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  1. Thanks. It feels like it may be resin. Thanks. Yes it is! I agree. It's something I really enjoy too. I've already found a few surprises, like a "Bestmodelcarparts" resin Bronco hood and air cleaner conversion. Lol. Maybe. It's a diecast with lightbar(still in the package). Later-
  2. Made a trade with a great guy on FB and ended up with all of this. A mix of kit parts and a few resin pieces. The box that came was a printer paper box 5 lbs full!! Haven't even had time to go through it all. Later-
  3. Got all the decals put on and let it set overnight. Then went to wipe the fingerprints and Mark Fit residue off with a clean cloth and a small bit of rubbing alcohol (like I did on my 64 Dodge build). Quickly noticed that I.qas removing red paint and smearing it across the white decals. Also smeared the black numbers a bit. I immediately stopped and got it fixed as best I could. The only thing really noticable is the driver's side number and roundel has a bit of marks. No problem. Now I can weather it a bit and give it an "as raced" look. I also repainted the wheels with Gunze Sangyo Gold paint. They are now a lot darker and match more closely to the wheels on a black GT40 I found on the "innertube" Getting close to finishing this one. Later-
  4. Adding 26 ga wire to the seats of a 69 442 for a little added detail. One seat down. One to go.
  5. Yes, a pro-mod style of car is what I believe he was after. Looks like it got away from him. He had wedge cut the passenger side already and had most of the shape done on that side. Later-
  6. Got the body painted erlier this week. Not the best job but, hey, it's a racecar. Tonight I got some of the decals on. The roundels and numbers were old Pactra decals from who knows when. I thought the number was appropriate since this is my first build for 2023. The door decals are actually seperate roundels and numbers, so one decal over the other. They all went on pretty good. The gold stripes are from a small sheet I had. I'll continue the nose stripe up to the windshield later. Thanks for looking. Later-
  7. Yeah, my buddy did a number on it. I was just thinking though, I could probably just replace the front clip. Later-
  8. Anybody? Proof of the condition mine is in.... Now you see why I need one.
  9. Not sure if it is. I didn't see any labels on anything like other Modelhaus items I have. However, it is very nice and Modelhaus quality. I'd love to know, if anybody is certain. I may pair this with a resin Dodge extra cab I have. Later-
  10. Got this off of one of my FB sites. Love that it came with the stepside and fleetside bed. Later-
  11. Looking for all of the body parts to this kit. Got the kit and the body and chassis was butchered and superglued. Any and all body parts accepted. Parts to trade. Later-
  12. Made a lot of progress tonight. Added Firestone tire decals from the Revell 65 Mustang GT350R sheet for a little added detail. Wheel centers are painted in Tamiya Titanium Gold but they might not be enough with the red body. If not, I'll go back and paint the centrs with Gunze Sangyo Brass for some added contrast. That's why I held off installing the knock offs. Got everything assembled short of the body. Got the final primer on today and will start the paint tomorrow. Later-
  13. Gt quite a bit done this morning. Got the interior completed and most of the engine assembled. Also painted the wheel centers Tamiya Titanium Gold. Later-
  14. Anything else you're looking for besides the Desert Rat van? Been wanting to get that Mean Mudder van. I do have 4x4 suspensions from the Deserter pickup kit(or the whole kit) that you could do what 64SS350 mentioned. Later-
  15. I located one but haven't heard back about a shipping cost. What do you have? Later-
  16. Due to this being a busy month for me progress has been slow on any building for me but I am moving forward. I got the body in a coat of primer yesterday which showed up the ghosting where I had removed the molded in plates around the rear brake ducts. I've managed to get some small painting and assembly started. Hopefully this week I can get much more done. Not much to look at, so far. Later-
  17. I have a young friend who is going through some difficult times in his life. I want to help pull him out of his funk. His morher just happened to mention to me today that he wanted to build a Peterbilt kit as his second or third kit. The strange thing is that she did not know I build model cars. She had told him that the kit was too expensive to get. I thought if I could trade for one (or buy it) I could help him build it and get him out of his funk and play "Big Brother". Anybody got one to trade or ?? Thanks for your help and let me know what you would need for it. Later-
  18. Thanks Carl! Much appreciated. Later-
  19. Thanks. That is all I have found too but haven't done a ton of research yet. Later-
  20. Thanks. I saw pics of that one. I like it. I have a question? Were the numbers always inside a roundel? Specifically, were they always round? I found some nice ones I thought of using but they were inside a rectangle with the corners rounded slightly. Later-
  21. I started this project on Jan 1 for a build-off on a FB site. The subject for the build-off is any racecar and the time frame is Jan 1-Mar 1. I will not be building it to represent any particular car and accuracy is not a goal. My current plan is to pint it red since I have no red builds at the moment. I will also be using various decals from my stash. I have been using as a loose reference a series of videos on a YouTube channel called "Muscle Car Modeller". He built the sa.e kit a couple years ago and I like what he did. So far I added a hump to the passenger front fender that they did for tire clearance (still work to go on that), moved the fuel filler to the driver's side, removed the "Gurney Bump" and rear brake air ducts. That's about as far as I've made it other than some minor brush painting of parts.
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