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  1. Thanks guys! They are Pegasus 23 T's. I have a set of 19's too but I thought they were too small for this build.
  2. Well here is a long over due update on this truck. I painted it shortly after the last post. Paint went bad so I pulled out a second kit and painted that one. That also went down hill so I got discouraged and put it away. Well now I decided to get it back out and open it all up. Hinges are finished and now it needs door jambs.
  3. Thanks guys. I already have a speccast and I did that one as a landscaping truck.
  4. Thanks everyone! And I might start a build thread on that camaro eventually.
  5. So I started this one a while ago and kinda lost interest in it till a few days ago. It's just a basic maisto 1/27 diecast f350. I added the plow and decals from revells gmc plow truck. It's not really correct but it will do. Then scratch built a salt spreader and weathered it quite a bit. wanted to give it a well used look kinda like it has been used in many trucks. Now I'm working on finishing up the plow and details on the truck. Just thought I would post what I have done so far. I didn't take many in progress pics of the spreader, but it was pretty simple to make.
  6. Well I think I found a solution for the tires. I had some 1/4in wire loom sitting on the bench for the 1:1 but I never got to it yet lol. I decided to cut a piece to length and stuffed it inside the tire. Seems to have made it round again and also makes the tire more firm and supportive.
  7. I put the front and back wheel parts together yesterday and it seems to be slowly turning back to being round but there is still a flat spot. It's not as obvious as before but it is still there.
  8. So I just picked this kit up and I am very pleased with it except for one thing. These hollow firestone tires for the stock wheels are all flat on one side where they were attached to the tree. Anyway to fix that? I'm thinking about putting something in there to fill them but I'm not sure yet? Here's a pic The new wheels tires are awesome and very well done. The new tires are exactly the same tread pattern on my 1:1 which are BFGoodrich kdw g-force t/a's.
  9. Thanks guys! Appreciate the comments.
  10. Thanks everyone! It's the revell/monogram kit. I found everything fit pretty well, the hood was fine in my kit. I really like this one and I'm glad you guys do too!
  11. Jared Roach

    85 Camaro

    So I haven't been building much at all. Been a lot of things going on but before winter I painted a few bodies to have so I could continue to build and this revell 85 camaro was one of them. I was going to build it box stock but then I added the Pegasus wheels, upgraded brakes, and lowered the suspension. Then I decided to add a motor with a little more power lol. Used some parts box headers and used a combination of a corvette exhaust cut and modified and aluminum tubing. Interior is all stock except I added some vette seats and flocking. Overall I'm really happy with this build and it turned out to be a lot of fun.
  12. Here's mine I built earlier this year, pretty much box stock revell gmc plow truck. Just added a few details and weathering. More pics in this thread http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=71043&hl=
  13. Thanks everyone! I had a lot of fun with this one.
  14. Thanks everyone! I just used my airbrush and some tamiya xf-52 flat earth. I thought about adding the wiper trails but the "mud" didn't really get up that high so I didn't do that.
  15. I picked up this kit when I was on vacation and thought it would be something different to build. The first photos are clean and the second set is after I weathered it.
  16. Thanks Rodney. Nick, nope it all fits together perfect. Only thing I modified to fit was the interior tub.
  17. Since I have 3 of these 454 ss kits I decided to build one as a mild street truck. Then I decided to take the interior and chrome bumpers/grille from the snap '96 dually and make this one a '96 regular cab short box. I cut the interior tub from the dually and spliced in the back wall from the '90 interior to make it fit the reg cab. Then I flipped the front spindles to lower the front end and I modified the mounting points with brass tubing to fit the Pegasus wheels. I'm going to leave all stock other then the wheels and the lowered suspension. I just want a nice clean street truck.
  18. Thanks guys. If you look closely at the pics I added some light dust and sand on the lower half and back of the jeep and also the wheels and tires. The pics don't show it too well but in person it's just enough because I didn't want the weathering over done. I think the white back ground washed out alot of the weathering IMO.
  19. Thanks guys, and yep It only took 4 days I even surprised myself!
  20. Here's my latest build. Just a quick 4 day build of revell's new jeep kit. I modified the roll cage a bit and swapped the wheels. It pretty much fell together minus a few assemblies being pretty tight. Also added a little weathering because you can't have a clean jeep.
  21. Thanks everyone. Well I finally digged this back out and put on some wheels that look closer to my ridler 695's. They are Pegasus chrome T's. I still have to paint the spokes to match the 1:1
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