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  1. Very nice work with the radiator and fuel filter. For photographing small objects, i used a lens from old camcorder viewfinder. I used blue tack to mount it to my phone Here's a photo of exhaust tips to my Porsche. They are 5 mm diameter. Only downside of using this method if the fuzzy edges on the photo.
  2. Those stacks looks very much right for this build. Some bend or slash cut at the end to make them more menacing?
  3. We need those washers asap. Very nice looking wheels.
  4. I really like the use of the silhouette cutter. Please tell us more about using it. This got me thinking about buying one. Amazon sells it at 149$.
  5. Amt's crappy Mitsubishi Dodge whatever. - Ditched the 4-banger. Added big block Mopat V8 - Added supercharger with 4 carbs. - Made bed from styrene and wood. - Lowered front and rear suspension. - Gas tank is from some tank. - Scratchmade headers.
  6. Jurva

    Top Secret 350Z

    I made bunch of those shifter knobs from clear styrene rods. Used drill as lathe. Some "machining" with hobby knife and sanding stick. Then polish and paint. I tried to find part trees with air bubbles inside to mimic the stuff that real knobs have inside.
  7. Jurva

    350Z Army style

    I did those with Crazy Modeler's Nissan metal decals as stencil.
  8. Jurva

    Top Secret 350Z

    It's like it's suppose to be. It's something what japanese tuning shops do. I don't know why.
  9. More Aoshima 350Z's. Now a Top Secret version. Mainly straight from box, except shift knob and exhaust tips. Tips are made from radio antenna.
  10. This is Aoshima 350Z MCR version. Its interior got new shift knob and headrest removal. Exterior got big GT wing, new exhaust tips from radio antenna and new bigger rims.
  11. I painted this Aoshima Celsior with Zero paint Ferrari colour, changed the rims and made radio antenna exhaust tips. Rear wing is from MCR 350Z and has Tamiya uprights.
  12. Nice work. You could add hoseclamps on top of the intakeplenum. You can see those in reference photos.
  13. This is how i have arranged my tools and paints. On the left side of picture is the main working area and all the tools and paints are on the right. Wooden drawers, magnetic holder, spinning tray and metallic "racks" are from Ikea.
  14. Yes, I used Tamiya Clear Orange for the wheels. When air brushing orange, after first pass, it looked like gold. After couple more layers it turned to orange. I intend to try more painting rims with clear colors and try mixing red, yellow, orange, blue, green clears. I don't mind nit picking. Nice to hear some feedback. That fuel injection was made for different sort of engine. I don't know what engine it belongs.
  15. Injection system is built by using some Hilborn style throttle bodies. Then I added some wiring and fuel lines. Intake runners are basic electric wire ferrules. Just cut to lenght and remove plastic part. Lifter valley cover is cutted from pill strip. They have interesting patters.
  16. Revell's Impala. I changed the engine to 409 with individual throttle bodies. Also some photoetch used. Wheels and tyres are made by Testors. Here is how I did the paint. One and a half roll of 0,7mm tape used. Three layers of paint. Taping after every layer.
  17. I really like the rear brake drum. Is there a diode and some watch parts?
  18. Can you tell us how did you cut the interior of the tyres. It looks so smooth.
  19. This model is finished two days ago. Aoshima Mitsubishi Pajero: -Lifted body from chassis by 3,2 mm -Added stuff from Tamiya mechanic set to the roof rack and build a guitar. -Added winch -Removed rear seats. Added tool box.
  20. I started this model two years ago. Finished it in 2013. Never got to shoot finished photos. Italeri Toyota Land Cruiser: -Lifted suspension. -Changed bigger tyres and rims. -Added aftermarket turbo and fabricated exhaust pipes. -Fabricated intercooler with box to hold dry ice. -NOS bottles added -Fabricated Optima battery and fuel tank. -Changed racing seat. -Fabricated safety cage. -Other minor interior stuff.
  21. Instant Best of Show where ever you take it. I had to triple check what was the scale here. Hard to believe that it is 1/25. Must have cost fortune, to buy all those little nuts.
  22. Nice build. One suggestion. You could paint headlight lense edges with black sharpie. Makes them look thinner and takes away toy look.
  23. Nice job with the seats. Thanks for sharing your technic.
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