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  1. Bringing an old thread back to life! I was wondering if rub-on transfers would work on the clear parts? I'm looking for a way to put white numbers and letters on the windows of drag cars. I have found some rub-on transfers from Woodland Scenics that looks good, but I'd like to know if it works before ordering them... Anyone tried those rub-on transfers on windows?
  2. You mean rub-on dry transfers right? I looked every places around here, and they only have black, and / or the letters/numbers are too big...
  3. Anyone makes a numbers and letters decal sheet? I mean for drag cars, I'm looking for white numbers and letters to put on the windows...
  4. Bruno

    1970 ½ Camaro

    Thanx everyone! Automotive 2 part urethane clear
  5. Bruno

    1970 ½ Camaro

    The stripes were included in the kit This is the kit I used;
  6. Bruno

    1970 ½ Camaro

    Thanks everyone Paint is waterborne automotive basecoat, custom mixed by myself. Added license plate decals, tire decals, engine wiring and seat belts. It is a nice kit, but I had to modify the suspension, both front and rear to get that stance.
  7. Here's my latest finished build; AMT's 1970 ½ Camaro
  8. Here's mine, AMT kit; Other pics here; http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=51349&hl=streetrod
  9. I am from Canada and I buy a lot of things online, from Canada, the US and other countries , and have always got my stuff, sometimes it's a long wait, but I do get my stuff. The usual wait for stuff shipped from the US to Canada with USPS First class is 2 - 3 weeks, maybe a month max. I also shipped items to the US (about 150 times) and on that only one complained she didn't get the item (although I believe she only wanted it free...) 1 time out of 150, I think it's good. I would like to buy parts from Perry's Resin, but heard too many bad feedback about him, not about the quality of his parts, but because of too many people that never received the parts they ordered...
  10. I got some good chassis pics of a '68 Shelby GT-500, if you want them, drop me a PM with your email adress and i will send them to you
  11. Quebec here Et oui je parle francais, well, some kind of french, that most people from France don't understand...
  12. BTW, here's the link to this years winners http://www.revell.com/contest/revellgearz-winners.html Congratulations to all Revell / Gearz 2012 contest winners
  13. Here's my entry, which got an honorable mention in the Box Stock class
  14. Congrats Andy! I received an e-mail too, although my Chevelle did not win the grand prize, it did get an honorable mention
  15. I am looking to do this roof swap in the future, I got the '64 Dodge kit (Lindberg) but still need to get the '65 Dodge kit (Polar Lights). Don't know if it will be an easy swap, but I did use the roof from the '64 Dodge for this '64 Plymouth and it was not that hard to do, but both were Lindberg kits...
  16. Since Canadians are allowed to enter the Revell / Gearz contest this year, I decided to enter the '67 Chevelle in the box stock class, so only kit parts, paint, glue and BMF. So here's what I came up with;
  17. I got the "thank you" page when I sent my pics, just not received the confirmation email. I see I am not the only one who has not received that email. Let's just hope everything is ok and they got our pics. Good luck everyone!
  18. Hi erveryone! I sent my pictures for the Revell / Gearz contest yesterday and still have not received the confirmation email from Revell. Am I the only one? Have you guys received that confirmation email? I am wondering if I should try again...
  19. Hey everyone! A friend of mine wants to build Rodger Brogdon's Pistonator Pro Stock and he needs some good reference pictures. We looked on the internet and found some pictures of the car, but he would like to have pics of the engine, interior, etc... If anyone has some reference pics of that car and want to share them with us it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  20. Thanks everyone! Two things to look for when building this kit; 1- Test fit the headlights before painting the body and body parts, some sanding / filing needs to be done there to make the headlights fit right 2- When the time came to install the rear wheels, they just wouldn't fit. The front of the rear wheels would hit the frame; looks like the frame is a bit too long... Some trimming is needed on the frame so the rear wheels will fit. Other than that, it's a great kit. I would build another one anytime. I don't know if the Revell kit is better (or worse) though...
  21. So here's my '97 Plymouth Prowler, I used the AMT kit, which is a nice kit, fun to build. Mostly box stock, I only added seat belts with PE buckles, removed the bumpers and shaved the access holes for the bumpers too. The color is "Green with Envy" from the 2011 Dodge Challenger code PGE.
  22. There's a model car show on sunday in Granby (45 minutes drive or so from Montreal...) http://plastikoholik.forumgratuit.ca/t46-ram-nord-est-3-exposition-de-modele-reduit-de-granby-quebec
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