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  1. I asked Ed Sexton about the coupe specifically at the last NNL East. He answered without hesitation that it will be back. No date given however.
  2. I save key cards from hotels and expired credit cards. They can be cut with scissors and used to spread putty. McDonald's used to have coffee stirrers with a little paddle at the end but I haven't seen these in some time. Thanks for this, Ace. It's good tip.
  3. I had a discussion with Ed Sexton at NNL East this past April. He indicated that Revell's '30 Ford coupe would be returning to the lineup at some future date. I would venture a guess that it might be some time next year. If you can wait don't go for those exhorbitant auction prices. The kit will be back..
  4. For sure. One of the great gems of the model shows.
  5. In a few days the club will post photos of every model at the show on the website. nnleast.com And Howard, next time could you photoshop a little more hair on my head please?
  6. Your votes have been tallied. The 2019 Web Theme model kit is now listed on the NNL East contents page. Find it here. https://www.nnleast.com/contents.html
  7. Read that. It was horrid. Can't believe the editors would publish it.
  8. I do recommend our friend Rick Rothermel's "The One That Kills You". A really good read. And Michael Connelley's latest "Dark Sacred Night" has just been released. Let's face it, he's been doing it for over a quarter century and he is the master of the mystery novel.
  9. This is the image that goes with my post above. The old AMT '68 Camaro.
  10. I believe this iteration of the AMT '68 Camaro had an uptop, although it's not shown on the box. Hard to find but some are out there.
  11. The NNL East vendor list has not been posted yet, but it is my understanding that Air Trax will not be attending this year. By the way, I did buy the Mercury last year and it is worth the money.
  12. And you just missed him. He was at NNL East this past April. Very nice guy and willing to discuss his techniques all day long.
  13. I used teflon tape on my regulator once and it leaked air. The old guy at the hobby shop hooked me up with regular bee's wax and it worked perfectly. There's nothing like the old fixes to do the job.
  14. It's funny but I have just recently been trying to track down Nellybelle. I found out it was bought by a woman who lives about 15 minutes from my home. At least a couple of years ago it was apparently on display at a local high end sports car dealership near me, but I was unaware of it. This is a great build, Dan. Did I see it a few years ago at GSL? Did your research disclose why it had the armor added to it? I know there was speculation that it was a WW II Navy surplus Jeep. Just curious.
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