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  1. Sam, That turned out great! It gives me hope for the blue 29 (if I remember it correctly) I have from the same OB. Now if I can just find all of the parts. Like I said, makes me regret trading it to you!! Lol. Great job. Later-
  2. Looking for a Testors Vantastic or Lindberg 38 Ford kit. At the least, I need a hood and grill, headlights and possibly hood sides for a build. Can be rebuilder parts. Let me know what you need for trade. Later-
  3. Thanks Fellas! Just had to work on something for a bit last night and this is what came up. Now to find the grill and hood for the Testors Vantastic. Anybody got some.... Later-
  4. I got some body and fender units off of FB Marketplace a few days ago. One of them was this Testors Vantastic fender unit. I thought that it may go well with the body from a WagonRod for a custom chopped 37 Ford Woody Sedan Delivery. I thought that for a bit more of a custom.look I would go with the smooth curved running boards from the Vantastic.I With a bit of swapping of the front clip and running boards all that is really left of the slicing is to fabricate the hood sides. Unfortunately, I am missing everything else from the Vantastic kit. Anybody have one to trade? Later-
  5. Chris, Here are the bed sides, wheels and F250 emblems. Need anything else? Let me know. If you have the F350 emblems on the tree with the dualie wheels those would be great too. Later-
  6. Sounds good. Let me check a d send some pics. Later-
  7. I'd be willing to trade the bed sides, single axle and tires and wheels that I have for the dually bed sides and axle and wheels. Doesn't do me much good without the dually axle and tires/wheels. Later-
  8. Thanks! Unfortunately I know nothing about the origins of these parts. They all came from various parts boxes I got from my buddy's stash after he passed. He had cut this body up pretty badly and I am just trying to repair all the damage to get it to look like something presentable. Later-
  9. Got some adjustments done to the stance on this project. Had to cut the frame to raise the front a bit. Found the pieces in the parts box for the motor. Later-
  10. Great job on that build! Its good to see some of these on the site. I just posted on your other post. This looks to be the kit I built. Been too long since I looked at the box. Later-
  11. Beautiful builds and I love the color choices you made. I built the Tamiya (or perhaps Gunze- Sangyo) AR Giulia Spyder a few years ago for my wife and it sits on top of our China cabinet in the dining room. It was a great little kit and loved building it. Later-
  12. Thanks guys. I'm the same. Never liked the SSR much. A guy I worked with had one and I wasn't impressed. I do like the look of this stretched one much better. It has much better proportions. Later-
  13. Thanks for the info! If anybody has one to get rid of I'd be.interested. Later-
  14. Does anybody know who produces this wagon? I thought perhaps it was JF but looks like they only have a woody wagon. These three are all the same body leading me to believe that it is offered as a wagon and and not just a woody wagon. Later-
  15. Not today but got the interior for my 79 Mustang GT completed. The shifter is painted and installed, BTW. Working on the chassis now. Another good session or two in the spray booth (for the poor chrome on the wheels and to smoke the glass) and the bench and this will be on the shelf. Later-
  16. I'm not sure what I'll need off of it yet. But I will keep you in mind when I get a look at it this week. Later-
  17. Today's deliveries. The Alumacoupe is because, after all these years, I've still never had one. This one is complete inside. The 60 Starliner is sealed inside. I'll be using the chassis, suspension and engine to upgrade an original AMT 60 Ford convertible that I got last week. The tires and wheels are beautiful 3D printed wheels I got off of a FB site to use on a future 4x4 project. Still don't know if it will be Ford, Chevy or Dodge but it will be a 60's - 70's era body. Later-
  18. Thank you Guys! Glad you like it. Took it, with a few of my other builds to a small model shoe and it only got a couple passing glances. That's fine though. It's nothing special. Just a fun little build. Later-
  19. Nice work! It's great to be able to see the "in progress" shots. Helps me to plan out a similar project I have in the works. Later-
  20. Man, that's nice! Great work you did on it. I like it. Later-
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