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  1. Here is one that I posted a very long time ago in the work bench section. This one I could not get the hood to set right but over all was a fun build. I will say there are a few things I will correct when I build the next one like the gap in the inner fenders where you can see the tires through the gap. Enjoy!
  2. The chassis was a Dodge product of some type. I lean towards the possibility of it being from a 1970 Coronet. It was under a built 66 Charger I bought so I am not sure. The wheels were parts box and I am not sure what kit they are originally from. I wish I knew. Oh and as far as the blackwash on the grille, I did it 7 times and was never happy with it on this car. The grille is so shallow in detail molding that I'm struggling with this one.
  3. Hey everyone! This is mainly a parts box build up. I started out with the Fast and Furious Monte Carlo and modified a pro street chassis. I had to work the body in the blind spots a lot to allow the tubs as well. It has the kit 454 engine. has a little aftermarket like Detail Master ignition wires, distributor, and air cleaner. The paint is Testors Lacquer one shot "Mythical Maroon" with wet look clear coat. I hope you like it. I had fun as I normally do not do pro street cars.
  4. Hey everyone. It's been a long time since I've posted here. Not sure why. A lot had to do with my life having a few changes that were out of my hands. Some included not building much. I am back into the swing of things and even have a couple things done. I want to say sorry to all the community builds that I was in and never finished. I think there were a few I never started for that matter. I just wanted to say hi to the people that know me and also a hello to anyone new. I even had to figure out Photobucket again as it's been a long time since I've used it Anyway, Off to post one of my new creations Under Glass.
  5. Here is my score from the Desert Scale Classic show. All built ups cost me about $10 Found 2 Nissan trucks that are the body style of my Pathfinder. I traded a drag car for the Jeff Gordon autograph and clock. My buddy hooked me up with the Pegasus wheels. One of my cars was picked for the MCM photo op and I hope it makes it. I also brought home some hardware for Ecto-1a.
  6. It's 35th ave and Greenway at the postal hall. it's actually like 37th ave on the north side of the road. The show starts at 9 am You should bring your Charger so we can drool :lol:
  7. I use yellow on older cars for the idea of Accel wires. Someone else said they used them a lot and me too. It's all I used on V8 engines. Plus Mallory and MSD use red. Some use blue. I agree only factory stock is plain jane grey or black.
  8. Jonathan I like your bike. I would say in my opinion, If your going to detail the clutch and throttle cables, you should at least give it spark plug wires. The rest looks great! I love how you made the seat look. Nice work!
  9. Just thinking about it eh? Hey Danno! Miss ya bud. See you tomorrow!
  10. Great looking Monte Carlos. The Bud ones that Terry and Darrell drove were some of my favorites even though I don't like the Beer. When I build one I'll be happy if it comes out half as good as yours
  11. I'm excited for tomorrow's show. I am not taking much as I have not been able to build a lot this year. My job takes me 70 miles a day in rush hour and my wife has a lot of health issues that require me doing most of the running around lately. I have a couple I'll take but I really just want to go hang out with fellow modelers. Last year a lot of you guys showed up from all over which was really cool to meet you. I hope to see a lot of you again. Anyway happy modeling!
  12. Ok I'll join in. I hate pics of myself but I like photography so I'll toss out a few I do like. Here is me
  13. Much better than the way mine came out! lol Nice Lambo!
  14. Thanks everyone. That gives me the comfidence to try this one of these days soon
  15. Thanks for the reply on the difuser I know on the Corvette I built the entire underside of the car was sealed off and flat. I always figured it had something to with keeping the car on the ground. The aero on these cars is so much different from Nascar type cars which is all I really know of the "how things work" I've always been a big fan of these cars too from this series to the Rolex/Grand Am, V8 Supercars, etc. I think I like the way the difuser changes the air behind the car too. Takes the draft effect away a little bit and makes the drivers have to get up on the wheel.
  16. It's always cool when you can make a model of your real ride and you have a car that is not very common in both real and models. Great job on this kit. You should get some pics of the model on the real cars hood or some different angles. I like this one a lot
  17. Welcome and nice rides! I have that T-bird and you really make me want to tear into it! Nice work on all those.
  18. Yeah thats not bad at all. Last week I saw one of the Nissan Pathfinder kits for under $20 with $12 shipping but they said customs and any fees from customs would be up to the buyer. Thats where I'm confused.
  19. Hey everyone. I have been chasing 2 kits that I want and typically only find On Ebay. Most of these listings are from Japan and I've noticed a trend lately. A lot of the sellers are listing pretty cheap shipping but they are leaving customs up to the buyer. I used to see that the seller handled all of it but the bid prices were higher. Has anyone here had to go through customs with a purchase? What does it entail? How much estimated would it cost from Japan to say western U.S.? I have no experience in this but am curious. Here are the kits ( any variation ) that I'm looking at to give an idea. These are a bit pricey to me from U.S. sellers but maybe worth it? Thanks for any feed back everyone
  20. Fantastic builds! I always admire your cars. I do have a stupid question. I built an older race vette kinda like this. Whats the defuser for? Anyway your cars are amazing. Nice work
  21. I still have to watch it. I have a local facebook friends that is related to the people at that junkyard. I told her I just wish they would let me walk around for a day and I'd be in heaven.
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