another positive is the chrome on the Lindberg kits. Kind of dark and not so bright and flashy.
  15. noname added a post in a topic Best 60s dragster?   

    Okay thanks 10thumbs.  That sucks, I just couldn't use the kit wheels. Are these AF companies planning to restock the dragster front wheels in the near future? 
    I wonder if a guy could make his own using kit outer rims with guitar string spokes? 
    By the way, is the TV Tommy Ivo kit any good?