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  1. Thanks everyone. I used Tamiya and duplicolor on the body, and Vallejo for the interior!
  2. Thanks everyone! I really enjoy building oddball kits Noone else seems to. The box says 1/25 so I guess it lol. And yeah I was surprised to so I had to hunt one down.
  3. Just finished this revell SVT Ford Focus. My goal was to build this stock, as I've never really seen this kit built and if I did it had that awful body kit lol. Not a bad kit, mine had some fitment issues with the front bumper/hood/suspension and glass. But other then that it went together pretty well and was fun to build. Onto the next one. Thanks for looking.
  4. Thanks everyone so much!! Sorry about the late reply. yes they are! It is tamiya ts-12 orange spray can. With ts-13 clear.
  5. Been awhile since I finished a build lol. After almost six months and a few set backs I can call this one finished. I added quite a few extra details and parts to this one. Here's a list: - Fireball models resin wheels/tires - scratch built floor pan - removed the moulded hood hinges and installed earth magnets to hold the hood - filled firewall holes - added part box heater box, brake master, heater hoses and a few other engine details. - plug wires and photo etch battery cables - photo etch seat belts and stock steering wheel from a 68 nova - Flocked and detailed floor and door panels - aluminum exhaust tips. - mpc k5 blazer mirrors I'm probably forgetting some stuff but here it is. After having to move during this build and the paint set backs I'm very happy with the way it came out. Now back to some more basic builds lol. #1of 2021 is done. Thanks for looking!
  6. Been awhile since I posted here, but this is the latest finished build. Amt's 57 Chevy pickup. I added a straight 6 from the amt '60 Chevy, Pegasus wheels and a few other details. Overall I'm super happy with it because the kit wasn't great lol. Oh BTW I know the hood emblem is upside down its now fixed haha.
  7. I REALLY hope so but its not looking good. I'll buy a few for parts and stuff, but I saw someone built the box art version on Facebook and it was all syclone with s10 body parts ? people were questioning him and he said that's what he was sent for the kit.
  8. As a giant s10 fan, I'm super sad about this reissue. If I wanted to build another syclone I would from the kits I already have. I wanted the stock non turbo 4.3 and 2wd front suspension. (Or a proper 4x4 s10 with a non turbo 4.3) I hate to complain, because its nice to have the s10 grill and bumpers back but the rest is syclone. I would have rathered they reissued the syclone instead of this hodgepodge of random s10 parts... Literally the only thing this kit represents is the prototype syclone(that had a s10 body). Which was a 1of1 prototype. Guess I'll have to build my og issues after all. Sure ill buy a couple for parts, but it miss represents such a popular truck. I was really excited for this reissue but not now. ?
  9. I did clear over the stripes and blue to get rid of the tape lines from the stripes. Then it was wetsanded and buffed
  10. Thanks everyone! It was a lot of fun to build.
  11. Just finished my Tamiya GT4 mustang, excellent kit and basicly fell together as most tamiya kits do. Paint is all Tamiya spray bombs, French blue and white for the stripes. Wet sanded and buffed the clear. I went for more of a "street" car that was converted over to a race car. Box stock other then the paint changes. I cannot wait to see what Tamiya brings out next. Thanks for looking.
  12. Thanks everyone! Appreciate the kind words.
  13. Well my revell '68 is finally finished. I started this one in April lol. - added a vinyl top - wheels/tires from the amt 70 Baldwin motion camaro - modified rear suspension to sit higher - wired engine Basicly I decided to build this as a "day 2" car circa 1970ish. I felt this car needed some additude and I'm happy with the final result. Now I need to reorganize the hobby room and then onto another lol.
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