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  1. Thanks guys! Got the interior done!
  2. I agree. It almost seems as if they're trying to get some of that old style in there, but they just didn't do enough of it IMO...
  3. My avatar is my 1:1 '71 Chevy K20 I'm restoring piece-by-piece, and my username comes from the fact that I love Super Stock drag cars
  4. So that's why Rush called the song "2112"....
  5. I must continue my quest, to live until 01-01-01 again
  6. Thank you! The kit is the newer AMT repop, bow looks like this: It's not a bad kit, could be better in some areas but not too bad.
  7. Picture of the painted body! Once it gases out for a couple days I'll wetsand all the orange peel out of it. Too bad it doesn't show up well in the particular lighting I'm using. I'm on a roll now, and nobody can stop me!!!
  8. Me personally, I think unlimited would be the best. There'd be cars of all varieties
  9. Thanks Painted the body with Chevy Engine orange, I'll post pics once I get a second coat on.
  10. I use Krylon 1613 (Satin Black) which is really close to the right sheen for fenderwells, firewalls etc.
  11. I've had a '66 El Camino going for over two years...I just can't get the inspiration to finish it (it's only waiting on foil, does that tell you anything? ). After that would be a '70 Camaro drag car which I put off to the side because I didn't have the skills to scratchbuild the parts.
  12. Mike, I thought the same thing but then at the beginning of the thread it says the poll will be on the 8th...the waiting is killing me!
  13. Thanks Bill! So I'm working on the interior and getting some small details on: Note the power steering hoses and the excessive toe angle.... I gotta say, this is some of the most fun I've had building a model. I used to hate detailing but it doesn't seem as boring once you get the hang of it.
  14. I love that. Just a nice, clean, simple build.
  15. Thanks Ron! For foiling, I just went by what was on the box. I wanted to make the exhaust cut-outs actually functional but I didn't have time for that (I finished on the last day of the CBP).
  16. That's awesome! I've always love LP's in black and white. I've always wanted an Epiphone Dot in sunburst myself. Since it's show-off your instruments time :
  17. That's awesome! La Villa Strangiato, is that meant to be a reference to one of my FAVORITE Rush songs?
  18. Built this one for the Cannonball Run down in the CBP section. Some of the things I tried on this build might have been a bit over my head, so that's why some things look Mickey Mouse But I had a good time building it. Thanks for looking!
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