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  1. Now that is super nice. The stance, the color, the wheels; everything. Excellent build.
  2. Very nice. The paint looks great.
  3. Good job. Nice detail on the engine. The recall wheels are also a nice touch.
  4. Very nice work. The black on black looks great.
  5. Awesome work, Dave. I was wondering when you were going to get back to this one. Your detail work is flawless as usual. If you look in this section you will see that I finally went back to work on my Spongebob car, also in hopes of having it ready for Atlanta. I guess I will see you over in Tampa for the Street Rod Nats.. I will be watching your progress on this one. And thanks for inspiring me to do one of my own.
  6. I started this project about six months ago and I was only able to get so far before the project went back into the box. Now it's time to get back to it in hopes of being able to have it finished for the Atlanta NNL in November. It is an extreme build Nascar, Lowe's Spongebob Monte Carlo. This was a one race paint scheme for Jimmie Johnson at Daytona in July, 2003. The decals are provided by JWTBM and they are definately worth the price. This build was inspired by those done by David Thibadeau and Clay Kemp. Utilizing some of their techniques and photo etch from Model Car Garage I started by shaving all of the excess body detail from the Revell kit body that would be replaced by photo etch pieces. The roof rails were removed and replaced with PE pieces along with the hood holddown plates. The trunk was cut out and PE hinge brackets were added as well as the hood. The roof flaps were cut out and also replaced with PE pieces. Then the body was set aside and I started working on detailing the tires and wheels. All decals were added and then a light coat of dullcote for realism. Those were all of the details done before the project was put aside. Now that I am back to it I was able to get the body prepped for paint and paint added. And then the decaling process began. At this point I have the majority of the decals in place. They go on very good with some decal setting solution needed. This is where I am at right now. Once the decals are all done the body will be set aside and work on the chassis will begin. I will add more updates within the next few days.
  7. Excellent build. Nice detail throughout. I especially like the tire detail.
  8. Dave, you are the man. All of these reissue drag kits are definately a welcome addition (or will be) to my model room.
  9. I stopped by a Target here in Daytona Beach today after seeing this post. They had two front engine dragsters. One Garlits Wynnscharger, red and black car and the other was the Wheeler Dealer car. Very nice and as stated above they have some nice parts that could be used on other builds. A very nice price too.
  10. Detail looks good to me, especially for a first time trying it. I have been doing detailed fuel engines for years and the more you attempt it, the more you will figure out better ways to do it.
  11. Greg, shoot me an email at waynes4880@aol.com I have what you need.
  12. See if these help. Don't pay any mind to the small nitrous lines along the intake plenums. This is actually a nitrous engine from a pro mod but the rest of the lines are accurate for a pro stock engine.
  13. I just posted in the Drag section and got the Debug error message but my post went through anyway.
  14. Some of the wedge dragsters used the typical Top Fuel headers that did come up through the bodywork. Prudhomme, however, opted to use the funny car style headers to keep them away from the bodywork.
  15. Here you go. I have a complete album of Prudhomme racing but only one shot of the wedge dragster. The link is below. http://public.fotki.com/1320wayne/model_re...udhomme_racing/ I have a few more from the Garlits museum but they are not posted online anywhere to get them to you yet.
  16. Michael, the decals were available from Top End Miniatures but they are no longer available. They went by the way side with the ALPS printers.
  17. I believe that either the first or second issue of Model Cars has a very nice pictorial of the 68-69 Hemi Under Glass Cuda. The restored version of the 66 Cuda had a Hemi Orange block
  18. Michael, below is the link to my photo album for Pro Mod Research photos. You will find everything you need in the way of research there. Even though the pictures are not specific for a Mustang bodied car the basic layout is the same from one car to the next. My album has detailed engine, interior, body and chassis shots. View to your hearts content and use whatever you see feesible. http://public.fotki.com/1320wayne/model_re...o_mod_research/
  19. Unbelievable work. To take one of the worst kits ever produced and do this to it is simply amazing. You are head and shoulders above the rest, Bill.
  20. David, that paint job is awesome. Excellent work! I'm sure the entire build will be great.
  21. The Acme site is great. Two others that I use are listed below. One is for all plates of the world including all government and special interest plates. The second one provides examples of sports related and other special interest plates to use for the front of your models or diorama walls. http://www.worldlicenseplates.com/ http://www.licenseplateshop.com/
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