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  1. when im not here ,im on you tube watching different modelers videos... i e ....dr cranky ,dave parker ,fastjimmy ect,ect .also ebay looking for good prices on newer kits or something cool ..
  2. Happy Birthday Doc ,may you have many more styrene years ahead of you...
  3. glusnifr

    49 Merc

    thats one beautiful paint job you laid down,fantastic work
  4. very cool, great idea and awesome work ,looking forward to your next update...
  5. great paint job . is that the rootbeer laquer?
  6. i love this thread ,some of you guys have built up some great stashs,( can i say built up if they are still in boxes lol) i can tell my wife ," see i only have 200 kits ,these guys have way more "
  7. thats one sweet ride ,the golden banana huh, cant wait to see the cabaret lol
  8. my wife and sons have ME make a list and they get stuff from the list ,this way they get me something i would want ,then everyones happy
  9. hey thanks,thats great. i went right to ebay and bought one for 12 bucks with free shipping ..
  10. the effort was worth it ,you did a great job
  11. ive had my eye on a great little building,to open my own hobby shop. there arent any around here. i might even sell some of the kits , i get for inventory lol
  12. in the opening credits of gone in sixty seconds ,with nick cage,there is a scene of his model builds .a 57 chevy gasser in the foreground. in the HITMAN with chuck norris (not tim olyphant),he builds model planes ,and teaches a kid in his building how to build. in BIG with tom hanks, he builds the 1/350 scale aircraft carrier the, enterprise
  13. recently had a big trade with MOPARMAGICLIVES (SHANE MOORE) he was great to deal with lots of communication, i would absolutely trade with him again..thanks SHANE jim white
  14. WOW this build just gets better and better ,love the inner door panels and the way you shaved the cranks off the 50 to use inside ,they look great .thanks for sharing jim
  15. the people that like to come to new england to see the foiliage might as well stay home. after this storm there wont be a leaf left..
  16. im in middleton .a very large oak fell on rt 114 at the middleton-danvers line this afternoon , closing it for awhile so it could be cleared away
  17. here in mass ,had a big ol' pine tree come down to the left of my home ,pretty stormy right now .thanks for your well wishes and everyone in its path be safe ,hopefully you wont lose power so you can still glue stuff to other stuff.. jim
  18. i just read through this whole build, up to now and WOW! you are doing some amazing work .i think the hinges came out great ,they look like they work really good.( i sure wish there was an aftermarket company that would make them for us lol ) was the kit the 32 vicky in the beginning..? thanks for sharing such an involved build. jim white
  19. great job so far, the 55 nomad is one of my favorite cars ,keep going your doing awesome
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