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  1. Mercedes has designated the money to go into a special scholarship fund. They don't need to part with a jewel in their crown for greed.
  2. I searched International SUV but nothing came up that looked like this.
  3. Nicely done. Also interesting is the fact that the oven control says POEWR. What brand is this?
  4. Just saw this short video on Facebook and thought you might enjoy it. https://www.facebook.com/100001200977886/videos/530763371922041
  5. Perfect. You nailed it in every way.
  6. The online scams for diecast cars are rampant. They offer models like the hugely expensive Amalgam products for as little as $59.95. I got screwed last year by one Facebook seller and PayPal has never resolved it. I've reported these criminals to Facebook many times, but they never do anything about it.
  7. Great work. Did you use BMF for the wheel well trim?
  8. Not just electronics. About a dozen years ago, my '93 Corvette needed a front clip after an accident and later the rear hatch glass. These parts were no longer available from the factory for my model year, and my Chevy dealer was reluctant to find other sources because they had to use "Genuine GM Parts." I tracked down the front clip online in a Phoenix salvage yard.
  9. https://markerszone.com/products/marker?fbclid=IwAR1cVkHTgbbX79q-NmlsikgRUI98msryjLY9d66MQO5MxcDt5yXfwIleJ-M&utm_campaign=US_interest_stacking_court&utm_content=scale_long_hook4&utm_medium=Test_ads final&utm_source=Facebook_Desktop_Feed&variant=40658017190054
  10. And the doors aren't nearly as wide as the original.
  11. If you want a good large-scale kit of the Gullwing, the 1/16 Minicraft is the best affordable one. The Italeri version has some problems with body shape, though their roadster is very good except for the windshield.
  12. Same old messed-up kit. Note that the water tank is incorrectly mounted at the radiator; should be at the firewall next to the windshield washer tank. Looks like they've added proper engine decals, though.
  13. Just be patient. Along with many other scale models that show up online, you'll soon see it on Facebook for $59.99. But you'll never see it in your mailbox.
  14. I had one. As the instructions show, it came with a tube you blew in to, sending air under the car to levitate it. Fun for about 5 minutes.
  15. If you click on the Wikipedia photo, it takes you to the original source, which identifies it as a 1968 model. Pull up "more details" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fiat_Dino#/media/File:Fiat_Dino_reg_1968_1987_cc.JPG
  16. The only quibble I have with this otherwise excellent kit is the windshield shape, which is too sharp in the upper corners. Same issue with their 1/16 version. Italeri also mistakenly used the roadster as a base for their Gullwing; the 1:1 bodies are different, with the roadster having more pronounced fenders and a larger grille (also passed on to their 1/16).
  17. Excellent. You really did your homework.
  18. When a 13-second lead is nullified to become a one-lap, equal position drag race, I question the fairness.
  19. When I was a kd, I had a kit of the car. I remember it as being large scale, but it was probably this 1:25.
  20. Wow. The Aurora/Monogram kit is pretty fundamental and globby. Tough challenge when you consider there are two plugs per cylinder at this small scale.
  21. Great work. I had a 1:1 '59 Giulietta Spider Veloce, and I wonder why the red model has a convertible boot -- no need for one, since the top folds entirely behind the seats over the spare tire. The blue kit is correct.
  22. Wow. Did you have to cut the metal on the sides of the hood for the mesh? If so, how did you do it?
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