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  1. I have a bunch of leftover parts from a couple of these kits. Let me look at my instruction sheet and see what I have. Later-
  2. Love the work you did on this! Great color and wheel choice. Later-
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. The "reactions" buttons don't seem to be working. Later-
  4. Thanks! I appreciate the honest opinion. I doubted (and in some ways still doubt) it myself. Part of me still wants to toss it aside and start on another project but I also want to see how it will turn out. I mean, I did spend $3 at the dollar store to buy glasses for bubble tops! Can't back out after an investment of that size. Later-
  5. Got some more filling, filing, and sanding done on the cab tonight. Starting to look like something that might work. Next is beginning the work on th bed. Later-
  6. Man, talk about bad timing....I just got rid of 7 of these at a model show Saturday. Had them for several yars and sold them in a bulk sale. Sorry. Later-
  7. Thanks! Not sure how much of a pleasure it will be to watch and if they are GOOD ideas but it will get built! Lol. Later-
  8. So, making slow progress but this one is still front and center on the bench. I started filling in the front fenders and hood gaps. Also began adding a side cove from a parts kit 58 Vette I had sitting around. Basically just adjusting things as I go and we will see where we end up. Later-
  9. Won third place in the build-off yesterday at our model show in "People's Choice". I was very surprised and appreciative! Pics of the contestants. Later-
  10. I didn't know that these were available. Thanks for the info. Later-
  11. Just got back from my club's model show and swap meet. This is what I ended up with. The decals are STS (vending at the show). Two types of Lace decals and a sheet of pin stripes. Also a set of 65 Chevelle decals from The Last Detail. Later-
  12. I may have some PE ones but it may take bit to look tonight. I'll let you know if I find any. Later-
  13. That looks good. Just what I had in mind. You can also run a flat file or sanding stick over the top of the strips either before or once they are in place if you want to take down a bit of the roundness and make them just a bit more flat. That Sky and Gun Metal combo will look great! Later-
  14. Thanks for the comment and following along. I agree completely. My plans were to change the shape in upcoming sessions once I figure out the bed layout so as not to make some thing that may need to be revised. One thing I had contemplated was raising the bed height to the level of the highest point on the bed currently. Then adding an arched wall that would mimic the rear of the cab, but lower in height for the tonneau cover to attach to. If I do that a rear window may not be in the cards. Later-
  15. X2. Looks great! Later-
  16. Simply beautiful work! I love seeing more of these customized 41 Plymouths. Gives people an idea that this ol' girl is worthy of a custom effort. Later-
  17. I have this. PM me, if interested. Later-
  18. I took a look tonight and it is the same frame in the GMC plowtruck. Should be a bit easier to find. Later-
  19. Well, not sure if the direction I'm headed in is a good one but I'm pressing forward. Worked on the rear of the cab but not sure I like it or not. I was looking for something different for a bed than just trying to modify the kit bed. I had this old rear half of an Avanti body and thought it might do for starters. I liked the shape of the wheel well so I added strip styrene to the front wheel wells to do a reverse image. Got the driver's side roughed in. I am also taking a sugestion from SamIAm and making a tonneau cover to mimic the bubble top. It will be painted rather than clear however. That's it for tonight. Later-
  20. He's looking for the frame to one of these issues. Later-
  21. This site has the 50 Chevy wheel skirts. https://www.lowridermodelcarparts.com/ This site has a Photo etch sheet for the 50 Chevy. https://www.junkees.net/search-results?q=68-72+chevy+photo+etch Hope these help. Later-
  22. Sure they will. Just takes a bit of rubbing them on the edge of the desk to work a slight bend in them. Go slow and they shouldn't break. They won't get as tight as you need them by doing that but in combo with a small bit of super glue and pressure they will conform and stick. Otherwise use brass and it will definitely work. Later-
  23. Here is a bit of what I was rambling on about on my last post. Later-
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