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  1. I finally have finished something since April lol. I painted this thing last year and put it back in the box until recently. Could add more to it but I'm calling it done. Fun little kit to build though.
  2. Well with round 2 reissuing this kit I figured I could build one of many from my stash lol. I'm building this truck as a 97 with a updated steering wheel and Pewter/gold stripes I'm editing myself. The paint on this build is the actual paint from my 1:1 99 Sonoma, it was only available from 97-00 and isn't very common. My one complaint about round 2 reissuing this kit is the "95" kit has the wrong wheels, this is the original "94" issue and these wheels are the correct ones. Anyways here's my build:
  3. And thanks everyone. I agree the grill isnt great but I dont let that effect the builds lol. I just enjoy them for what they are.
  4. The other post was when it was being built. This is the final pics of the completed truck.
  5. Honestly I over looked it. Its fixed now that's what I get for finishing the truck at 2 am lol.
  6. Well this one is done. Started life as Amt's 1990 454 ss. I converted it to a mid 90's truck. I used the chrome bumpers and later style grill from the amt snap dually kit. I used the interior from that kit too to update this truck. I also LS swapped it with a resin motor I casted myself. Pegasus wheels and a big brake upgrade. I noticed after the pics I have the front tires backwards but that is corrected lol Thanks for looking.
  7. Thanks everyone. I finished this one last night so hopefully get some pics today.
  8. Here is my current build. It started as a amt 454 ss kit. I wanted to build this as a later stock looking truck with some wheels and a LS swap. I resin casted the LS motor. The body is polished and the trim/box liner is painted. I still have to do the bumpers. Next to do is finish the engine and engine bay, and start the newer interior. Thanks for looking.
  9. it came from https://www.clearlyscale.com/
  10. And thank you everyone else! It turned out well.
  11. The top is water base paint off of a hyundai? I think lol. And the grey and red are tamiya acrylics. I used a molotow chrome pen very carefully lol Well it is very basic, lots of mould lines and imperfections, and the bumpers and hood dont fit very well at all. But I knew that going into the build lol.
  12. Latest build. The old mongram 57 chevy nomad. Built as a pro touring style. Aftermarket wheels, big brake kit, supercharged lsx swap, upgraded interior. Simple kit and build but came out awesome.
  13. Thanks everyone! And the kit went together extremely well there is just alot more detail and time to put into a big scale kit.
  14. Thanks everyone! This build is quickly coming along. Got it cleared and wetsanded/polished. The bmf Is almost done. Also got the second color on the interior and got the motor sitting where it needs to. Thanks for looking.
  15. Well I got back into building this january after a few years off . Glad I did its been a blast! Heres a list of builds I managed to finish this year, 12 isn't bad I dont think lol. - Tamyia r32 skyline - lindberg/amt 1/20 sonoma - revell dodge magnum srt8 - revell 32 "rat roaster" (24hr build) - monogram wave rider s10 - amt 94 s10 ss - ROG Mercedes sls amg - Meng hummer h1 - aoshima honda beat - aoshima Mazda autozam az-1 - revell Acura integra type r - revell 1/12 69 Camaro z28 The big scale camaro took like 5 months to build lol. Thanks for looking!
  16. Thanks everyone! And it is actually the monogram 1/24 snap kit I put an ls1/t56 and a few other bits in lol.
  17. Well here is the old monogram nomad kit with some restomod touches lol. Pretty straight forward build. Ls swap, updated interior, big wheels and the body was cleaned up( door handles, emblems etc removed). Now it needs clear and then I can foil it 😎 Thanks for looking
  18. Thanks everyone 😎
  19. Well I built this from the foose issue of the 1/12 kit. This is my first big scale kit I have completed. Mostly box stock. Paint is a duplicolor gm color and the stripes are airbrushed on. I added the springs, vacuum lines, brake/fuel lines and other small details in the bay. Overall the kit was pretty decent to put together. There was a few fitment issues and the chrome plating is not very good. But the finished product came out very well. This will probably be my last finished build for 2018 😎 Thanks for looking.
  20. Thanks everyone!
  21. Lol yeah what a pain! Glad you figured it out tho cause other the that I found the kit to be a breeze. I just trimmed the springs down till it sat the way I liked.
  22. Thanks everyone! The only issues I had with the autozam was the headlight fitment. Took awhile to get them fitted properly but in the end I got it figured out.
  23. Well here is my latest builds, a Honda beat and a Mazda autozam az1. A couple Japanese kei cars. I'm pretty happy with them since I have never built anything like them before lol. The autozam is box stock and the beat was lowered and photoetched emblems. Both have custom plates I made.
  24. So I finished this build up last week. It's a very high detailed kit with 540 pieces but there is some parts and assembly that could be done without. The kit has opening doors but I found the hinges so finicky I gave up on trying to get everything to fit. The roof and other panels didn't fit at all either. I built the model box stock and for colors I did u333d Smokey caramel metallic which was a rare color options available in the late 90's on most gm products. Overall I'm glad I built it because it is something different but the muilt piece body was not fun.
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