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  1. I'm only laughing cuz I feel your pain. I need more coconuts too!!
  2. A street rod and a Chevy...? Mike, are you feeling okay?
  3. Wow! Mike's building a street rod? Too cool. She's gonna be sharp for sure!!
  4. Problem is...it seems all the good clubs are on that side of the states. I'm having a hard time finding one over here.
  5. I love the stance on the Challenger but I want to see the Altered come together also.
  6. Great build Lyle. I'm a big fan of your work. Looks like the ladies are too!
  7. I have a big soft spot for Kustoms. I dig this one. I always go back and forth on the Studey fenders. It was seems like it just depends on the angle. Very nice model!
  8. VERY nicely done. I love how you didn't take it too far. Seems like the rust thing is taken too far sometimes. Yours is perfect. Still wearing some original paint but is worn through. Then the little details like the steering wheel missing and the springs showing on the seat but the winner for me is the missing engine with the trans left behind and the exhaust pipes still sitting there. It seems like that's a detail that's always missed. Bravo!!!
  9. Or even the old AMT kit builds up pretty nicely. Here's one I did about 8 years ago.
  10. I don't know much about the car you're asking about but I do love me a Tri-5 Chev gasser. The pics of the original car and the progress pics you've posted so far puts me in the front row with a bag of popcorn for this show. I'm looking forward to watching you put this one together!! It's gonna be sweet for sure! I'm really concerned about the difference between those kits though. I have both of these kits and wanted to build both of them but not if they're that far off. I know the Black Widow kit is one of (if not the best) '57 Chevy models done so far. Anyone have any experience with the ol' MPC flip-nose kit?
  11. I've never built anything else. I'm so picky even when it comes to cars that it's hard for me to stay motivated unless it's something I'm really into. It's cars or nothing for me.
  12. SUPER clean! Awesome build!
  13. That's looking AWESOME! I can't wait to see this one finsihed.
  14. Oooh....I like restorations.
  15. I built my first model in 1984. It was the black '57 Chevy Belair "Street Fighter" kit by Revell. I was 8 years old. So that would make (minus 5, carry the 1.....) 27 years. Holy ######!
  16. Ya gotta love the Street Fighter! Clean build!
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