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  1. I REALLY hope so but its not looking good. I'll buy a few for parts and stuff, but I saw someone built the box art version on Facebook and it was all syclone with s10 body parts 😕 people were questioning him and he said that's what he was sent for the kit.
  2. As a giant s10 fan, I'm super sad about this reissue. If I wanted to build another syclone I would from the kits I already have. I wanted the stock non turbo 4.3 and 2wd front suspension. (Or a proper 4x4 s10 with a non turbo 4.3) I hate to complain, because its nice to have the s10 grill and bumpers back but the rest is syclone. I would have rathered they reissued the syclone instead of this hodgepodge of random s10 parts... Literally the only thing this kit represents is the prototype syclone(that had a s10 body). Which was a 1of1 prototype. Guess I'll have to build my og issues after all. Sure ill buy a couple for parts, but it miss represents such a popular truck. I was really excited for this reissue but not now. 😞
  3. I did clear over the stripes and blue to get rid of the tape lines from the stripes. Then it was wetsanded and buffed
  4. Thanks everyone! It was a lot of fun to build.
  5. Just finished my Tamiya GT4 mustang, excellent kit and basicly fell together as most tamiya kits do. Paint is all Tamiya spray bombs, French blue and white for the stripes. Wet sanded and buffed the clear. I went for more of a "street" car that was converted over to a race car. Box stock other then the paint changes. I cannot wait to see what Tamiya brings out next. Thanks for looking.
  6. Thanks everyone! Appreciate the kind words.
  7. Well my revell '68 is finally finished. I started this one in April lol. - added a vinyl top - wheels/tires from the amt 70 Baldwin motion camaro - modified rear suspension to sit higher - wired engine Basicly I decided to build this as a "day 2" car circa 1970ish. I felt this car needed some additude and I'm happy with the final result. Now I need to reorganize the hobby room and then onto another lol.
  8. Thank you everyone! And I used a duplicolor paint but not sure what the color is because the cap was missing lol.
  9. I just finished this one. It's the latest release of the revell/monogram '70 trans am. Box stock with some extra little details.
  10. Thanks everyone! I used the kit decals and just lightly sanded the top layer off.
  11. Thanks! I'm not sure what the color is it was something i had laying around. And awesome build!
  12. I finished this one over a course of 4 days. Just a quick slump buster build. Box stock with some weathering. First Gasser I've built and it wont be my last. Thanks for looking.
  13. My latest W.I.P. The revell/monogram '70 trans am. Basically a box stock build with some minor extra details. I love these old monogram kits. My only gripe of this issue is the "trans am" decals are missing. Other then that smooth sailing so far. I Pinned the mirrors, shaved the mold lines on the engine, and a couple other items. The nose cone fit very badly, but I took care of that with some sanding. Next up is to finish the engine and wetsand/buff the body. Thanks for looking.
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