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  1. So I finished this build up last week. It's a very high detailed kit with 540 pieces but there is some parts and assembly that could be done without. The kit has opening doors but I found the hinges so finicky I gave up on trying to get everything to fit. The roof and other panels didn't fit at all either. I built the model box stock and for colors I did u333d Smokey caramel metallic which was a rare color options available in the late 90's on most gm products. Overall I'm glad I built it because it is something different but the muilt piece body was not fun.
  2. Haha yes they say gaarich 😂 so this one is done and pics will be under glass!
  3. Got some color on this build
  4. Another little update on the hummer. Got some interior work done still lots to do.
  5. Well little update on the hummer. Got a rolling chassis and the engine built. So far so good.
  6. Thanks guys. I got this thing last week and couldn't wait. And as for color it's going to be mesa dusk or Smokey caramel metallic, code wa333d. The color was available on most gm products in the late 90's. Starting in 1999 for the hummer. My 1:1 sonoma is the same color. It's hard to photograph but in person is awesome.
  7. Managed to get a bit done on the chassis, lots more to do.
  8. Well this is the next build since I can't wait any longer to crack into it lol Only has 540 pieces 😉 so should be fun lol.
  9. 76 amc gremlin

    So here is a quick build I pulled out mainly to try my airbrush compressor. It's a model master acrylic teal. Pretty much just building it box stock with all the optional drag parts.
  10. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Just received these two in the mail
  11. Chevy s10 "waverider"

    Thanks everyone. This was actually built from a unopened original kit, but I picked up this rebuilder not too long ago just to show the difference between my build and the original.
  12. Well I just finished this for a April build off on another group. Here's a list of mods: Monogram Chevy s10 "waverider" Mechanical mods: - 5.3l LS swap - 6.2l escalade intake - A/C and heater delete - Custom motor mounts - Custom intake - Exhaust modified and custom tip - Lowered suspension (front springs and block in rear) - Notched rear frame for rear axle clearance - Big brake upgrade front and back - Aftermarket 19in wheels Exterior mods: - Shaved door handles - Shaved tailgate and rear end - Shaved gas door - Custom roll pan - Flip down hidden license plate - Hood and bed cover have scratch built functioning hinges - Shaved firewall - Bed cover smoothed and spolier removed - Custom two tone pearl white and gunmetal with red accent stripe Interior mods: - 65 Chevy truck dash narrowed to fit - 69 camaro buckets seats narrowed to fit - 99 Chevy Silverado door panels modified - Stock center console modified to be a 5 speed - carpeted floor This kit had some cool custom mini truck parts but it needed updating and so I think I achieved what I wanted. Thanks for looking.
  13. Revell '32 rat roaster

    Thanks everyone!
  14. Revell '32 rat roaster

    So I ended up building this for the meeting tomorrow night (anything 30's), just needs a few touch ups here and there tomorrow. I finished this one early this afternoon. A full 24 hrs from start to finish. Completely box stock and it's not my best work, but it was fun to just sit down and build something without worrying! Great kit and it has alot of nice detail, my first 32 I've ever built but probably won't be the last lol. It was nice to build something that pretty much fell together without major issues. I can't tell ya how long it's been since I did a 24hr build, and I didn't intend for this to be one, because I had three days 😂 but it went together that smooth I can say it's done early! Thanks for looking 😎
  15. Dodge Magnum srt8

    Well this one is done! 😎 It can be viewed at here: