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  1. This is turning out super Daniel! I'm lovin' every update on this build! I can't wait to see this bird finished as she is gonna fly above the others.
  2. Mine has it's share of flaws like any other novice would have. So I have faith you'll do better than me. Can't wait to see what colour(s) you have planned out for this. Keep on buildin'! You are off to a great start!
  3. I have to say you have done an excellent job blending the two cabs together! I too pulled this trick off with my 1990 Ford F350 Extended Cab Dually. Can't wait to see more on your build! Here's my F350 that's still in progress .. just on hold due to space and other restraints/restrictions. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=35978&hl=&fromsearch=1
  4. This reminds me so much of when my Great Great Grandmother would talk about "The Rocket Era" when things had fins/wings, and jet like turbines. Wonderful build and you have executed this projected perfectly! The colour is perfect!
  5. Hmm, Very ambitious project and it's turning out great! I love your imagination and blending everything together seamlessly! Can't wait to see more on this wonderful idea! Keep it going!
  6. And then we have a 2005 Chevy Impala LS Kustom 3.8L V6 And we can't forget the 1989 Chevy Beretta w/ a 2.8L V6. This was a replica of my unfaithful BOMB! LoL That's it kids! Enjoy!
  7. 1984 Pontiac Fiero Widebody w/ a 2.8L V6 1989 Pontiac Grand Prix SE Coupe 3.1L V6 1992 Mercury Cougar XR-7S Cabrio Concept 3.8L SuperCharged V6! cont.....
  8. Ok, I have a few to add to this. LoL I'm gonna go by year here. 1969 Pontiac Firebird OHC 6 Cylinder Then we move down to a 1975 Dodge Dart w/ the leaning tower of power! Then my 1979 Pontiac Firebird cont....
  9. She looks ready for show and shine! Great work as usual! Another top shelf winner!
  10. Here's my 1987 Thunderbird SC Turbo Coupe. Built to represent one that sat my garage for months before the owner finally came back to "BUY" it. LoL This kit was a bugger to build. Fought me tooth and nail. Simple Turbo 4, FoMoCo Titanium Grey and Bright Silver Tu-Tone Paint, Crimson Interior. Enjoy and Hope It Helps!
  11. Sorry guys! I've been tinkering with this build a li'l here and there. I've had a ton going on and didn't really have much to update. So, I'm gonna present you an update! It's nearing somewhere, but not anywhere near the finish line. First off to answer the question of 4x2 vs. 4x4. It's a 4x2 truck and going to stay factory ride height. Updates? Yes, here we go fellas! I got the interior painted, carpeted, and assembled. In doing so the rear door panels that were modified broke apart. So I jus' glued them in the best I could and since it's black inside it's gonna be hard to see anyways. I did spray it grey at first then to black. I did detail it and paint the door trim silver instead of woodgrain like my 1993 F350 I had. I modded the front seat since I wasn't happy with the plainness of it. I made the front seat where it has a fold down console that resembles more of the 1992-1998 F350's instead of a 1988-1991. So, I figure it's a custom it's got a custom bench seat. It does fold down and up. In doing this I had to add strip styrene to make the seat a tad thicker so it would operate smoothly. Down Position: Up Position: Dash gauges are dry brushed with silver to give them depth but look white int he pic. I did get the bed together, lights installed, and foiled across the tailgate. I did the "Reflector Strip" with a Red Permanent Marker. The Reflector/Lights on the dually fenders are peices of square BMF touched with Orange and Red Permanent Marker to resemble the 1:1's. Cab lights are installed. The windows are installed and still contemplating on doing the rear door windows in the "down position." I also did the wing windows in the "open position" for something different. Sorry for the delay in an update! Jus' been workin' slowly on projects in between other things. Enjoy! Comments welcome.
  12. Steve I think you out did yourself yet again! This turned out to be a knock out! Great job! Everything is well done and the attn to detail is amazing!
  13. This is turnin' out killer Daniel! I like the way you did one seat up and one down! Very creative! Keep up the great work. It's comin' along great!
  14. A friend of mine in NW Joplin, MO jus' reported to me that a mutual friend of our's mother lived 3.5 to 4 blocks from St. John's Hospital. She and her son (who lives just west of Joplin barely outside the city limits) were in Branson for the weekend only for her to come home to NOTHING, not even her pet goldfish, Sharky. His house was fine and she is staying with him. Another friend of mine is riding out the nights and storms in his Storm Shelter under what was his home. Using a Generator for power mainly to power a small fridge, microwave, and phone charger for his cell phone. I say a prayer every day and night to God to send angels to help assist those in the search for the missing and give strength to those alive and still buried to hang on a li'l longer, help is on the way.
  15. Glad to see some progress on this one! Great job on them doors! I see you are going with a "raked" windsheild frame by the shape of the doors. Gonna be stunning! Lookin' good. I love it!
  16. Perfect blending of parts to bring us one stunningly remarkable build! I love this all the way around as it almost looks like a camper I had many many many years ago. Mine was Red and Cream. Two Thumbs up! Awesome! I love it!
  17. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those families in this terrible time of dispair and destruction. I'm glad to know our modelling family is safe, but those who haven't spoken up yet from that area, please do soon as we are worried that you are alive and building. I so hope that the storms bypass this area and go somewhere else for a very long long time. Let God's Angels be with y'all.
  18. Lookin' good Daniel! This is gettin' better by every update! I can't wait to see more.
  19. This car is turning out to be one Gorgous car! You are doin' a great job and keep up the exceptionally stunning work! The colour is perfect too! Excellent choice!
  20. AMT 1965 Chevrolet El Camino. It has the custom parts added to it. Hope that helps. You are doin' a good job restoring this ride. The wheels fit with the theme. Keep going. http://www.sisplantec.com.br/mania/images/amt31741.jpg
  21. Man Clutch! You do such awesome work and these jus' show the extent of your talents! The paint jobs are stunning and absolutely gorgous! The Riv is a true eye catcher! Some of these would pass for Real or Model that Harry P. puts up! Great work. That Charger is another one that catches my attn greatly! All are gorgous and top shelf work!
  22. Tumbler75

    New guy

    I love how you displayed your models. The 60's Chevy Truck on the beach is excellently done with the tonneau cover. The Merc is jus' killer and an eye pleaser. Excellent work on the lights and the switch bein' the aerial. The display is a great touch for such a superbly done model. The 57 Chev-Tank is a perfect blend of parts and looks like something I've seen at our local motorsports track when Monster Trucks were the rage! Love your work, excellent and top shelf. Keep them beauties comin' and can't wait to see some WiPs from ya. Welcome.
  23. The shade of greens for this car is jus' perfect! This is gonna be a stunner and looker! I can't wait to see this in Under Glass section! Keep up the outstanding work!
  24. Ok, I got the pics for the third part of this shindig uploaded! Here's where we achieve Lift Off! The front end is mostly complete in mock up stages. Next will be time to tear it all down, paint, and reassemble it all. So with that said. Enjoy! Close up of the front end. Underside and the rear end where I filled in the gas tank and spare tire hump. And the stance that I might tweak a bit. Needs to come down in the front a tad. I did lower the rear end 2 to 2.5 inches, but couldn't go any further without opening the wheel arches some more. Until next time. Engine is next! Enjoy!
  25. Stunnin' Porsche! It looks like its ready for the twisties of Cali or Italy! Excellent colour and very clean build overall!
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