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  1. Chassis is mostly completed and the wheels and tires just need decals. Later-
  2. Not a bad little build. But it's missing the hood unfortunately. Later-
  3. 36 Ford!! One of my favorites. Your box art build looks great! Later-
  4. Thanks to everyone who has posted a reply. I appreciate it very much. Unfortunately the "reactions" button is still failing to work all of the time. Later-
  5. I have several rebuilders/parts up for trade. Several are old Gowland and Gowland cars and a few are 1/24. If you need more pics, just ask. Looking for 1/25 kits or parts, resin stuff, 3D printed stuff. What do tou have? Later-
  6. Thank you! I got just about all of the chassis painted and the bulk of the interior. Still need to assemble the parts and detail everything. Progress has been slow this week. The seats are just sitting in.place for now. I bought some metal polish yesterday in order to polish the PE pieces to a chrome finish using my Dremel. Hopefully I don't bend them up. Later-
  7. Thanks guys! Yeah, that is probably the body support bracket you're seeing. It is pretty hefty. The steering linkage was not that beefy, however, I still managed to thin it down a bit for more realism. Later-
  8. Gorgeous build! I jist read through all of it and your mods were perfect. Love the color and stripe pattern too. Later-
  9. Looking for a set or two of the Kentucky decals from this kit. Have lots to trade or.... Later-
  10. Looks like you have an excellent plan and are off to a great start. Can't wait to see the following updates and your finished product. Great work! Later-
  11. Wet sanded the body yesterday and sprayed the new mix on the body. Hard to tell the difference in this light but it is considerably darker. Now to let it sit a couple of days before clearing. I figured I'll throw in a pic of the PE I added to the grill. I should have thinned the back of the grill a bit after opening it but once I get the Molotow and black wash on I think it will look fine. Later-
  12. Sounds like what we deal with at Costco here in the states. Just about the time you get hooked on a product they stop carrying it. Later-
  13. Thanks guys! Just got home. Going to wetsand the body and hit it with a couple light coats of the new concoction. Later-
  14. Gorgeous color! Always been a fan of the 67. Your build is coming along nicely. Later-
  15. I agree completely! I think rounding the wheel wells was a big mistake on his design. Just my opinion. Yeah Nah- as for your plan- a perfect idea! Later-
  16. Now that my Miss Deal Studebaker is done (Under Glass Drag section) I am building this for a FB build-off. I am using the PE set from Model Car Garage. The grill was a pain to do but once I molotow and black wash it I think it will look fine. I drilled small holes where each PE piece will go to help locate them and then sanded the emblems off. I don't believe the holes will be able to be seen after paint and PE. I primed the body and painted a couple of light coats of Tamiya Metallic green prior to the nail polish. For the nail polish I mixed some black nail polish in with the green to darken it, about 70/30. I sprayed a couple of coats. Then I decided that I want to go a bit darker. So, I remixed the polish to about 50/50. Tomorrow night I will sand a bit of trash out of the body and respray a couple of coats. I also have managed to spray all of the chassis and associated parts in varying shades of black and I'm begining to get the chassis together. Later-
  17. Thanks. I knew I had to paint it up like a real foot. Thank you! Gary is an amazing painter and a great guy to talk with. Thanks for the compliments on my part. I love this kit as a parts kit too. Later-
  18. I got this painted body in a trade. It has been painted, decaled, and cleared by exceptional model builder Gary Seeds. I scratchbuilt the headers out of brass tubing and ran a chute cable to the top of the roll cage. Other than that, it is box stock. Later-
  19. Got this Opel kit in today. What a beautiful kit! Might have to move it or my Nissan Xanavi GT-R kit closer to the front of the line. Later-
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