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  1. Wow! Gorgeous car and great color. I like the White lightning over a plain color. I've done it on a couple of cars. I did this 57 Wagon using a Tamiya Flat Japanese aircraft color. Turned out to be a nice pearl blue. Also did the same for the 41 Plymouth with another Tamiya Japanese Flat aircraft color and it made a nice pearl green. You may have given me a thought to do just a two tone with flats and White lightning. Thanks! Later-
  2. Thats a possibility. The stock parts did fit very well. Unfortunately, I don't do much stock. Been trying to come up with a paint scheme and have found nothing online that looks anything like what I want. Im thinking of a Pearl white, Silver, and Metallic Purple theme but nothing is really coming to me. I want to start painting but would like to have a plan before I start. Later-
  3. Thanks Claude! I removed about 1/8 inch off of the bottom of the rockers before adding the pipes so that they would not sit so low. I have not even included the pictures of how much I had to alter the shape of the grill and the taillight panel to get them to fit. I had to change the angles of the taillight panel and add a couple of sections from a second panel to make it long enough. The added pieces will end up being back up lights set just inboard of the taillights. Later-
  4. Got the final primer coat on this thing this morning and left it in the dehydrator all day while we went to visit some friends at their campsite. Just got home and pulled it out. Doesnt look too bad. Now to figure out a paint scheme for it. I almost had myself talked into doing a 4 place t-top on it. It may still be in the plans. That will surely lighten the roof. Later-
  5. Sounds interesting. I'll be watching to see how you do with this. I've got quite a few of this era of pickup kits and I am always looking for ideas. Later-
  6. I'm liking these! Can't wait to see where you go with these. Later-
  7. Nice mock up. Your work on this is coming along great! Looks like you've had to do a lot of scratchbuilding. Later-
  8. I believe you're correct. I never got a box or instructions with this and wasnt sure on the year. I dont know why i called it a 66 since the guy i got it from a few years ago told me it was a 65. I must be getting old and slipping. Thanks for the jog of the memory bank. Later-
  9. Looking for a complete 62 Tbird or 60 Starliner engine. Have lots to trade. Later-
  10. Well, if you find any, let me know where it is. I'm having trouble locating it. If nothing else you'll be able to figure out what you DON'T want to do. Lol. Later-
  11. We have a club in Owensboro, KY (Plastic Modelers Club) that meets the second Thursday of every month. May be a bit of a distance but let me know if you're interested and I can get you more info. Later-
  12. That is exactly what I found, but where is all the info on it? No contact info, time, flier, etc. unless I am missing something. Later-
  13. I saw a reference to this show on the 22nd under "events" but can't find anything further. Did a site search for McDonald Land and got zilch. Any info? Later-
  14. I saw a reference under events about this show on Aug 22nd with an event location but can't find any more info on it. Did a site search for McDonald Land and zilch came up. Anybody know anything about it? Later-
  15. Any info anywhere about this show? Would be interested in going. Later-
  16. Thanks.That's the idea. It also ties the detail from the hood into the rear. Later-
  17. Been sitting out on the deck this morning working on the front wheel well edges. Glued some strips in place and have a bit of sanding and putty work to do on them to get them to shape.. The rest of the bodynis looking ready for a final coat of primer. Later-
  18. Very nice looking body. Where did you get this? I'd love to get one to do a build of a Steve Stanford sketch. Later-
  19. I bounce from project to project more than a kid bounces on a new trampoline! Just started this a couple of weeks ago in a "build-off" (term used loosely) with SamIAm. I am using a kit that someone had built and tore back down so there is a bit of "road rash" to fix along the way. The body was completely stock so all of the modifications done in poor taste are my own doing. Rather than starting from the beginning and boring you with many details I'll just start from where im at now. I wanted to build a wild custom but have no real plan and, at times, have been struggling with ideas. None of the custom parts from this kit fit well at all. They all have needed significant adjusting. Some of what you see came from other kits or the parts stash. Later-
  20. Probably build it with the engine from either the 62 Tbird or the 60 Starliner and do a mild custom by lowering it just a bit and either some 19 inch wheels or some tires and wheels from the Revell 32 Ford 3 window. Nothing extreme and I don't want to alter the kit. I always liked what Plowboy did with his a couple years ago. Later-
  21. Got ot in hand just now! Pretty nice for $60 shipped! It actually did have the hood side chrome and one complete taillight and half of another. Very happy to have it. Later-
  22. I can't wait till they open up to new subscribers. I have a box full of originals that I got from a friend and want to keep adding to them. I love them for the finely written articles and great reference photos! Later-
  23. Thank you! I passed the tracking number on to my buddy. Later-
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