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  1. Wow that jewel tone interior is really well done. Great paint job too
  2. I have never really played video games but I I love your creativity. Your model looks just like the first pic you were using for inspiration
  3. I don't know how to do that. Can you walk me through it?
  4. Revell Hurst/Olds is a 83-88 Cutlass. I want to turn it into a 442 model. I need the gold decals and 442 call outs. Thanks, John
  5. Looking for decals to turn Hurst/Olds into a 442. Thanks, John
  6. I just received some items from Jeremy at clearly Scale. I ordered 2 flat Cutlass hoods, the header minus grills, euro header and disc brakes. I must say I was quite impressed with the quality of his work as well as accuracy. I am not plugging his items but rather letting the community know he is a good vendor to do business with. John
  7. Thanks a lot. I went to their website and it will be available August 12TH. Thanks again, John
  8. Now that the 83 hurst/olds has been out, is someone casting a nice resin flat hood for this kit? Thanks, John
  9. I have had my 1981 Cutlass for 26 years. The original paint was Deep Maple Poly. The interior although I don't know the name, is a lighter more red color than the Dark Clariat interior offered later in the car's production run. My car was built as a lightly modified hot rod. Cutlass's were everywere and police never cared. Now when I drive it I'm scrutinized a little closer.
  10. Just got my order today from Model Roundup. My only "complaint" is no stock version yet. Also how come no oil fill tube on the manifold?
  11. The colors of the car go great together.The dark interior color seems to go good with the body colors. Maybe 2 tone it with another color. IMO let the period of the car speak for the wheels. If more stock with the modified 312 how about chrome reverse rims. Those were popular during that time period. Have fun with it it's your personal expression
  12. Geoff, I am building a replacement Trabant for my friend as I ran into a problem. The problem is when the roof was installed it does not sit square on the body. Did you run into this? What color are the door panels and seat inserts you used? Trabant looks great its inspiring me to crack open the new kit and build it for him.
  13. Certainly don't give up on this build it's very interesting. Myself as well as others are waiting to see how it turns out.
  14. Why not use the 55 floor with the rest of the new interior? You could transfer over the console.
  15. Merc looks awesome. love the color combos
  16. I just got the news, Revell along with the pics of the April release models. The 1984 Cutlass Hurst/Olds will be built. Yea!!
  17. Thank you very much. This gives me many options to choose from. John
  18. I have heard about this process but don't know how to do it. I want to make an emblem not wording from another car to be put onto another car. How do I make a duplicate?
  19. Wow fantastic work. Looks almost factory great combination of both models
  20. Great work! Where did you get the Mopar oil filter decal? Spark plug boots, did you make them or are they from a vendor? I learned to drive in a 68 Charger, I remember the dash being black with vertical lines from the gauges to above the glove box. Is the R/T model suppose to have wood on the dash? Again, your off to a great start
  21. Wow that's really nice. I would like to be the next on your list, count me in! John
  22. Is this being built as a accurate representation? A dual carb intake was never offered from Ford in 1976!
  23. Your paint is fantastic as well as the bare metal foil trim. Not to be rude, but with your black and white interior, the vented kick panels should be black with the grill in gloss black. The window knobs should be a clear color, they turned yellow after time. The bottom of the arm rest is chrome too. 25 years restoring chevy's gave me this info.
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