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  1. A true work of art! Love that body style truck.
  2. Thanks for the suspension info, I have been wondering how to lower the suspension on one of these, I've heard you can use the Foose kit for a chassis set up. Love the color by the way.
  3. How did you get the interior like that? Great build!
  4. Beautiful work, love the vinyl top.
  5. That is going to be a nice build, can't wait to see more.
  6. Nice build, I have one I am starting in Tahoe Turquoise. What brand of red paint did you use for the interior?
  7. Your work on this is amazing. Have been following this from the start. Hope you dint mind I have saved some of the pictures for reference. I live the W-30 Olds, the red fender wells really can throw some people off when the see them. I did that to do a 72 convertible and every time I take it to a model show I get asked why they are red, a lot of people don’t know that those were plastic instead of metal.
  8. Man that’s some nice work you’ve done there.
  9. Your work is amazing, with the detail you have put into this I think my mind has been blown.
  10. Can’t wait to see more, I’ve got 2 of these and I like where this is going.
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