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  1. Wow! Those are great looking builds! Looking forward to what comes next. Later-
  2. Boy, those are some nice, clean builds! Love that 32 sedan. Later-
  3. Nice looking builds! I like the wheels and stance on that 40 Ford. Later-
  4. Thanks Claude. Those wheels and tires are 3D printed items from an eBay seller named Jays Resin Wheels 1948. Later-
  5. What an amazing build of such an iconic car! That paintjob is gorgeous too! Later-
  6. Thank you all very much! Means a lot. Later-
  7. I have had the artillery wheels and tires for a long time. They came off of an old die-cast. Here is a new mock up with my plans for the grill. Later-
  8. Every one of them a winner! Nice builds. Later-
  9. Here they are. Another semi-productive year. I see a definite color pallet. Got to change that up in '24. Later-
  10. A bit of a different take on my last mock up. Think I'll build them both. This one and the Sedan. Got the front suspension already together on this one. Later-
  11. Thank you all for the nice comments. And you too Sam....Lol🤪 Later-
  12. Just finished this one for a Face Book site buildoff. Added PE pieces. Everything else is pretty much Out of Box. Paint is a mix of two colors of nail polish. Clearcoat is also clear nail polish. Less than $3 in paint on this. The build took about a month. Later-
  13. Got this one finished. Moved to "Under Glass". Later-
  14. I am in need of one taillight for a JoHan 62 Chrysler 300. If you have one please let me know what you need for it. Later-
  15. Sam is actually talking about the yellow lined tires. They are supposed to be gold lined but they are more yellow. It's what was provided on "The Last Detail" decal sheet. I used them because the vrey first "experimental" Z-16 had gold line tires. Later-
  16. Sorry. They're staying. Later-
  17. Mock up of a build I'm planning soon. Got the 65 Chevelle to finish, the 18th annual 24 hr build to do in a few weeks and then on to this. Not sure which body, the sedan or coupe. Later-
  18. Got the glass and interior in and the hardest part- got the chassis on. Sits square on all 4 tires too! Later-
  19. Got these today from a guy my buddy knows. All complete except for the Charger Daytona. It's just parts. I asked the guy what he wanted for them and he said that since the 62 Chrysler wasn't a high quality kit he was only asking $10 for it. I told him "No, it is worth more than that. I'll give you $30 for it." I felt bad only offering him that for it but I didn't have much on me and felt better not just taking it for $10. Got all of this for what I had in my wallet-$57. Later-
  20. Back on this after a busy week. Got to get moving. Supposed to have this done by Dec 31. Worked on a bit of the BMF tonight. Wing windows and wheel well trim left to do. Later-
  21. Beautiful work so far. You had me going on pulling that pinstripe. I zoomed in to check it out and thought "Man, that took some patience and skill." Then I scrolled down to the next picture....."You a funny guy!" Lol Great work either way. Looking forward to more. Later-
  22. Yeah. They are nice. I customized this one a couple years ago. Wanted more of them. Later-
  23. That is good to know. That qill help me to make sure the sizes are right. I'm glad you posted that pic. What I have made with those strips I installed was supposed to be the center post of what looks like three bars- what is actually the window frame (opens with the door) and a center stationary post. My work above depicts the narrow stationary posts and now I need to go back and create the window frames. So, what I scratchbuilt above may not be too narrow after all. Later-
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