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  1. Modlguy added a post in a topic Favorite Fast Food   

    Tom Geiger, How could you forget Fricker's? Went there several times when we attended the NNL Nats. Best wings ever.
  2. Modlguy added a post in a topic Favorite Fast Food   

    Anybody ever heard of this? It's different. Midwest only.
  3. Modlguy added a post in a topic Hello from MegaHobby   

    Alan,  Nice of you to come on the forum. AAA Hobbies is my go-to hobby store. I happily drive down from Trenton because you literally have everything. While I would like to see a discount for forum members just like everyone else here, I also get that it would hard to reconcile that with your wholesale customers. That would be undercutting retailers that you supply, who are also loyal customers of Stevens. In any case it's wonderful to have resources like AAA. 
  4. Modlguy added a topic in Contests and Shows   

    A few Mid-Atlantic NNL pictures.
    Had a great day at the NNL. Caught up with some buddies and saw a whole bunch of really outstanding models. Didn't take too many pictures but you can see them at the link below. Thanks MAMA's!

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  5. Modlguy added a post in a topic 1/32 ...   

    I'm good, thanks. I come across your work from time to time and I think the guys here on the board would appreciate it.
    Click on "Forums" at the top of the page. Scroll down to "Auto Art". That's the place for the artwork. I'm sure everyone would be interested to see some of your designs. Didn't you do the mural for the Drag Racing Hall of Fame? 
  6. Modlguy added a post in a topic 1/32 ...   

    Great to hear from you, Joel. You were the first person I talked to about joining the Tri-State club. I've been in it now over 25 years. I'd love to see you post some of your artwork here as well as your models.  
  7. Modlguy added a post in a topic NNL East ... a few more :)   

    Did you get a cookie, Howard?
  8. Modlguy added a post in a topic Speed City Resin 67 Buick   

    Saw it at NNL East and decided I wanted it. But I also decided to spend my available cash at vendors that don't have a website. When I got home I ordered it off of SC's site. Engine would be the G/S 400 with an air pump on top that can be sourced from the '68 Riv kit.
  9. Modlguy added a post in a topic Roll Call! NNL East is less than a week away! Who's going? Whatcha bringin'??   

    Official photos:
  10. Modlguy added a post in a topic New 3D Printed Wheels From Scale Motorsport   

    I bought a set yesterday at NNL East. They look awesome. I got a set of 1/24 "bigs" for the rear and 1/25 "littles for the front. That's basically the way Matt looks at them. He is also considering casting them without color because they come out with better detail and I would expect the modelers would prefer that. No?
  11. Modlguy added a post in a topic NNL East 2016   

    Don't forget that the slips that go under the models have space for your cell number. If you want to meet up with people from the board put your numbers down and call each other when you get there.
  12. Modlguy added a post in a topic '27 T Roadster - Retro Drag: Updated 11/1/15   

    Great build so far. The stance is perfect. That's a very deep front axle. Looks like a little more drop than the stock '32. From your original post I'm wondering if you added a little plastic to the ends to lower it. 
  13. Modlguy added a post in a topic Words/Phrases You're Sick Of Hearing?   

    New and improved! As the late George Carlin pointed out it's either new or it's improved. Can't be both. And that implies that we;ve been consuming old and inferior products previously.
  14. Modlguy added a post in a topic Revell's old "Dream Car Turbine" engine; What IS it ??   

    If I recall correctly, several years ago at one of the GSL's the late great Bob Paeth mentioned that they were just hip-shooting when they designed that tool. Not that it was just made up from whole cloth but some of the parts were thrown on because they looked right but weren't necessarily "real". Now, he may have just been just playing around with us at the time but I think that engine might have been a bit of a what-if since there wasn't much technology back then.