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  1. Yep, early style air conditioner (a swamp cooler). You see them a lot on the lowrider bomb style cars. Later-
  2. Thank you! I thin the paint 50/50 with Mr Hobby Leveling thinner. You can also use good ol lacquer thinner. Later-
  3. Thank you! I thin the paint 50/50 with Mr Hobby Leveling thinner. You can also use good ol lacquer thinner. Later-
  4. I just finished this up tonight. I built it to see how it goes together before I build the coupe on Saturday for the 18th annual 24 hr build-off. Airbrushed LA Colors "Blue Moon" nail polish, lowered suspension, resin/PE LaSalle grill, die cast wheels and tires, Revell Parts Pack Caddy engine, 3d printed Thermador window mounted A/C, modified parts box sun visor, customized kit exhaust. The build was a bit of a pain but I had fun. Later-
  5. Been working on these two 37 Fords. Getting close on the blue Sedan. Later-
  6. Just got this in today. Never seen the bed mounted stereo and it was a surprise since it was not included in the pictures of the sale. Only needs a rear bumper and taillights. Later-
  7. Here is what I have. Tried to send you a PM but I couldn't. Later-
  8. Great build for a 24 hr job. I enjoy doing a 24 hr build. There is an annual 24 hr build coming up on Jan 27-28 if anybody is interested. Come and join in. PM me if you want more info. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1195723418001143/?ref=share&mibextid=NSMWBT Later-
  9. I traded the Cords off recently but I beleive I still have the black Lincoln. I do still have some Cords from another lot. I'll send you some pics as soon as I can tomorrow. Later-
  10. I should have a set of those. Let me take a look tonight and get back to you. Later-
  11. Those all look very impressive. Nice clean work. Later-
  12. Great work on that Caddy! I love this style and era of vehicles. I have a couple on my shelves to build someday. The nightclub and figures are a perfect addition to the car and tell a great story. Later-
  13. Wow! Museum quality builds on each of those. I was loving the work on the Nissan Z and then I scrolled down to the Bugatti and was floored by the quality of work and detailed realism on it!! Beautiful work on each one. I'd be inerested to see whatever the red car is in the display case above the Bugatti too. Later-
  14. Nice work on that kit. Polishing the plastic was a great idea David. Later-
  15. A wide variety of subjects and all very well built. I'm partial to the Porsche and the F100. Later-
  16. Beautiful builds you have there! What color is that on the 29 Woodie? I need that color for one of my builds. Later-
  17. Thanks! That was last year's 24 hr build. Later-
  18. Cool looking builds and nice weathering. I love the Imperialrod too. Later-
  19. Nice work! Hard to pick a favorite. Later-
  20. Beautiful builds! The drag cars and that Monogram Classic (I presume?) look amazing! Later-
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