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  1. Spectacular job. You clearly did your homework.
  2. Bburago made a pretty faithful 1:18 diecast of Rodney Clarke's road-modified T59 Bugatti (actually closer to 1:14). The biggest challenges to accuracy are making the chain assembly for the brakes and the piano wire wheels (I got one of the last sets that were made by the only source I know). However, there are 1:32 kits, available with replacement wheels for the Bugatti Tank.
  3. Bburago has kit versions of their diecasts.
  4. Spectacular. The plaid pattern on the seats is dead-on; how did you make it? It took me a long time to re-create it on my computer.
  5. FYI, the door windows and chrome surrounds on the 1:1 could be popped out of the car, with the vent windows remaining. https://www.hemmings.com/stories/article/1954-57-mercedes-benz-300-sl PS: The windows can be stored in special bags and placed on the shelf behind the seats. My point is you don't have to mess with the windows if you don't want to.
  6. A small warning here. The first edition kit on the left is superb with little to no flash, seams you can ignore, and is molded in the correct color on shiny plastic that may only require a clear coat. The reissued boxing on the right is molded in bright red, and the one I have is loaded with flash and incomplete plating on some chrome parts.
  7. Nice job, and you clearly did your homework. It's a great, accurate kit made with access to the actual car. As for the Monogram 540K coupe, it's not very accurate, and they just made something resembling the hardtop and plunked it down on their convertible version.
  8. Great job on a rare and controversial subject, which JoHan tooled using access to the original car once owned by Carracciola. Now rotting away in an LA exotic salvage yard. https://www.caranddriver.com/features/a15121386/wheels-of-fortune-the-10m-mercedes-500k-that-vanished-feature/
  9. Here's one way to do spats with wire wheels...
  10. Mercedes has designated the money to go into a special scholarship fund. They don't need to part with a jewel in their crown for greed.
  11. I searched International SUV but nothing came up that looked like this.
  12. Nicely done. Also interesting is the fact that the oven control says POEWR. What brand is this?
  13. Just saw this short video on Facebook and thought you might enjoy it. https://www.facebook.com/100001200977886/videos/530763371922041
  14. The online scams for diecast cars are rampant. They offer models like the hugely expensive Amalgam products for as little as $59.95. I got screwed last year by one Facebook seller and PayPal has never resolved it. I've reported these criminals to Facebook many times, but they never do anything about it.
  15. Great work. Did you use BMF for the wheel well trim?
  16. Not just electronics. About a dozen years ago, my '93 Corvette needed a front clip after an accident and later the rear hatch glass. These parts were no longer available from the factory for my model year, and my Chevy dealer was reluctant to find other sources because they had to use "Genuine GM Parts." I tracked down the front clip online in a Phoenix salvage yard.
  17. https://markerszone.com/products/marker?fbclid=IwAR1cVkHTgbbX79q-NmlsikgRUI98msryjLY9d66MQO5MxcDt5yXfwIleJ-M&utm_campaign=US_interest_stacking_court&utm_content=scale_long_hook4&utm_medium=Test_ads final&utm_source=Facebook_Desktop_Feed&variant=40658017190054
  18. If you want a good large-scale kit of the Gullwing, the 1/16 Minicraft is the best affordable one. The Italeri version has some problems with body shape, though their roadster is very good except for the windshield.
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