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  1. That is 1 sweet trailer ! Many issues with putting it together ? Chris
  2. Anyone thinking of doing the Animal Jim decals & the Zepher grill ? It would be a great option. Chris
  3. Them will work nicelly, any idea on turnaround time ? Chris
  4. Wondering if anyone cast these ? Maybe the ones from the Johan pro stock kits? Chris
  5. I also would like to know where to get one of these ? Chris
  6. Everyone see the Round2 newsleter today - vol 4 issue 2 ? Sounds like they are reissuing Some of Ohio`s cars. Fisrt a Snap Dragons willys with Malco Gasser markings. Then the 1/25 glue Willys, They are looking in to see about the Malco Mustang , & they said they might of found the tool for the Mr Gasket Mustang. Great news ! Chris
  7. They are great to deal with, I know I will miss them. I got my order in 10 days. I wasn`t complaning about waiting, I was just wondering Chris
  8. Has anyone ordered from Slixx lately ? How long is it taking to get your orders ? Chris
  9. I`d sure like a set of them valve covers ! Chris
  10. For anyone wondering, I have bought some hoods from T.M. Resins. You won`t be disapointed , the ones I got looked more like kit parts then resin & fit just like kit parts also. Chris Downs
  11. In the pics of the 2 cars doing wheelies , what looks like rear driveshaft loops are really fromt mounts for the ladder bars /traction bars. Take it from me, the loop should be in front ,alittle behind the u-joint. I have brocken a rear u-joint at a full thottle launch & the drive shaft just falls out on the ground, no problem as long as you have a rev limiter to stop your engine from overreving at the sudden loss of the load. We have also lost the front u joint under a full thottle launch, with front tires in the air, did not pole vault the car but the driveshaft came right through the floorboard of the car , could have killed the driver, but it missed him. It caused ALOT of damage , all the inside Aluminum tin work had to be replaced, along with most of the front tube chassis /suspension. I really belive that under full thottle, with the weight of the car off the nose, cosidering todays strong drivshfts, it would be very possible to pole vault a car if the front u-joint were th break. I now have a loop at the front & rear , plus my ladder bar mounts,running uner the drivshafts on both of my Camaros. Chris
  12. I`m interested to see what hood you have Draggon. The original instruction sheet shows the hood in the pic I posted. I always like to see differant parts from the old kits. Chris
  13. Here is a small pic Chuck. The AMT 1971 Mustang is the same basic kit, they just changed a few parts. Mainly hood & scoop, front bumper, grill , left out the front spoiler. The AMT 1971 kit Blue & slver car on box, was made from the MPC tool. The AMT 1973 Mustang , yellow car on box was AMT`s tooling. I would like to see someone cast the parts to turn the 71 kit back to the Minuteman . That would be hood & scoop, front spoiler, grill & front bumper. The later AMT 71 Mustang has the body color moulded in style front bumper Chris
  14. Anyone cast the hood from this kit ? I would like to find 1 if possible. Chris Downs
  15. When I had this kit all them years ago, it had slicks for the rear, I am guessing now it don`t ? Chris Downs
  16. I sent you a pm, Think I have an extra 1.
  17. I would like to print out my own decals for the USDOT numbers for my 1/25 scale trucks. Anyone done this ? What font & font size should I use ? Thanks, Chris Downs
  18. The Revell Attempt 1 kit has a great little dragmaster chassis. Kit can be found on evilbay fairlly reasonable. Most liklly the cheapest way to get one. Chris Downs
  19. Mark,- in fact my wife was from Quincy, I am actually in Quincy quite often. George,- it would be hard for me to make it this time, But maybe next ? Chris Downs
  20. I live in the small town of Rushville. Centered between Springfield, Quincy & Peoria. It`s a nice little rural comunity. Chris.Downs
  21. I also would stand inline for a set of them decals. Let us know if you make them available. Chris Downs
  22. Is there or will there be a website ? Chris Downs
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