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  1. This site has the 50 Chevy wheel skirts. https://www.lowridermodelcarparts.com/ This site has a Photo etch sheet for the 50 Chevy. https://www.junkees.net/search-results?q=68-72+chevy+photo+etch Hope these help. Later-
  2. Sure they will. Just takes a bit of rubbing them on the edge of the desk to work a slight bend in them. Go slow and they shouldn't break. They won't get as tight as you need them by doing that but in combo with a small bit of super glue and pressure they will conform and stick. Otherwise use brass and it will definitely work. Later-
  3. Here is a bit of what I was rambling on about on my last post. Later-
  4. Thanks. The glass fits pretty well to the edges of the cab. I was thinking of adding strip styrene around the window edge to clean it up and define it a bit. I had cut it a bit long at first and had to cut a strip off of the rear of the glass to move it back and keep it from hanging over the edge of the hood. Last night it came to me to use that strip to define the line for shaping the rear cab wall. I k ow that sounds confusing but I will show with pictures what I'm talking about in my next bench session. Later-
  5. Ooh! That's going to be NICE! Great wheel choice. I love the paint colors. You may be able to use the chrome strips from a Galaxie 46-48 Chevy kit but I think if it were just me I would use styrene strip and chrome foil them after painting the body. They look easy enough to make. Later-
  6. I have had an idea to use this butchered 57 Chevy cab as an experiment for making a bubbletop pickup. I had not intended to start it as I have a few other projects in the works, however, today I received a message from a guy I really don't know but had messaged back and forth with him a while back about airbrushing tips. He messaged me out of the blue and asked if I had ever built a bubbletop vehicle as he has plans to. I told him about my thoughts to build one using this mess and next thing I know I am energized to dive in. I had bought some plastic glasses at the dollar store to use as a top and after a few hours of cutting and gluing this is the start I have. Not sure where I will progress from here or how fast but I'm all in. Later-
  7. Excellent work on this! Just found it and read through every post. Love the mods you did. I have a 64 TBird body that is busted up. Big chunk of the roof missing. Your work has inspired me to give it a try and customize it. Wha box is my junk 70 Impala body in? Later-
  8. Thanks! The pencil lines on the hood were my addition when I was trying another grille. I doubt that I will be pancaking the hood now. I also thought the headlights looked like 59 Chevy. The half eoof did come from the 50 Ford kit. Lots of custom parts in it. The mag that I have been looking at for ideas is from 59 so that is the idea I am going with. A 56 customized in 59. Still a long ways to go on this one. Thinking of trying to add some small strategically placed scoops (hood or rear fenders?) I also have a couple of antennas to add to the rear fenders. Later-
  9. No. I believe they are custom made from resin. Later-
  10. Thanks for your input. I actually raised it a bit bexause I wanted it to sit a bit above the windsheild frame. Now I'm not so sure of that decision. I may need to remove my strip I added. Thanks! Gonna be a tight schedule but I'll take it to the show no matter what stage it's at. Thanks! I struggled a bit with finding a good grille. When I tried this piece I thought it had a simple but era correct look. Later-
  11. I received this from a friend as a started project. He had installed the quad headlights and side pipe shrouds. He also had made the custom taillight lenses. It had been painted but the paint needed a lot of work. I liked what he had started and decided to finish it. I found when doing the reseach for ideas that there are not many examples of 56 Chevys with quad lights. I dug out a couple of "Little Pages" I have for some ideas. Last night I dove in! I decided on a half top roof so out came the saw and off came the roof. The problem is that the kit is 1/24 and the half top is 1/25. No peoblem that a 3/16 inch strip wouldn't fix. Also, for a little custom touch, I removed the top half of the body chrome. The grille is a chrome piece that was about 2 inches long and flat. No idea where it came from. I cut it to length to fit inside the opening. Then I glued two bent strips of brass to the back of it to give it a slight curve. I thought it looked like what a homemade custom grille would have looked like on a late 50's custom. I also modified the rear bumper with an overrider that I've had kicking around in the parts box for years. That's where I'm at so far. Still a long ways to go. Did I memtion that I'm trying to have this one completed by Oct 7 for a show? No pressure..... Later-
  12. I'd heard they actually had a Ramcharger out back then but it was nothing like my idea. Not liking the look of it much. Definitely needed a removable top. Later-
  13. Beautiful build and a great color on it. I'd be proud of it! Later-
  14. Got some nice old decals and a very dirty old Caddy ambulance in the mail today. Box lid was so rotted I threw it out. Caddy is going straight into the sink to wash. Later-
  15. Beautifully built Porsche. The Silver body and red interior are a perfect pairing and your skills show on this build. Nice work! Lter-
  16. Wow!! What amazing detail you added to this build! I see something new each time. The entire thing is a work of art. I have a couple of these to build and I will be taking notes from your example. Thank you for sharing! Later-
  17. Thank you guys. I was kind of on the fence bout the color of the body until I sprayed the clear mixed with the microflakes. They gave it a bit of a greenish gold sparkle in the sun. Later-
  18. I used a Testors Model Masters Emerald Green and Model Masters Bright Titanium Silver. Later-
  19. Thanks for all of the nice response. Much appreciated. Later-
  20. Modlbldr

    61 Galaxie

    Just finished the rebuild of this Galaxie.(my third finish in 4 days) I got it as a built up racecar that looked pretty good but I wanted a custom build. Painted with a couple different nail polishes and microflakes in the clearcoats. The wheels are made from pieces of a deodorant canister and donated poverty caps. I also made the tiny clear tops for the fender ornaments (that was fun!). Hope you like it.
  21. Got these at my club meeting Thursday night. Aventador has had one coat of red sprayed on the body parts. Should strip easy. Everything else is untouched. Olds kit is for a trade w/ a guy on FB (if he EVER follows through. Later-
  22. Thanks! I wondered when someone would ask. The wheel is one of those "I'll be darned" moments. I was throwing out an empty deodorant one day when I noticed this on the bottom. I just took a pen(anything long and slim) and rammed it out from the inside. Took a while to finally get a set of four but I have been collecting them ever since. The hubcaps are some that one of the site members donated to me for the project. Tires are from the parts box. Later-
  23. Looks like a good start to a great ride! I'll be watching. Later-
  24. I'm on a roll this month getting projects finished. Managed to get two completed already (38 Ford Woody wagon and 96 Dodge Ramcharger) and I've moved on to finishing this rebuild project. I got this one as a built-up and started redoing it earlier this year. The body is airbrushed with nail polish (silver and one called Mermaid) and I cleared it with HOK clear with some microflakes added in for a bit more sparkle. Tonight I began the BMF and detailing the badges. I should be able to finish the BMF in my next session. I need to dig through the parts bin and find an appropriate door mirror. I should be able to get this finished in a couple more bench sessions. Here is where it sits tonight. Just mocked up. Later-
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