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  1. Im a huge s-series guy and i've been wanting to build this one for years. I have everything but the wheels and seats, that's what's holding me back. I can't wait to see the progress on this one.
  2. Thanks guys. Thought I'd do it in a color that was not too common on these. After I finished this one I've seen quite a few more on Instagram done in yellow haha.
  3. I finished this one last month. This is amts "promo" curbside style 2013 camaro zl1. I've had this in the stash since the car was new and finally got some paint from a hyundai kona that was close to the factory inferno orange. The kit is ok, but the revell one would be my choice if I were to choose one or the other. I lowered this one because it sat too high for me. There is a couple photos of my '11 ss camaro I built when the synergy green ss cars came out in 2011.
  4. Finished this one back in the summer. It is tamiya's R34 gtr. Pretty much box stock other then the aoshima wheels. Very nice kit and builds up great. The paint is tamiya chrome yellow.
  5. Finished this one a few months back. It is academy's hyundai santa fe. Nicely detailed curbside kit, but there was quite a few fitment issues. Did what I could with the body to chassis fit but still not perfect. Painted with tamiya and detailed with Vallejo paints. I love odd ball models so this fits on the shelf perfectly.
  6. Just finished this one up for the last build of 2021. Nice easy quick snap kit. Only 18 parts and no chassis detail but it builds into a really nice replica. The kit includes decals or stickers. The decals for the headlights and taillights really make everything come to life. Not my best build but just something fun to throw together in a short period of time.
  7. Thanks everyone. I used Tamiya and duplicolor on the body, and Vallejo for the interior!
  8. Thanks everyone! I really enjoy building oddball kits Noone else seems to. The box says 1/25 so I guess it lol. And yeah I was surprised to so I had to hunt one down.
  9. Just finished this revell SVT Ford Focus. My goal was to build this stock, as I've never really seen this kit built and if I did it had that awful body kit lol. Not a bad kit, mine had some fitment issues with the front bumper/hood/suspension and glass. But other then that it went together pretty well and was fun to build. Onto the next one. Thanks for looking.
  10. Thanks everyone so much!! Sorry about the late reply. yes they are! It is tamiya ts-12 orange spray can. With ts-13 clear.
  11. Been awhile since I finished a build lol. After almost six months and a few set backs I can call this one finished. I added quite a few extra details and parts to this one. Here's a list: - Fireball models resin wheels/tires - scratch built floor pan - removed the moulded hood hinges and installed earth magnets to hold the hood - filled firewall holes - added part box heater box, brake master, heater hoses and a few other engine details. - plug wires and photo etch battery cables - photo etch seat belts and stock steering wheel from a 68 nova - Flocked and detailed floor and door panels - aluminum exhaust tips. - mpc k5 blazer mirrors I'm probably forgetting some stuff but here it is. After having to move during this build and the paint set backs I'm very happy with the way it came out. Now back to some more basic builds lol. #1of 2021 is done. Thanks for looking!
  12. Been awhile since I posted here, but this is the latest finished build. Amt's 57 Chevy pickup. I added a straight 6 from the amt '60 Chevy, Pegasus wheels and a few other details. Overall I'm super happy with it because the kit wasn't great lol. Oh BTW I know the hood emblem is upside down its now fixed haha.
  13. I REALLY hope so but its not looking good. I'll buy a few for parts and stuff, but I saw someone built the box art version on Facebook and it was all syclone with s10 body parts ? people were questioning him and he said that's what he was sent for the kit.
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