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  1. Thought all the new goats were ls2's regardless, id love to have one. nice rig.
  2. Separate bedrooms... You are kidding right? Right?
  3. thanks guys. me my wife, and our families are over the moon! most of her aunts were hoping for a girl but...tough! haha
  4. That's a relief! some of you I've told already but my wife and I are expecting our first baby the end of may. Can't wait.
  5. Turbos are typically sized in milimeters just research the turbo setup you want to replicate, take whatever size in inches and convert it to mm (inches x 25.4) , and use the one closest.
  6. My plans involve my wife and friend and a couple dozen beer! Happy new years! Models in 2014...
  7. 83-92 camaros and Firebirds. On the way up in price but not into the stratosphere like first and 2nd gens
  8. Hey mike! glad you made it over here Bill - we know each other quite well actually and used to work together
  9. love it. the colour with those wheels and the whitewalls looks stunning.
  10. Couldn't care less what someone does with their car, since it is, after all their. car. Rod saboury used a real 63 split window to turn into a pro street car. I love that anything to annoy the purists.
  11. Why not cut up a real one? Its only steel... Looks good
  12. the 366, 396, 427, and 454 are more or less visually identical.
  13. love this, 2 questions, where did you get the convo pro wheels from and what chassis is this? something you modified or a donor?
  14. Bill we've had good.luck with bars of Irish spring to keep the mice away.
  15. Here in Ns, haven't heard word ONE about this on the news. not a peep. makes you wonder if someones a little embarrassed and squashing the story
  16. amt double t kit, isn't it? I know it has a Lincoln engine
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