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  1. Japanese "kei" cars

    Thanks everyone!
  2. Japanese "kei" cars

    Lol yeah what a pain! Glad you figured it out tho cause other the that I found the kit to be a breeze. I just trimmed the springs down till it sat the way I liked.
  3. Japanese "kei" cars

    Thanks everyone! The only issues I had with the autozam was the headlight fitment. Took awhile to get them fitted properly but in the end I got it figured out.
  4. Japanese "kei" cars

    Well here is my latest builds, a Honda beat and a Mazda autozam az1. A couple Japanese kei cars. I'm pretty happy with them since I have never built anything like them before lol. The autozam is box stock and the beat was lowered and photoetched emblems. Both have custom plates I made.
  5. So I finished this build up last week. It's a very high detailed kit with 540 pieces but there is some parts and assembly that could be done without. The kit has opening doors but I found the hinges so finicky I gave up on trying to get everything to fit. The roof and other panels didn't fit at all either. I built the model box stock and for colors I did u333d Smokey caramel metallic which was a rare color options available in the late 90's on most gm products. Overall I'm glad I built it because it is something different but the muilt piece body was not fun.
  6. Haha yes they say gaarich 😂 so this one is done and pics will be under glass!
  7. Got some color on this build
  8. Another little update on the hummer. Got some interior work done still lots to do.
  9. Well little update on the hummer. Got a rolling chassis and the engine built. So far so good.
  10. Thanks guys. I got this thing last week and couldn't wait. And as for color it's going to be mesa dusk or Smokey caramel metallic, code wa333d. The color was available on most gm products in the late 90's. Starting in 1999 for the hummer. My 1:1 sonoma is the same color. It's hard to photograph but in person is awesome.
  11. Managed to get a bit done on the chassis, lots more to do.
  12. Well this is the next build since I can't wait any longer to crack into it lol Only has 540 pieces 😉 so should be fun lol.
  13. 76 amc gremlin

    So here is a quick build I pulled out mainly to try my airbrush compressor. It's a model master acrylic teal. Pretty much just building it box stock with all the optional drag parts.
  14. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Just received these two in the mail
  15. Chevy s10 "waverider"

    Thanks everyone. This was actually built from a unopened original kit, but I picked up this rebuilder not too long ago just to show the difference between my build and the original.