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  1. I had one many years ago, a very simple kit that was probably around 1/12 scale.
  2. Spectacular job, very authentic. Italeri botched the Gullwing version by using the cabriolet body molds, which have more pronounced fenders and a wider grille than the GW.
  3. The Hannants pictures show a gauge/toggle switch panel that appears to be a sticker. That's going to take some work.
  4. Since my Infiniti G35 was turned into an accordion 3 weeks ago, I replaced it with this 2013 Mini Cooper S, Bayswater edition.
  5. https://www.betiest.com/products/?hot-toy-1989-batman-returns-batmobile---batmobile?fbclid=IwAR1kyVCqNA812BqkZp5omnFh_2_MEupvZBn5WddRLgHa8zEnR52_0C1EQTo
  6. The wheels, front bumper, seat and steering wheel seemed to me like a Porsche 356, but I couldn't find this one.
  7. The best part of this kit that I can see is that they solved the rocker panel seam problem found on almost all other E-Type kits.
  8. While Elon Musk referenced "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" by placing a "Don't Panic" sign on the dash, I bet he also had Heavy Metal in mind when he launched a Tesla sports car on SpaceX. (Sorry about the size, but I couldn't control that).
  9. I have the 1:16 Entex etc. version of the 1975 car, but it's missing the directions. I also have the aftermarket 1:1 manuaI, but I wonder if the 1:24 directions would be helpful.
  10. Bburago classic diecasts, supposedly 1:18, are all over the place in scale. For example, the Bugatti T59 turns out to be closer to 1:14 when measured against original blueprints. I'm guessing that the variations occur so they could use the same wire wheels for all of them.
  11. This one defies my usually dependable Google searches.
  12. Looks terrific, but these photos don't show the shiny finish of the WIP.
  13. I like the color scheme. Much like a Bugatti Atalante.
  14. Great job, and faithful to the original car.
  15. If it's of any value, here are the instructions for the Special Roadster version of the kit. The mechanical parts and chassis should be the same. https://public.fotki.com/drasticplasticsmcc/mkiba-build-under-c/johan-instructions/foreign--exotic/johan-1934-mercedes/cci0929200800001.html#media
  16. This is the last known shot of the car as a manager from the Mercedes Classics center in Irvine, CA tried unsuccessfully to negotiate its purchase. Mercedes offered to totally restore the car at their cost without taking ownership, but the eccentric brothers who own the car refused.
  17. That's the source of Gumball's kit. Probably the best kit Jo-Han made, along with their Special Roadster Limousine version. His is the reissue molded in red, which has more flash than the original shown here. The car it's based on is today languishing and rusting in the depths of an exotic car junkyard in East L.A. The original 1:1 was a gift from MB to star race driver Carracciola. Contact me if you need reference.
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