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  1. I've been working on this one for the last week or so. Started as a built up kit I bought in a box of other models. The windows were a mess, but I was able to removed the the paint with tamyia acrylic thinner and polished the glass afterwards. I'm going for a southern cali/minitruck style build. The body is coming along well but still needs some work in some areas. I still have more body mods to do also.
  2. I've wondered this for years. I really hope it comes back soon because the prices are crazy. I built the syclone, wave rider as a pro touring ls swap, and one of the stock ones as a s15 sonoma 4x4. I have 2 more to build and a bunch of syclone kits lol Anytime I post some pics on instagram I get bombarded with messages about selling the ones I have. So I believe the demand is there.
  3. Finished this one up tonight. Had a lot of fun with it, absolutely awesome kit. Added plug wires and cut out the drivers/passenger windows. I left the hubcaps off because I like the steel wheels better.
  4. Thanks everyone! I had a blast building it
  5. Wow I've been waiting so long for this. The kit has alot of inaccuracies (front end is all wrong, has a sle bumper but the truck is a sls, the front fenders are miss shaped ext..) but I love these trucks lol. And I hate the box art. I'm really hoping those correct wheels are back in the kit and not the awful incorrect 4x4 wheels lol. I just finished the original issue this weekend.
  6. Well this one is all done! Amt 94 sonoma. Converted it to a 97. Changed the steering wheel, intake manifold, intake and some underhood stuff. Slammed on pegasus wheels with painted centers and painted a factory color for 97-00. I love the way this one turned out. I just need to add rear shocks lol.
  7. Yes awhile ago i did. Yes it was but it was extremely rare. And thanks everyone else! I have finally made more progress. I have managed to get it wetsanded and buffed, the black trim painted and the decals installed(25 year old decals sucked to apply lol). I was going to edit these stripes and make them pewter/gold but from what I can find for reference pics the white is correct on this color for this year so I went with it. I still have a few areas of black to spray also. Now onto the interior and engine.
  8. So basicly I'm going to be traveling 2.5 hrs to a 1:1 show this week with a couple models including my 1/12 camaro. I'm sure I can get the model there in one piece but I'm worried about the model sitting in the truck till I can check into where I'm staying. The truck has no a/c and I have a few places to stop before I can unload the kit. I have limited room in the truck only two seats. Any suggestions to make sure I dont have melted models when I get there ? Or traveling with models? I've only gone to local shows lol.
  9. I finally have finished something since April lol. I painted this thing last year and put it back in the box until recently. Could add more to it but I'm calling it done. Fun little kit to build though.
  10. Well with round 2 reissuing this kit I figured I could build one of many from my stash lol. I'm building this truck as a 97 with a updated steering wheel and Pewter/gold stripes I'm editing myself. The paint on this build is the actual paint from my 1:1 99 Sonoma, it was only available from 97-00 and isn't very common. My one complaint about round 2 reissuing this kit is the "95" kit has the wrong wheels, this is the original "94" issue and these wheels are the correct ones. Anyways here's my build:
  11. And thanks everyone. I agree the grill isnt great but I dont let that effect the builds lol. I just enjoy them for what they are.
  12. The other post was when it was being built. This is the final pics of the completed truck.
  13. And thanks everyone, it was a blast to build !
  14. Honestly I over looked it. Its fixed now that's what I get for finishing the truck at 2 am lol.
  15. Well this one is done. Started life as Amt's 1990 454 ss. I converted it to a mid 90's truck. I used the chrome bumpers and later style grill from the amt snap dually kit. I used the interior from that kit too to update this truck. I also LS swapped it with a resin motor I casted myself. Pegasus wheels and a big brake upgrade. I noticed after the pics I have the front tires backwards but that is corrected lol Thanks for looking.
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