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  1. That’s great news and bond with your grandson. I work on a proshop kit when I get in a slump and it helps. I have an AMT Proshop Duster I am working on...
  2. How long has it been since it sold for 25 cents??
  3. Nick, I also lean toward Mopar models..... I would like to see this again also! I keep hopping that this will show up at Hobby Lobby...
  4. I like the Monte Carlo 70 thru 88 Ford Thunderbird 77 tru until the end owned 2 Dodge trucks 77 til present owned 2 Most Dodge products owned 9
  5. Outstanding pair of Mustangs!!
  6. All yogurt can do is one day at a time Jim. I still have mine but her health is bad. I was close to my father and it’s been 36 years and I think of him everyday. I feel for you Jim...
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