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  1. Dave don't underestimate yourself at all my friend.....your models looked awesome man. I left the chrome on the dragster for more of a showy "higher budget" guy while the altered I decided to experiment with striping chrome off and simulating a dull aluminum look. Thanks again everyone
  2. Thanks Antonio I'm really not sure what made me decide to use these colors I just knew I wanted a bright in your face wheel color. The green is pactra fluorescent green and the blue is model master ????metallic blue of some sort. Yeah you don't see many chasers even when I did search for 1:1 pictures there were not many drift/track style Chasers out there. Thanks again for the positive comments guys.
  3. Hand tools are Fujimi Garage and tools kit. Found it buried at my local hobby shop and quickly snatched it.....there are engine hoist ,lift and many other tools I have yet to build. I have a '67 Chevelle pro street over in the work bench area as well as a few other wip's I hope to finish soon. Thanks for the comments Randy
  4. Box stock Aoshima Toyota Chaser That I finished early this year. I was going after a clean weekend drift/autocross car. Thanks for looking and all comments welcome
  5. Wow Dave that thing looks wicked. You my friend build some nice clean kits. To answer your question no I don't even have that kit yet ,but next visit to the hobby shop will change that . Can't wait to see the other one finished
  6. Thanks guys coming from all of you that means a lot. I have just been so fascinated with 60's drag racing and I knew these would look cool built. I would recommend getting the kit if you have not already...its well worth it. Nick drag that ole airbrush back out and never put it away my friend. No to each there own ,but for me personally I get such a thin consistent coat with a airbrush. I feel like with some aerosol paint the detail can be lost quickly. I have got into the habit of airbrushing everything and cleaning the gun has just become second nature to me. I use a Sata graph 2 at around 10-20psi. depending on the paint ect. Thanks again everyone.
  7. Did these two at the beginning of the year. Nothing fancy I just wanted to get back into the hang of building and learn how to use a air brush. The '55 Chevy pick-up is a die cast and I plan on building a small "home built" style trailer one day. All comments welcome
  8. Wow thank you everyone for the positive comments. I have been quite busy with work, girl, and everyday life ,but did manage to get some of the work done on the lap belts. Decided to go with a Simpson cam lock style. Here is a quick mock up I threw together ,but I plan on making the belt run through the side of the seat and bolting next to the tran. tunnel in some fashion. I really appreciate all the great responses on the two tone and color choice. The color's I used were model master anthracite gray metallic and colors by Boyd orange pearl. The silver stripe is pactra rc/model tape and testors wet look clear top it off.
  9. The shifter was scratch built..my pop's has one in his '73 Duster and I always loved how "business" those shifters looked. It's a square piece of evergreen plastic sanded to that shape..then I cut and sanded the slot for the stick. The other piece's are thin evergreen and part of a gas pedal assembly I found. The stem and ball came with the kit and I modified them. The tiny reverse lock out stem is simply a tiny wire as are the ring's. Here is a close up. Thanks guy's i'm completely flattered you thought it was a aftermarket item.
  10. Joe really great story and awesome job on the model kit's my friend....two week's is a mighty short time to have completed those. I'm currently building a '32 Ford sedan for my god child. I got it for him on his first Christmas Cut back on them cig's Joe...heck you need any support just Im me and I will pat your back. It's been a year since I quit and I'm not looking back bud.
  11. Hello all this my latest kit.....actually found it in my friends stash of model kit stuff(shhh). Not going to over the top as I like to actually finish these thing's in a decent amount of time. I did some scratch building and plan to do a little more. I also slammed the car as that is always number one on my list . This was also my first two tone paint job and while I'm really happy with It I sure learned some thing's to do better next time....such as allowing the first color to fully cure before you tape over it. I waited 24hrs and I still have tape mark's on the metallic grey. Interior Is pretty well finished besides lap belt's and I'm thinking floor mat's in the model master leather color. Thanks you everyone....I have watched and learned quite a bit from this forum and I love the positive fun attitude. Decided it was time to stop lurking and join the fun. All comments welcome.
  12. Incredible work on this car and I can't believe this is your first attempt at opening one up. You succeeded is a understatement.
  13. Wow amazing build...I love everything about it.
  14. wow i think it may have been better that this model ended up being a mess....great job sticking with it and a fantastic model you got there.
  15. At the Famoso '59 march meet art chrisman and jim diest had just begun testing 'chutes. I actually opted to leave the chute off of my amt fed build because I feel in the late to mid '50's they were not used in nhra. I would say when these dragster's are restored or recreated and they go on tour to different drag strips/shows they are required to have a chute to even be pushed out on the track and fired up ,but I may be wrong.
  16. Wow I really like the mud flung on it and the push truck is perfect......awesome job.
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