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  1. jimnohio added a post in a topic Chevrolet Beretta 632 Cid. Bracket Car.   

    That guy runs those high priced kits over and over and over...maybe he sells some??? LOL...he usually does have some pretty cool kits though!
    My new fav is the guy selling parts packs....wheels/tires from a Funny Car $19.95. LOL...we sell the whole kit for that!

    The Berretta Pro Street sells for $20-$25 when we get them in. (Just wanted to share)
  2. jimnohio added a post in a topic The car that got me out of modeling   

    We just got one of these today. I thought it odd as I don't remember "Lowrider" themed cars from the 70's. Its molded in pink as you say.
  3. jimnohio added a post in a topic Mr. Turnball...some info needed....   

    Thanks Tony, I'll share the pics/info!
  4. jimnohio added a topic in General   

    Mr. Turnball...some info needed....
    I have been asked how you built this Trans Am. Would you mind sharing the proccess of that build?
    Please post here or stop in at Jimnohio Facebookand tell all! :-)


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  5. jimnohio added a post in a topic ALMS Camaro Concept   

    Holy moly! That is probably the coolest Camaro I have ever seen. Real or model!

  6. jimnohio added a post in a topic 1958 Plymouth Sport Suburban   

    I was looking at your other 'custom wagons' at your fotki site....very impressive customs! I was blown away at your great subjects and the execution is even better. You are a gifted builder! Nice job on this one as well as the others at your site.

  7. jimnohio added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    "...and a what in your mailbox?" LOL...nevermind.
  8. jimnohio added a post in a topic Large collection   

    LOL...well I was wondering who the "most popular" poster was....now I know! :-)
  9. jimnohio added a post in a topic Large collection   

    Well as a buyer, I have to ask the question that seems to have slipped by...are these 1000 of the built or unbuilt variety? Typically a collection like this includes 100's of built models. Also, have they been stored properly?

    Contacting a large dealer is a place to start, but as stated earlier...smaller lots (of say 50-100) would make you the most money and not take that much time. A list is important unless the buyer is close enough to see them in person.
  10. jimnohio added a post in a topic OLLIES new store opening in nc.   

    The one on Cleveland West side had some of the Testors Harley Motorcycles earlier this year ($9.99), and a Nascar kit (I forget the driver) for $4.99. Nothing since. LOL...I check there just like the rest of you!
  11. jimnohio added a post in a topic Revell models listed at walmart.com   

    I hate to say it (obvious reasons) but I saw some Revell kits at a Kmart near me...and this Kmart is not one of the big Super K's, its actually kind of small. Maybe KMart is going to have some models for Christmas this year?

    Nothing special, but some priced at $12.99, 15.99, and for some reason Bullit Mustangs (old and new) were $19.99. A few easy builds as well.

    Just sharing...
  12. jimnohio added a post in a topic What is with ebay?   

    That's the right way to list and buy on ebay! $6.00-$8.00 is the right price for shipping! Nice job. There are plenty of sellers who offer items in this manner.
  13. jimnohio added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    We have a few of those in the back room, as well as Revell's version. They don't sell well, but some are kind of cool. Someday I'll actually get them on site. Also have some in the same type of boxes with diecast bodies.
  14. jimnohio added a post in a topic "Jairus" P-29 Roadster Finished   

    As I scrolled down through the pics....after the 3rd or 4th pic I realized this was the MODEL. At first, I thought the pics were of the real car you were using for reference.

    Amazing car! I can't add anything to what was already said. I am still staring at this build. WOW.
  15. jimnohio added a post in a topic NNL Nationals #31   

    me too! I wondered that as well.

    I could maybe see a full out custom body to show WIP, but that's not usually the case.

    I took a break at 90 something...