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  1. Revell '32 rat roaster

    Thanks everyone!
  2. Revell '32 rat roaster

    So I ended up building this for the meeting tomorrow night (anything 30's), just needs a few touch ups here and there tomorrow. I finished this one early this afternoon. A full 24 hrs from start to finish. Completely box stock and it's not my best work, but it was fun to just sit down and build something without worrying! Great kit and it has alot of nice detail, my first 32 I've ever built but probably won't be the last lol. It was nice to build something that pretty much fell together without major issues. I can't tell ya how long it's been since I did a 24hr build, and I didn't intend for this to be one, because I had three days 😂 but it went together that smooth I can say it's done early! Thanks for looking 😎
  3. Dodge Magnum srt8

    Well this one is done! 😎 It can be viewed at here:
  4. Dodge Magnum srt8

    Well the magnum is done! I wanted to finish it before the March 19th model meet so I can say I succeeded lol. Pretty straight forward build. Wheels and push bar is from a lindberg charger police car. The hemi billboards are a combo of paint and decals. Custom sub box and audio stuff from my parts box. It went together pretty well, except the headlight lenses suck to install lol. But I'm super happy with the way it came out. Exactly how It looked in my head 😎
  5. Dodge Magnum srt8

    Thanks guys. I got a good chunk done on the magnum tonight, the end is near 😎 I finished and detailed the engine, engine bay and chassis. Chassis still needs some weathering tho. And got everything mated together for the final time. Pretty happy with the kit except I hate the how the headlight lenses fit lol.
  6. Dodge Magnum srt8

    Thanks everyone! I'm with most of you I have always thought these cars were too cool. Might have to find one someday lol. Anyways the Interior is done! Pretty much box stock expect i built a sub box for it since the hatch is operable lol. Detailed and the carpet is flocked with embossing powder 😎
  7. Thanks guys. Yeah i knew it was based on the Syclone kit that's why I built it with the hood shut. Nice! I've got a 99 sonoma, little newer then those but I love them all. This is my project.
  8. Dodge Magnum srt8

    Well here is my latest wip. It's revell's 06 dodge magnum srt8. I've always liked these cars and I saw one the other day lowered on steel wheels so I had to dig thru the stash and dig this kit out. Wheels and tires are from the lindberg charger police car as is the push bar. Lowered suspension and I made some decals for it but only ended up using the word "hemi" and painted the rest. The interior and chassis have base coats, once dry they'll be ready to detail Thanks for looking!
  9. Thanks guys! And yes there is many wrong things about this kit but it still displays pretty nice.
  10. Hey guys long time since I've posted here. I got out of the hobby for a few years while going back to school and stuff. Well with it being winter and the 1:1 in storage I decided to get back into this hobby. And I'm loving it again Well here is the my 93 sonoma based on the recent reissue of the lindberg 1/20 kit. Overall happy with the end result, but tbh this kit isn't very accurate or goes together particularly well lol the front grill isn't correct, it sits way too high outta the box, it only included decals for the sides and not the front and rear bumpers, completely wrong engine(so it's built with the hood shut) etc... lol Modified suspension to sit stock, drilled out the ends of the exhaust tips and mirrors from a revell/monogram first gen s10. Other that it's basicly box stock other then basic paint detailing. It's not a bad build by anymeans but me being a s-series nut I can find the faults
  11. Actually i do have an update on this truck. I have gotten out of the hobby because i don't have the time to build anymore. Just trying to save as much money as possible before i go back to school. But this is the last thing i have worked on, i might finish it before the summer but don't count on it. I used a aoshima Toyota hilux for its frame, but cut and shortened to fit the s10 wheelbase. I also cut out the frame so i can fit a motor in there. I used a syclone front grill and modified it to fit the s10 bumper so it would resemble a stock s15/sonoma grill. I've still got a sealed kit to build as a stock truck, just decided to do something different with this one. I wish had more time and money to build, but right now my priority is my schooling, I'll probably come back at some point but once i finish school 1:1's will be my main priority.
  12. 50 ford pick up

    Thanks everyone! This was my first attempt at weathering with this method, I think it came out pretty well. Still not finished with it either.
  13. So it's been awhile since I have posted anything. I've been building just no chance to share. Anyways i started this 50 ford pickup. Going to be pretty much box stock except for the wheels. I'm going to build it all restored except for a weathered body. I seen a TV show and kinda got inspired by they're builds so I wanted to give it a shot. I'm going to add some washes and powders too. Just thought I would share my latest project since I don't post much anymore.
  14. 99 Sonoma

    Well here is an update on this project. I've got the cab pretty much finished, Just needs a little more fill work and add some trim for the rear windows to sit on. Now I've been working on the front end, I've got the front grill almost done, and the bumper is started. The bumper still needs alot of work. I have yet to start the headlight housings. And some interior parts and rear bumper from a revell 99 silverado, still need alot of work to fit and look like the 98+ interior in my truck. I might not use the door panels, I'll see. Also shaved the rear gate since that is a modification I want to do to the 1:1 eventually. I plan on finishing the cab and front end and then onto the interior.
  15. '96 c1500 shorty

    Thanks guys! They are Pegasus 23 T's. I have a set of 19's too but I thought they were too small for this build.